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Yahoo! reinvades! Iran!



"Yeah, supier in that Google give that for free, whereas yahoo charge for pop + imap access"

Huh? I've been using it for years and ain't paid a penny yet...

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Superior google?

Why, yahoo offers pop3 & smtp, both over ssl - can't be more superior than that can it?

Biofuel backlash prompts Brussels back-pedal


Small carbon footprint?

Do your patriotic duty, go and by a carbon debit at http://www.carboncreditkillers.com

Global-warming scientist: It's worse than I thought



Anybody noticed that the media quietly moved to using term "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming"? Morale is simple, pay your taxes whatever climate...

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound


@Sorry - but that person is not male

Re: ...she is pregnant kinda defines the person as female

What was the name of that film about pregnant Terminator?... :-)

Red Green Ken v Porsche in battle of the polls


@David Tibbs: Still not Red

"He's trying to force everybody to drive crap cars"

Well, not everybody but your average Joe. The few privileged won't be affected at all - even more, the common folks will be paying for the privilege not to be able to drive, to have to use shitey profit-making "public" transport etc-etc-etc. This is more like oligarchism by definition, not communism


@Jonathan: Good for environment

"the end result is better for the environment"

The best for the environment would be if we just kill ourselves off - no carbon footprint at all. I guess that's what the greenies are advocating and Ken's implementing? Well, what can I say - they should lead by example (Blair likes this phrase so he should be among the first) and commit sepuku and save the world :)

"You like the environment, dont you?"

Definitely. I also hug trees :-) But I like to get there by car nevertheless...



"jesus give Ken a chance - his stated plan for using the money raised by this scheme is to promote cycling and other public transport"

The future (Ken's) image of London: http://www.velorution.biz/images/Velorution%20-%20Chinese%20commuters.jpg

Wait, I've seen it somewhere - 20-30 years ago in China??? Not exactly a way forward as far as my understanding of progress and development goes...


Red Ken???

I don't get why everybody calls Ken red, commie, socialist, liberal etc - what he does is purely capitalist approach - make money and more money regardless (using all means available). The real rich won't be affected, as one ABD poster (http://www.abd.org.uk/pr/609.htm) puts it "fiver won't even buy me a cigar". Squeezing working folks dry is nothing to do with socialism, he's a typical capitalist... or should i say fascist?


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