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Yahoo! begs world+dog for free engineering

What's in a name?

A join? where

>>SELECT * FROM social.profile WHERE guid in

>> (SELECT guid FROM social.connections WHERE owner_guid=me)

>> In the rest of the world, we'd call that a JOIN,

I'd call a join something that joins multiple tables. I'd call that a sub-query, but doubtless there will be DBAs along soon to give us the correct term.

Linux at 17 - What Windows promised to be

What's in a name?


How old is RMS?

London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

What's in a name?
Paris Hilton


SD freesat is already here. Just because people seem incapable of looking beyond $ky .....

BBC1-4, ITV1-4, Film4, etc are all there and free on satellite now. All you need is a dish and a digital receiver (NOT a $ky box)

C4 and C5 are locked into uncle Rupert for the moment, but just wait til those contracts expire.

Paris? Well I'm sure those films of hers will turn up on one of the iffier european channels sooner or later.

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

What's in a name?
Black Helicopters

Have I missed something?

Where is the home office advice that this is OK?

Who wrote that?

Can they be placed in the stocks and pelted with rotten veg?


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