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Scotland welcomes back wild beaver

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salmon habitat

Greetings from Oregon, the Beaver State--there's one on the state flag. Yes, beaver will "..impact migratory fish numbers, especially salmon", and the impact will be positive. Beaver dams are low enough and leaky enough that salmon go right thru them, and beaver ponds are excellent salmon habitat.

Toddler snaps up mechanical digger online

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For the Daily Mail readers who are claiming that this is fake



Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no

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[there was a directive while processing this error]

Maybe I'm missing something but wasn't Eurofighter conceived in the 80s to neutralise the threat from the Su27 and its variants and developments? Something that it does quite well, considering that simulations have it fighting to 0.82 versus the far more expensive and stealthy F-22's 0.91. In contrast, the Rafale fights to 0.5, but that's an apples-with-bananas comparison as the frogs required the Rafale to have folding wings for carrier operation.

It's easy and obvious to knock the lack of sophisticated air-to-ground capability, but wasn't this what the EF2000 programme was aimed at? And that was slimmed down to the EFA on cost grounds. You can't eat your cake and have it. Besides which, much of the Eurofighter's stealthiness (and it has lots, despite how it appears) would go out of the window if you then hung a lot of ordnance beneath it. Much better to accomplish this mission with a drone chugging up to 100,000 feet and well out of range of all but the most exotic SAMs.

Snow Leopard, Jobs to miss Apple geekfest

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As much as Steve Jobs and his ilk annoy the piss out of me, I am smitten with my Macbook Pro- great for music production, DJing and other stuff that I can't use my Linux boxes for.

I'm ashamed to say that I am actually looking forward to the new LOLcat, as my newest Mac has two GPUIs- I'd like to see it taught some fun CUDA tricks.

Yes, I think the pricing structure for MacOSX stinks (I am an old freenix bigot), but I am now mentally prepared to pay for a new kitty. Hell, I am mentally prepared for Win7 on my gaming rig- though that will probably be a great deal more expensive and stressful.

Damnit, I came to make snide remarks, I fail. Sorry, chaps and chapesses.

Department of Homeland Security to destroy swine flu victims

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Alien 2

Definitive proof that they were "supposed to use harsh language".

Apple proves: It pays to be late

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It always pays to be late

"First mover advantage" is a myth. The market nearly always belongs to the company that stood back, watched things develop and then produced something that answered customer issues with earlier products.

There are few exceptions to this rule; when people name a first mover who they think is still the market leader, it usually turns out that the real first mover was so totally and utterly destroyed that hardly anyone remembers them. (Remember Garrett AiResearch, everyone? It was they, not Intel, who produced the first microcontroller. Intel wasn't even second, Texas Instruments was.)

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

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Blurred face??

Bit rubbish this technology!


iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

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Well if you're after a pile of shit that looks and behaves like complete toss, then yes, Android would be the way to go.

eBay scammers work unpatched weaknesses in Firefox, IE

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Ebay is Dead anyway.

First I will bash eBay. (I used to LOVE eBay)

The moment they got rid of Checks and Money orders, nobody in their right mind is going to attach their paypal account to a credit card. Especially in this economy. After the last few auctions finished, so was I with eBay.

Now to bash Microsoft.

Come on Microsoft, what's your problem? Your not even going to try to patch IE7? Just shove it off on webhosts? What if the webhost is EVIL? That's why everyone in the know kill bits your nonsense! Oh we could upgrade to IE8 and lose compatibility with our other proprietary nonsense, buy why would we want to? You better get with the program Microsoft before the economy turns on you next!!!

Enormous pain-ray patio heater towers erected in California

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Nothing good can come from this

Dump Ray Thaon stocks. They are evil. Worse than Monsanto,. Short their fucking ass, until the say, "uncle sam."

I am sick of these people.

Who cares anymore, let them keep destroying everything. Including themselves.

The Borings renew Street View fight

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Elrond Hubbard

If you go on someone else's property, that's not trespassing, even if it's posted. If you are then told to leave and refuse, that's trespassing. Crossing a fenceline or climbing a gate (if they are posted) are also trespassing. But this case does not involve any kind of barrier, and there was no order to leave. If these people can't be bothered to keep Girl Scout cookie sellers off their property, they have no case.

