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HTC Desire

Robert Oakes

This may be the one

This may be the one that will prise my beloved 2G iPhone from my hands! HTC are becoming (IMO) one of the best handset manufactures. Just need to get weaned off my apple technology

iTunes swallowed a quarter of US music sales

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Awesome Achievement Apple

And and industry analysts said that iTunes would never work and that people will never pay for music! A bit like Steve Ballmer's prediction with the iPhone!

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

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Go Apple.....

Good for Apple, if the Palm was a person impersonating another person, would it not be fraud?

Apple built/own iTunes to work with originally the iPod, another Apple owned device, therefore should not Apple have the right to restrict which device synch with the program. I have no issue with the Palm entering the media sector, but to simply ride on the back of another companies hard earned succes......

What next, stealing the iPhone OS and stick a Palm logo onto it, does not make it your OS!

Motorola Aura

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@Anonymous Coward1 , you cannot compare this overpriced useless phone to the iPhone, my iPhone has a lot more usage and i doesnt need to spin round and it doesnt have any......ah yeah buttons!!!!

iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

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I Love My iPhone

People who hate apple and the iPhone, well why are you reading this for, if all you are going to do is post your unthough, unreasoned petty attacks.

Apple upped the ante when it came to mobile phones, which other manufacturer made a phone that was completely touch screen, which company made it so easy to install and uninstall applications on your phone and which company made it so easy to use your music library, that did not need you to scroll though thousands of tracks, instead you could just flick through your cover art and select the track! Which phone allows you to resize photos just using two fingers!

Now, dont get me wrong, the iPhone isnt perfect, but i would much rather use my iPhone than switch if for a bastardised version of windows, that is nowhere near as good as the iPhone OS!

Even the Android, OS, is good but it still cannot compete with Apple.

So i dare you to find me an equivelent phone!!!!!

Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect designer phone

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this phone is no way is going to tempt me away from my iPhone.......not even the iPhone 3G can tempt me away from it!!!!! lol

Rogue Android apps rack up hidden charges

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Smug iPhone Owner........

And people have the audacity to complain that Apple vets each app before it is allowed on the app store. At least i can relax in the knowledge that my phone wont run up massive data charges!!!!

BNP membership list leaks online

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I hate the BNP - Paul

Paul, IMHO people who are members of the BNP have the stereotype that the are racists and inhibit racial views. That reason in itself is a good enough reason, as a for example - Police Officer who's views may be clouded.

I have somebody in my own family, who is training to be a teacher, and she inhibits some distasteful racial and xenophobic views, who laughs off when i try and explain to her that she can get dismissed.

The BNP should be forced to reveal their membership lists -

Posting anon just in case!!!!!!

Brit couple divorce over Sadville infidelity

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do these people live in the real world

OMG, how sad are these people , reading this story made me smile, what makes it even funnier that she has found a new love in WoW!!!! Both of these people need to make contact with the real word and get a real world friends.........

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface

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WTF??? Get A Life.......

What the hell are people complaining for??? Its a free service for god's sake,if you dont like the new hotmail, then don't start whinging and whining about it, move to a new email provider!!!! i for one like the new hotmail, because it works a lot more like outlook,

i wonder when the groups on facebook will start - "Bill Gates Said If I Get 1,000000000 People To Join He Said..."

get a life......

Hands on with Sony's slimline Vaio TT

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Nice, but not nice enough

It does look nice and i have never had an issue with Vaio's but my new computer is going to be brought from the Apple Store, i could get a kick ass MacBook Pro for around the same amount!!!!

Apple unsheathes Jesus Phone 2.1

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Great update!!!!

I have updated my phone to 2.1 and it's improved my phone! The phone even seems much faster. Even the iPod has improved and the wireless has improved. And yes I have wrote the off my 'JesusPhone'

Apple's secret iPhone app blacklist

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Caveat Emptor

Is what buyer beware means in Latin.

Personally i have no problem with what apple are doing to do, for instance what if a app posed as a free game secretly logged data and internet usage and sent back the information when connected to the net - would it not be better for apple to remove that app??

Apple iPhone 3G

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I Love The iPhone

Simple solution, if you don't like the iPhone, then just don't buy it, don't whine and whinge on here complaining that it cannot sent MMS or it has a 2mb camera and that it cannot video record! The iPhone is not aimed at the teenage/chav market, and for those who cant film their happy slapping and upload it directly to youtube! I have the 1st gen iPhone - brought from my mate who has a 3G iPhone and i have to say it is the best phone i have ever possessed - it saves me from carrying my iPod and a separate phone - where invariably i miss most of my calls! When apple have made the amount of phones that Nokia et al have made - then maybe people will have the right to complain - until then get over it!

Staffer spills beans on O2 UK 3G iPhone launch

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I Cannot Wait.....

I personally cannot wait until the iPhone 2 comes out, i am unashamedly a "Apple Fanboy". The iPhone has changed the mobile market and many more phones have came onto the marketing trying to copy the iPhone. I have opted for an iPhone as i need access to Live Mail, and the Blackberry does not interface with Live Mail. This is not an overpriced phone -this is also an iPod and a web browser in one and because it is made by Apple you are getting a quality product!

You want a cheap phone then get a free one - you want a good phone then you know where to get it from!!!

Temp workers to get equal rights after 12 weeks

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Good news - shame it came too late!

Whilst i do not claim to work in the IT Industry (wish i was now!) i was temping in a major banks Head office, anyway i was temping there for 10 months untill i got phone call saying that my assignment has been ended - and why - because i refused to do some overtime and that the manager didnt like me!

I was doing the same job as my colleagues, but i received no flexi-time, no paid bank hols, and about a 1/4 less pay that my colleagues were on! - We were just about able to eat in the staff canteen!!!! - If only this new legislation would have came in 4 weeks earlier!

Google offers tools to find victims of child abuse

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hello is also a problem

maybe Google should implement this into their hello program. i cannot count the times sickos have asked me if i have any illegal pics!!!!!!

People who work in this field have my full respect, i could not do their job as i would most likely break down in tears or want to go out and form a vigilante mob

Spooks want to go fishing in Oyster database

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Why All The Fuss

Why are people so paranoid, i know there is also the old saying that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear (or words to that effect).

Why are you bothered, of course the security services have always had access to the data regarding oyster cards, just because it has been publicised now then everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts complaining.

There are benefits to having oyster cards, data mined - it allowes TFL to improve services without this data it would be more difficult to improve routes and services......