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Democratic rep fathered alleged Palin hacker

Elrond Hubbard

Same old leftist tactics.

Gwen Moore's son in '04, this leftist scumbag now. Democrats and their spawn behaving dishonorably isn't a new phenomenon.

This might get interesting as we find out more about Kernell's apparent David Plouffe connection.(Obama's campaign manager)

AT&T lifts (deleted) page from Google EULA

Elrond Hubbard

Read the second paragraph!

No it's not the same as Chrome's, nor is it quite as outrageous for a web host to do this as a web browser, but read the second paragraph. It says they get a *perpetual* license to any content other than video, audio, or graphics. I guess that would include text and computer code. Is there any legitimate reason for that clause? I can't think of one.

Media standard backers attempt Apple-less solo run

Elrond Hubbard

the real story

So they want a universal DRM. Like Plays For Sure.... look how that ended

Of course Apple arent showing any interest in this - they're against DRM, for music at least. Good on them too, more legal music for everyone.

Web designer sues Brat City for assaulting hyperlink

Elrond Hubbard

Technical ineptness

On the part of the judges who don't understand how easy it is to STOP deep linking, and really more so on the complaining website hosts who are being deep linked for not understanding their own supposed field of expertise.

Legal digital music is commercial suicide

Elrond Hubbard

You forgot CDs

I've been listening to legal digital music on CDs for over 10 years, and the music companies I've been purchasing from don't seem to be dead yet.

Linkbait title much?

DNA database costs soar

Elrond Hubbard

It's still able to id people!

By replication i think you'll find she means people have had their sample taken mroe than once so they have multiples of the 'same' DNA just taken at different dates.... it prob fits with their policy of never deleting a sample... even the innocents!

Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

Elrond Hubbard
Dead Vulture

Remember palm pilots?

Grayscale display

long battery life

no internet connectivity

Looks like an oversized Palm Pilot to me.

New sub-notebooks are much more capable.

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

Elrond Hubbard

Hope for us yet...

In the context of Amy Winehouse's up-and-down life, someone remarked a few weeks ago that there was nothing funnier than looking at the geeks on here trying to comment on art.

I disagree.

In fact, nothing is funnier than watching the wanking chimps on here, who haven't been near a church in three generations, trying to comment on matters religious...ROFL

UK.gov pushes £50,000 fine for online copyright infringement

Elrond Hubbard

Those annoying licences, eh?

Oops! Looks like the UK arm of the "Christian Copyright Licensing International" (CCLI - http://www.ccli.co.uk), who are one of the "consultation partners" on the policy review document you provide links to are... breaching copyright + IP law themselves.

The JavaScript DHTML menu they use is actually licensed to CCLI Australia, which is run from a different server. This isn't permitted by the authors (Milonic Systems)

You can check the illegal license at http://www.ccli.co.uk//bin/milonic_src.js

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

Elrond Hubbard
IT Angle

Back when

MS new the difference between an OS and a GUI

Meet the UK's most spammed man

Elrond Hubbard


I get spam too.

Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought

Elrond Hubbard

Good Thing That Global Warming is Just Hot Gas

... for then we can just stick to what works: nuclear and gas-turbines.

Boozers rejoice - it's the USB wine tap!

Elrond Hubbard

Hilarious - but...

I remember this one doing the rounds late last year... so you should be trying to find faux usb-cheese gadgets by now.

British workaholics win EU opt out deal

Elrond Hubbard
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great idea

itll be good to hang around in the office even longer hours to try and make up for the lowest productivity levels in europe

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap

Elrond Hubbard
Paris Hilton

This has been the second biggest laugh of the day for me...

...the first being when the BBC News channel aired a piece with the title 'Delegates vote in Paris on Moseley'. Whey hey, I would have Paris voted in on me any day...

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

Elrond Hubbard

dont bother..