McKinnon's UK trial bid rejected by DPP

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I think he should go on a rampage smashing up shop windows, or commit something similarly illegal but not as destructive, here in the UK, so that way the British courts will want to prosecute him too on UK soil for these crimes.

Gary go shoplifting anyway and make it blatantly obvious.

Report names LG's phones as least reliable

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I've had the SE k800i for a couple of years now, and it is certainly the best all round phone I've ever owned. Having seen new SE handsets, with their bugs, it doesn't surprise me they've been rated so badly.

Samsung, and more so LG, seem to suffer from badly designed interface implementations, which make the phones hard to use.

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?

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'... church run dictatorships of the dark ages, 500 years ago ...'

Bloody fool. Go and learn some history. The ignorant get the government they deserve, that must be what's happened to you.

Libra freezes out Welsh legalese

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@ waste

wales is a separate country from england, so wales = england is not correct. i can only assume you're an american, since they seem to think england = the united kingdom, which is of course not true. as for your other points they're already been answered.

BBC pumps 60 quid a head into Gaelic

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IT Angle

BBC Alba on iPlayer? Ever?

"The channel needs to be shown on Freeview, and Virgin." And iPlayer too perchance? How come all the BBC channels can now be streamed via iPlayer but BBC Alba can't?

I did something after watching a Gaelic sitcom a couple of weeks ago (part of the mainstream BBC Scotland Gaelic output) and my iPlayer defaulted to menus and text in Gaelic. As someone who understands perfectly, speaks a little, but can't read or write Gaelic to save themselves, I hadn't a clue what was going on. For this reason I'm probably exactly the kind of Scot that BBC Alba is aimed at.

It's a great initiative, but I can't help thinking that all these 'percentage-of-licence-fee' arguments will become moot in a year or so; after the Tories are elected, rumours are they intend to make the Beeb subscription-only pretty much overnight.

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Gaelic Monoglots?

To the guy who reckoned that the number of Gaelic speakers was far fewer than the 50-odd thousand responding to the 2001 census, you obviously haven't been to the Western Isles lately. As the article refers to 'going up the A9' and expecting to see Scotland from that as a vantage point, it's hardly surprising...

It's perfectly normal to nip into the co-op either in Daliburgh in South Uist or just over the causeway in Benbecula and hear mother and infant nattering away in Gaelic. There, bilingualism meant the recent addition of **English** to the Gaelic-only roadsigns I remember from the holidays in the 70s and 80s back when I was a wee nipper.

What place does Gaelic have in the world today? You might better ask what place does English have in a world where American displaced it at least a decade ago. Having lived for the last 20 years 'down south' where Mockney, dumbing-down and grocers apostrophe's long ago replaced any real, joined-up language, I can confirm that what used to be referred to as the Queen's English is currently making its last stand somewhere in the Netherlands.

I'm in two minds about the thumbs up given by a previous commentator to Neil Oliver's 'History of Scotland'; it's too simple a story, trying to bash together into a single narrative what was in reality at least three separate stories, that just happened to take place at the same point in history and accidentally result in the Scotland that all we exiles love. And big ones too (usual joke).

It's not a justification for the per-head extra cost of the BBC Alba service, but then that's trying to give an answer to the wrong question; the Gaels have faced down rampant attempts to exterminate their language in the past, and the simple indifference being expressed in these comments they will be able to brush aside as if they weren't there.

Fact is, the language comes out of the different outlook and lifestyle of the people and as long as these survive Gaelic will survive. BBC Alba, Freesat etc etc are nice to have add-ons, but not essential for the survival of either language or people.

Google and the Great Wikipedia Feedback Loop

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Wikipedia - just say no

"Who the hell puts links to WIkipedia?" asks somebody or other, further up the page. The answer is, a lot of people do, because they are unimaginative, lazy, Google-dependent, Wikipedia-dependent drones.

I run a reasonably popular blog on scientific topics, and never link to Wikipedia. It isn't necessary. There is always something else out there that is (a) stable and reliable (b) has proper authority (c) has nothing to do with Jimbo and his fanboyz (d) doesn't contribute to the Google/Wikipedia feedback loop. I sometimes host guest-written content and, guess what, it comes laden with Wikipedia links. Define crystallization? Link to Wikipedia. Refer to the Cambrian Explosion? Link to Wikipedia. Mention, in passing, the Ross Ice Shelf? Link to Wikipedia. And when I send it back to the writer saying "no Wikipedia links - use links to other reliable and authoritative sites" they are utterly at a loss.

