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Skype (kinda, sorta) shields Mac kiddies from VoIP smut

Alan Scully

Even with SkypeMe off

Stuart Hatto - On Mac, the contact requests happen even with SkypeMe off.

Greem - I'm sure most people don't create extra accounts for their friends kids. It isn't a matter of leaving kids unsupervised - you can be watching them play kiddie games on yahoo when a popup from sexy bitch slut suddenly appears.

Orange to bundle free Eee with HSDPA modem, airtime

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Paris Hilton

In Japan

50p Eee, UNLIMITED data for 30quid per month.

Great data plan (I'm on it).

The sooner the UK gets rid of data limits, the better.

It limits the use of, say, being able to upload photos to Flickr.

Paris, because she's becoming jealous of the Eee PC models.

Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?

Alan Scully

@ Anonymous Coward -- Japan

> the operators have a service where they read out (manually) and key in (manually) your contacts from the old phone to the new phone when you upgrade

Rubbish! Softbank have software to do it.

> On most Japanese cell phones you could not view a photo that wasn't taken with the phone's camera or sent to you from another phone

Again - Rubbish! I frequently send photos from my PC to my phone and from phone to phone. No problem. What you're probably experiencing is that the person receiving the email is either (1) on PAYG/4+ year old phone on the 2G network, or (2) has their email settings blocking photo download over a certain size.

Korea's P2P pirate goes legal, targets Europe

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Completely Missing The Point

This completely misses the point on two counts:

1. Everyone in Korea has already moved away from Soribada to the Edonkey network. This is about as significant as Napster going legal - no significance at all.

2. Korean companies have explored ways to make money from music which don't require CD sales for a long time - it's the only way they could survive. People download free MP3s and so don't buy CDs, but they WILL buy "background music" for their cyworld homepages (the Korean equivalent of myspace/facebook), coloring for their phones (when you phone someone, you hear music instead of "ring ring" - not the same as a ringtone). There are mobile and web based subscription music sites which allow unlimited DRM free downloads already, such as Melon. This is not new. It's just like another music subscription site.