.. with this cultureless hellhole!!

someone said about other american countries above- i made the mistake of going to brazil via houston last year and although i did NOT enter the country, i was subjected to the most heineous questioning by some customs imbecile they had sent through their so-called education system.

so make sure your flight is DIRECT to wherever you want to go. if you want to go to hell-a (bill hicks!) don't bother! rio de janeiro is much prettier and the girls are NOT obese and NOT reborn christians

Naomi Campbell charged with assault

Elrond Hubbard

screw this.

"About time the hasbeen drama queen learnt she's not above the law."

No, the law is stupid. Any of us could be found under similar circumstances and would be likewise upset and frustrated by this idiotic law. Only Naomi makes news, the rest of us quietly go to jail for this retarded nonsense.

Elrond Hubbard
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Angry people.

I like how all of your are like, serves her right. blagh blagh blagh.

Remember that the next time some bureaucrat looses your property tax check then decides to arrest you and take your house for tax evasion. They lost *her* bag, its not like shes Osama Al' Bangya the supermodel terrorist terrorist.

KDE 4.1 beta 1 released

Elrond Hubbard

I keep peeking at the 4.0 stuff...

I like what I see and I like where it's going. It's not there yes, but it's got enough going for it that I'm watching the project with a lot of interest.

Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

Elrond Hubbard
Dead Vulture


a pint says MS has gone the enron route to hell before 2015!

I Was A Teenage Bot Master

Elrond Hubbard

covering the traces

This is a good story for the public but for the underground this guy means nothing. He wasn't more than a skiddie, he didn't code shit, but being stupid is not an excuse in hacking. He deserved to got jailed, I just wonder how was he able to operate so long.

I did remember to their #bottalk channel and to those loosers from bluehell. I always though that the whole netconnection of that eLEET irc server is tapped and these dumbasses were flaming, flaming and flaming about how much power do they have.

He obviously wasn't too intelligent otherwise he would have make an own bot and drop his irc protocol based shit whatever RX/SD/AGO etc he used and try to code at least a http+ssl based or p2p bot. That wasn't his work either.

That he got 400K boxens also hard to believe because the new avs, isp security hardenings, idses etc.. So what I think about him, he bought crypters, source codes, since he got money with his adscams. His behaviour wasn't so different from the spammers.

But I agree with one thing, he didn't screw his life up with hacking, and playing world of warcraft. I spent almost all my life at the front of the computer, rather going out with friends partying, because I had to live in a scum country so don't fucking talk about American Dream TM. This is a life style and why would it be worst than someone else's life which ends with 10 hours work, alcohol and cigarettes and family problems...

Botnet sics zombie soldiers on gimpy websites

Elrond Hubbard

IIS vs LINUX servers

are there still people spassing money on MS Servers??

Weren't the last large exploits all based around a) MS desktops b) MS servers?

And then you still have to pay for the priviledge??

Human idiocy/corruptibility is infinite!

Use Linux - be free

Neighbourhood Watch 2.0: Your tensions are being monitored

Elrond Hubbard
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Sieg Heil!

It's difficult to say which is worse; those who instigate this sort of fascism or those who tolerate it. I imagine the hundreds of thousands, who died defending freedom, spinning in their graves.

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg

Elrond Hubbard

Mr Anonymous Coward

>> As far as I know, 419 scammers haven't killed anyone.


George Makronalli

Jean Pierre Li Shing Tat


Danut Mircea Tetrescu

Josef Raca

Kensuke Matsumoto

...and others.

USAF Colonel goes on the offensive with botnet destroyer plan

Elrond Hubbard
Dead Vulture


better than slaying a million iraqis..

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins

Elrond Hubbard
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end of MS

try linux - be free!

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

Elrond Hubbard


just don't go there!

i agree wholeheartedly regarding RECIPROCITY.

i am currently living in brazil. apparently US-citizens are fingerprinted upon arrival and have to pay the same absurd visa fees brazilians have to pay when attempting to enter big mac hell.

if only the EUtopians had that level of pride!