Just say no. Don't link to Wikipedia. If you commission writers or invite submissions for your site, specify "no WIkipedia". Set up Google's advanced search options to block results from Wikipedia. Don't be sucked into the loop.

The web doesn't need an encyclopedia (and that goes for Britannica, too). It *is* an encyclopedia if it's used intelligently.

25 years of Mac - the good, the bad, and the cheese grater

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Nice article

..but why no inclusion of the gutless, portless, splodgy-screened Nathan Barley toy that is the air? All the price of a macbook pro, all the power of a £300 netbook... :)

Still, as I say, nice article. As someone who abuses a lot of computers (from my Alpha and my Suns, through to my Mongrel warhorse PCs and my Macbook pro), I have no particular axe to grind pro or anti. However, I do remember those horrible beige powermacs too- they were gutless, flimsy overpriced piles of crap (running an OS with no memory protection or proper multitasking). Dark days indeed.

Nice to see they finally "pulled their head out of their ass" as you put it, as there have always been good ideas, amazingly badly-executed. I have to say that my little Macbook Pro actually holds its own with my other machines now, and seems to be price and performance competitive with various boutique laptop brands- but without the curse of Vista (unless you really want it, of course).

I was expecting to be irritated by this article, mac fanbois usually make my teeth hurt, but nope, it was an interesting read. Thanks for the article!

C dominated 2008's open-source project nursery

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and......no Python ?

wow looks like Python doesn't even exist.........

Internet to Obama: 'Pass the joint'

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I want pot legalized, not so I can smoke pot - which I can anyway; but because I don't want to go to jail and be anally violated just because I engage in a fairly innocent pasttime. There is no reason why the government should have any say in what I smoke while I'm watching TV and eating a bag of crisps.

Driving a car is a different matter, but people drive intoxicated on any substance, and they need to be punished for that - driving intoxicated - and not for driving intoxicated on any one substance.

For crying out loud, I can sit around huffing glue all day and the government wouldn't do a damn thing.

There's no riddle to Dell's Limerick move

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Where's the tax angle?

Didn't Dell get a whopping great tax rebate to move to Ireland?

Nikon D90 digital SLR with HD video recording

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World's first *DSLR* to record HD video; the EX-F1 is not a DSLR.

Free wireless broadband boosted

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I like the idea.

Why would someone want to use a slower connection for torrents? There's no reason to "save their paid-for bandwidth" unless they plan to use more than the allocated paid-for amount. I think the AWS is a good idea. It will cause the ISPs to compete with a free offering and will allow those that don't have an Internet connection to get online, like my mother and my fiancé's parents who have yet to join the wired world. I can only see this as a good thing.

I do expect to hear of abuses of the system, but that can probably be handled by some sort of excessive use throttling or max monthly usage cap or such. If it's free, you shouldn't bitch about a little bit of a cap as long as it's reasonable.

Yahoo! mocks Google Privacy Theatre

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We have a comedian in the house

"As far as I know my customer info held by my provider is still subject to data protection laws"


The Year in Operating Systems: No battle of big ideas

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Did I blink and miss the MacosX coverage?

Personally, since I only ran Vista on test boxes, and wiped them after, oeprating systems have been fine for me this year. I've been using a mix of Ubuntu desktop 32 and 64 bit, 64 bit server, Solaris, XP and MacosX. Things have mostly been working nicely, Umbongo 8.10 is surprisinngly lovely- and I speak as both a Slackware bigot of many years standing, and someone who owns shiny Macs. Amazing that they're satisfying my needs. Linux on my eeePC901 is lovely too.

So yeah, pretty good. Using windows mostly for games, and doing all the other stuff on better platforms has paid off nicely. Being able to scrape Vista off boxes and put a proper OS on there was a revelation, as modern machines no longer seemed arthritic and stressed afterwards.

Still though, what is with the lack of a quick "another LOLcat came out for Macs, they still work pretty well but aren't perfect- like everything else" section? Silly rabbit!

Hasbro drops lawsuit against Scrabulous creators

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Better alternatives

Scrabulous was always a limp implementation of Scrabble in any case. There are plenty of far better crossword games available with far more options than Scrabble/Scrabulous. Try CrossCraze for a start.

