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E-book him! Entire Judge Dredd back catalogue gets iDevice treatment


Slightly misleading.

The complete case files volumes 1 - 20 contains most of the Dredd strips up to around 1994- 95, so to say it brings us up to present times is not accurate, that doesn't even cover half of the published Dredd so far.

You can also get the first five volumes for a tenner each from the 2000ad web site, DRM free (CBZ or PDF format) so you don't need an Ipad to view them. Same goes for the weekly and monthly comics.

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race



There are 3300 lines to my exchange from three different villages, I doubt every third household is going to sign up for this as the biggest village is a chav infested shit hole.

So unless the only way to obtain white cider and watch the X factor is now via FTTC then we are screwed.

BT expands fibre rollout


Incomplete list?


So on checking the list downloaded from the above link posted by smallfaces, I find that my local exchange is not even listed, isn't this list supposed to show the upgrade status of every exchange in the country, even if there's nothing doing?

BT names 63 more exchanges for fibre upgrades


Token shithole

Tamworth, I guess that must be the token shit hole on the list as most people in that chav infested dung heap can't even read let alone use a computer. As most of it is made up of nests of horrible housing estates containing oxygen wasting benefit sponges I don't see much of a take up of high speed broadband, unless they give it away as prizes from scratch cards.

My bitterness is nothing to do with being connected to one of the neighbouring exchanges that will be almost certainly the last on the list to be done, just like it was for ADSL in the first place.

US carriers are taking the beep

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An Idea

What we need is a system where the provider can put as much crap as they want but any caller would have a skip message option by pressing a standard key (ie the same across all networks) so they can go directly to leaving a message.

Faster broadband for free?


No need for this.

Just disconnect the bell wire in your master socket.

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed


No surprises.

No surprises really except I thought the average speed would be lower still. I would be interested to know if it is actually possible to get 8meg from any exchange, as an experiment I found out the postcode for mine and entered it in the BT availability checker and found that even if I lived inside my 8meg exchange I could only get a 6 meg connection.

Metallica sticksman gloats over Napster downfall

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What a knob.

If by "wipe out" he means "generate tons of publicity" then yes, well done Lars.

BT names more exchanges for early fibre upgrades



Just at a glance I can see 4 places on the list that already have multiple options for faster than average broadband already and there are probably a lot more on there too. BT should be forced to concentrate their efforts on problem areas, the wankers.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui


Yes yes yes yes!!!!!

I was beginning to think she might dodge the bullet after the expenses scandal really kicked off and she faded into the background for a couple of weeks but no, It's like some kind of beautiful dream........


Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures


Fine by me.

I don't care that the money to pay a fine would come from the taxpayers, if the aftermath helps toward blowing Phorm out of the water then it's money well spent as far as I'm concerned.

Besides, they would only spend it on soft core porn and bath plugs anyway.

Man gets life for killing game-obsessed partner


Good Behaviour.

If he behaves himself in prison he'll get a Playstation in his cell.

Mr. WebTV gives games thin-client treatment

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It will never work.

Hey ISP's, you think BBC Iplayer is a problem, wait until you get a load of this! To play a game at 720 lines resolution (which is painfully low compared to most modern PC games) I will need a 5mb connection which I'm assuming it will use all of, and will equate to using up around 1.8GB of download allowance for every hour that I'm playing.

Then there are problems with contention, how many people are going to be able to log in and play brand new AAA titles without a wait?

There will be lag, unless the little box they supply can actually break the laws of physics. multiplayer games will be unplayable and single player games will be a bit stodgy to play at best.

This sounds like a pile of crap invented by marketoids to attract investors into jumping on the latest wankword bandwagon "cloud computing" and to drag gaming into it as well..

UK kids presenter gets online support

IT Angle

Re: UK kids presenter gets online support.

My 3 year old daughter was more concerned over the sudden and unannounced departure of Chris and Pui, the previous presenters, but she soon got over the fact that Cerrie only had one arm, I just explained to her that either Cerrie was born that way or she lost it in a tragic accident when trying to lift the BBC diversity handbook.

Lads from Lagos crack cabinet minister's webmail account

Black Helicopters


Does Mr Straw have a presence on Facebook by any chance?

The reason I ask is because I know 3 people (my wife included) who all had this happen to them and the one thing they had in common was that they all stupidly used the same email address with their Facebook account and used the same password to log into both.

Not that I'm saying Facebook is insecure or anything.

Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009

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'most definitely'

I'll be 'most definitely' online with a new ISP by end of March when my contracted period with the shower of c*&^$s is up.

Online advertisers team up on privacy principles


@ Big Yin

@ Big Yin

That's all well and good but you might want to read up on how Phorm works, you might not see the ads but if you were with an ISP that is in bed with Phorm your browsing would still be spied upon.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta



Here's an idea, why not use Bittorrent to distribute it if they are having trouble keeping up with demand?

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP


Not bad.

Sounds good apart from the lack of gapless playback and what is the point of an 8GB model, with storage being pretty cheap these days when you look at card / flash drive prices. Nice to see support for flac though.

Is Amazon censoring anti-DRM reviews?


@ Bill Gould

Valve / Steam is basically DRM but it's DRM done well as it includes benefits to the customer instead of treating them like criminals. However, there seems to be a disturbing trend to include DRM on third party releases over Steam, Bioshock had it until it was patched out and if you buy Far Cry 2 on steam it still comes with limited activation DRM. The strangest one though is the new X3 game that includes limited activation DRM on the Steam release but not on the DVD release. I guess that the producers of these games don't want to remove the DRM from the Steam versions so that the pirates can't potentially take unprotected files from them but it hardly makes much of a difference as most games are still cracked on day 1 anyway.

IMDb adds full-length streaming movies

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Cool, Hulu + a VPN connection to my companies office in the states has got me through some very boring shifts at work so I'm looking forward to my productivity dropping even further now.

Amazon Kindle set to go massive


Bring on the DRM for Ebooks.

Nobody hates DRM more than me but I can see real advantages when it comes to not being able to lend out Ebooks.

Never again would I loan out a paperback only to never see it again or to get it back after having been used as a drinks coaster or a teething aid for a toddler. And don't get me started on page folders, use a fucking bookmark for crying out loud people.

UK to get 60GB Xbox 360 on Friday


Tiny Hard Drives

Am I supposed to to get excited about a 60GB HD, why not add a 500GB or a 750GB? Where do MS even find these tiny drives from.

American ISP flashes phantom bandwidth cap


@ Alan Re-oops

I have it on good authority that the BT top "Unlimited" package is actually limited to 80 gig. They only enforce it if people go over on a regular basis though.

Thankfully BT have have helped me out by ensuring that I can never go over the limit or even feel the effects of any traffic throttling by giving me such a slow connection speed in the first place.

MPs lambast BBFC over Batman

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Not violent enough!

What I found frustrating about the violent scenes in the film is that most of it is brief and blurry or the camera cuts away just as it happens, It's probably been cut this way to bring it down from a 15 to a 12A so that they can sell more plastic action figures and Batmobiles to kids.

Comcast plays New York anti-porn game


ISP News connections

I can't imagine anybody who uses Usenet to access binary groups actually using their ISP bundled feed anyway, most of them are very poor in comparison to even the cheapest premium service.

I would much rather ISP's drop bundled newsgroup connections and knock a couple of quid off their subscription charges instead, the majority of punters have no idea what Usenet is, and those that do use it for access to binary groups generally end up paying for an account with a premium news provider anyway.

Christian Bale signs for Terminator trilogy

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Lunch boxes and toys.

I was looking forward to this new trilogy but I've lost interest since I read on the Variety website that the producers are aiming for a PG13 rating so that they can sell the related merchandise to a wider market.

I half expect it to be one big toy advert now.

Virgin Media distances itself from Phorm 'adoption' claims


@ michael.

I suspect your post might be an attempt at trolling, but I'll bite.

I am a customer of BT and I pay for the top "unlimited" package which is a lot more than £9.99 a month and my connection could very well get phormed soon (although hopefully not before my contract is up in a few months). I very much doubt that I will get a reduction in the price of my package or see any extra investment in the infrastructure to enable me to get more than a poxy 1Mb connection in this broadband third world country.

ISP's need to take adopt a realistic approach to broadband pricing instead of offering cheap deals with hidden restrictions and unachievable connection speeds. Data pimping is not the answer.

Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only


Re - What will likely happen

And we'll all be here waiting.

Byron review calls for computer game ratings


I welcome this

But while I can't see it making any difference to the amount of underage kids playing adult rated games, at least when the press go looking to blame games in the future, they will have to point fingers towards the pondlife parents first.

BT admits misleading customers over Phorm experiments

Paris Hilton

Was I a test subject?

So, as a BT customer is there any way I can find out if I was part of the Phorm testing?

Paris, because she's almost as big a slag as BT.