Web cam images undo MacBook thieves

Elrond Hubbard

Nothing says "hands off"...

...like chopping their hands off.

Vista security credentials tarnished in malware survey

Elrond Hubbard


is you win-OS insecure? unstable? expensive? simply shite?!

try linux - be free!!

Peekaboo pledges pole-dance kit for Wii

Elrond Hubbard
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Re: @Big Al

"You would hope this would get an 18-rating, which would trigger a ban from Nintendo - they don't allow 18 rated games to be published for their consoles."

18-rated games - like the Wii version of Manhunt 2, you mean?

Wikipedia goes to court to defend defamation immunity

Elrond Hubbard


theyd just have to relocate to sweden, which wouldnt be too bad. civilised country and all that.

Independent dubs El Reg lesbian

Elrond Hubbard

I wouldn't worry about it...

...the Indy was obviously making a 'tongue in cheek' comment...

NFC fails to find its killer app

Elrond Hubbard


Japan and South Korea have been using mobile payment/access technologies for years, my preference would be to forgo NFC and adopt the more tried and tested Osaifu-Keitai technologies that are now approaching their third commercially deployed versions unlike NFC, that hasn’t changed much since being passed around research labs years ago.

Web infection attacks more than 100,000 pages

Elrond Hubbard
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get desktop linux - stop worrying about this nonsense!

UK Reaper drone wrecked in Afghanistan

Elrond Hubbard

You know it's coming.

Don't Fear The Reaper!

Adobe to remove Photoshop pic pimping clause

Elrond Hubbard

Aunt Mabel

This is how the "before" picture of Aunt Mabel gets used in As Seen on TV adverts. Or as an endorsement for $offensive_candidate. Or v1/-\gra ads.

Oregon man stripped by Craigslist looters

Elrond Hubbard
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Stop the anonymity on the internet

I bet it was the "Anonymous" group of Somethingawful.com. They're always up for sick things like that.

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

Elrond Hubbard


I'm surprised it wasn't bundled with iTunes like the crap installed to support the iPhone I don't have. Eventually I couldn't stand iTunes and ditched it, still regret buying an IPod.

So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?

Elrond Hubbard
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Nice try

I'm not going to read or skim all 100+ comments, but here's what I've got to say:

Are you fucking kidding me? You'd want me to give up 0-day exploits for a fucking laptop? Not that you should, but a 0-day to the right people can be worth 30 of these crap laptops.

Elrond Hubbard
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And who knows...

After they're done they might even get up the courage to talk to a real human girl!

No sorry, I'm just being daft now.

Pennsylvania officials bail after voter reg site springs a leak

Elrond Hubbard

PA most currupt? Nah!!!

I gather that you have not been to New Jersey then...

Heartless Apple form letter 'confuses' Jesus Phone disciples

Elrond Hubbard
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Never mind

This isn't the place for reasoned argument - I get enough of that in my day job, where they frown on such terms as Microshit, Microshaft, Microsuck, Windoze, Steve Ballmer is a Sweaty Moron etc etc.

Besides, as we all know there's no reasoning in the Apple / Microspaz debate. People are firmly entrenched... so why not have a giggle. :-)

Elrond Hubbard
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"What's with this term "fanboi"?"

1. It's not a word.

2. It's crap.

3. It shows people up for the bitter fools they are, clinging to their crappy virus-ridden and desperately unstable Windoze Pee Cees yet unable to move to a stable, working and usable platform due to some misguided need to HATE HATE HATE Apple.


Elrond Hubbard


Can you give it a rest with this "Jesus Phone" twaddle? Yeah, we get it. You're poking fun at the fact that Apple has some overzealous fans. Brilliant. Can you think of any new jokes though?

You say this like it's a bad thing... so what if people hang on Jobs' every word? Surely that's their lookout. What exactly is the problem with a company making stuff that people want to buy? Surely it's better to be a bit over the top about good products than inspire nothing but despair and hatred like Microshit??



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