Microsoft squeezes out Oxite 'open source' blogger platform

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Happy Days

What a fantastic opportunity for new creators to enter the Blogosphere. Ahhh, Blogs - you just can't get enough of 'em.

Scorpions tale leaves IWF exposed

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Screw the IWF

These dirtbags are starting to piss me off. It's a good thing I live in the US....but their effect is even felt here with some US companies that offer content worldwide....see Easynews (usenet) for example. C'mon Brits, aren't you sick of people telling you what you can and can't look at? Grow some balls for christ's sake! Disgusting!

Green Hills spins out military Integrity for masses

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>>The military has always had better security than we can get on our computers

Just ask Gary McKinnon

Study spanks Adobe Flash for abuses of power

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@Anton Ivanov

Just tried it on my eee901 (firefox and linux), and it was fine. That's pretty puny iron, compared to the one you mentioned. There has recently been a new release of the flash player plugin for linux which sucks a lot less- check if yours is the latest. It also does full screen video playback a lot better (not sure if it uses XVideo or OpenGL visuals etc). However, worth a lot. The old flash player plugin was a lot heavier and slower. Hope it helps.

El Reg:

See, this is why I like you lot.. even if there are technical flaws in the article. You're admitting that threre's a problem, suggest the use of noscript (which can do flash blocking too, now) and ad filtereing, despite being ad supported. Yay! We piratical freebooter scumbags salute you <3

Apple unleashes not-crap iPhone iPod earbuds

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Indeed, Apple may be a loathesome bunch of lying wads, but actually, iPods sound OK. The DAC and headphone amp is a lot better than in most other digital audio players. With a decent pair of headphones, they sound nice, whereas the more shoddy devies (iRiver, I'm looking at you) tend to betray poor SNR with decent isolating IEMs.

The Ety 6is mention above are just fine, for example, and are a good impedance match to an iPod. They don't have the most pronounced low-frequency response in the world, but they're crisp. If you can afford to get the custom earmolds for them, they sound great- once you're used to putting the damn things in. However, even with the rubber tipes they come with, they sound great when properly seated. An iPod will sound really nice with these, as long as you're using 192k encoding or higher.

However, a lot of more simple-minded SUXX/ROXX types can't separate "Apple suck" from "All of Apple's products suck", and assert that they sound crap. The other thing, of course, is that some people simply don't know how to listen properly- witness your average boy racer boom boom car (which is loud but sounds terrible, even inside), or the popularity of Bose equipment.

For the record, I agree that Apple are pretentious, slimy and annoying. The cult of mac members are smug and creepy. However, some of their products are actually quite good. Damnit.

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@Chris Young

Yes, they can indeed design headphones that don't leak. The problem is the piss-poor headphones that come with the iPod leak, as do various other crappy ones. My IEMs don't, my closed-back circumaural cans don't.

However, a lot of people use rubbish headphones, which sound awful, are packed with ear-wrecking levels of harmonic distortion and leak like.. umm a leaky thing. Sympathies.

The irony is that I wear IEMs for my iPod which give me 23dB of isolation, so I don't hear the tss-tss-tss of leaky headphones. I also got a friend to listen in a quiet room, and they couldn't hear any leaks from mine, even cranked.

It's not the fault of the iPod, though the craptastic headphones that Apple bundle are pretty culpable..

Elrond Hubbard


The frequency response of iPods doesn't go down to 5hz anyway- like a lot of gear, they go "twenty to twenty", unlike a lot of ears.The important thing is how the curve behaves. I'd rather have a pair of sennheiser HD-25s (rated down to 16Hz) where "response" equates to "makes almost reasonable sound at this frequency". Yeah, maybe the driver will move if you put a 5Hz sine through it, but it's not going to be dripping with fidelity. Hell, a pair of good headphones which say 50Hz-20kHz on the box, but which have reasonable response across this range are going to sound better than a lot of the toy headphones which claim OMFGWTFBBQFrequencyLOLResponse of some wildly optimistic range.

Oh, and don't rush with the review on my account, I'd no more trust the opinions of the Register on audio gear than I would Hello magazine for information on high-energy physics. Owning a pair of ears doesn't mean you have the first clue what you're listening for, even if you once read a wanky consumer hifi magazine full of arm-waving unscientific claptrap :)

Amazon intros early VAT cut

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definitely not the first to do this

I saw overclockers do an early VAT drop last week, then wiggle a couple of days ago - now amazon.

Sky mulls PVR software rollback

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Seriously, no, dream on.

>"As it is, standard drives these days don't have thermal recalibration issues."

>Of course they do. More so than older drives as the rotation speeds go up.

Seriously, no. Once you start using 10k and 15k drives, you don't ask your supplier for 64 "AV drives", unless you want the piss to be taken. The block cache in the host machine or drive controller is easy equal to the job, you don't buy "AV drives" any more. Thank god, the days of filling boxes with AV drives and plugging them into beige NLE rigs is over, making for a more entertaining working day. Playing out uncompressed 1080p would just cost too damn much if you still had to mimsy around with such designations.. As was asked above, have you been living under a rock? You might enjoy colour TV too, I hear it's good for watching popular beat combos.

What's more, you sure as hell wouldn't be finding any sort of fancy drive in a Sky+ box. Just count yourself lucky that the damn caps haven't popped. Those things are built so cheaply, it's untrue.

ISS urinal/drinks-machine combo still buggy

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The Golden Barrel

>>"That's a third of a tank right there," said the weary space-station commander, no doubt smacking his lips at the prospect of a chilled beverage after his hard graft with the golden barrel.

I just laughed my face off

25 years of Macintosh - the Apple Computer report card

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@Ivan Headache

Yep, smug, mendacious know-nothing kneejerk crApple fanboi. People like you make it hard to tell when the Jobs Mob release anything good or anyone else anything bad, as your witless, smug polarised and simplistic view of the world simply precludes informed debate. Now go iron your cardigan, I think Top Gear's on soon.

BNP leaked list claims first victims

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Fascinating cross-section of the nation

Why are so many of them driving instructors? At least one gives a discount to fellow BNP members, I see.

Attorneys for Palin email hacker: 'Don't call him hacker'

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Not a cracker, or a hacker. +Seeker.

Did he use an exploit? Bruteforce? no -- not a cracker.

We all agree hacker means coder. Maybe even hex editor. "Dude I hacked my browser name"

That leaves "Seeker" reference: http://www.searchlores.org/password.htm

Seekers will be confronted more than once, on the web, with useful knowledge that has been "hidden"

They are attacking the wrong person here. This whole thing is lacking common sense, Sarah was asked about email accounts and denied it, a clever SEEKER proved to be somewhat of a whistleblower. Too bad his connection wasn't masked.

What about the lie Sarah told? How can she be trusted with any security clearance at this point?

I'm glad she isn't VP! She's a walking security leak!

Anal whitening biz drops one million clams for Vibrators.com

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The children making penis panatas for 1$ a day arent being exploited...

Is the internet going down down under?

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Like you didn't know they were morons

A nation that voted for Rudd deserves all it gets.

Mine's the one with the bodyline manual in the pocket.

Mobile blocking tech for trains

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Illegal in Oz

Interestingly, this would be federally illegal in Australia. More's the pity, I've been wanting something like this for theatres for years, but one problem is making sure doctors' pagers still work.

'Magnetic Death Star' fragments unearthed in New Jersey

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IBM have been trying to clone these up from fragments..

Nasty accident with the 30 gig deathstars made them think twice..

Thrust SSC team to build 1000 mph 'Bloodhound' car

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So if this is to inspire more children to choose to learn and participate in Science..

Perhaps someone can show us the evidence that the last endeavor to achieve the land speed record got any significant increase in numbers of children studying science and pursuing a career in the same. Would be nice before they spent the money.

Wireless power delivery gets blended

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Is it just me?

I may just be a bit jaded, but did anyone else notice a possibility of this thing being fake? Battery operated is one thing, but since the video has a scene cut in it before they actually start the blender, they may be using just a corded blender with the cord placed behind the blender and not showing.

Take note from David Copperfield, continuous shots or I'm not buying it. :)

DoS attack reveals (yet another) crack in net's core

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It has nothing to deal with SYN Cookies.

After watching / listening / or reading to SecurityNow with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Episode #164 | 02 Oct 2008 | 97 min. Title (SockStress)...

It has nothing to deal with SYN Cookies.

The TCP three way handshake has already happened. Now the sender's (attacker's) end uses a TCP option called a Window. In that Window they tell the server that they (the attacker) has zero buffer space left.

They also made a video about it. This link may should work until a new Episode is recorded.


(353 MB)

PS. At the time of this post: The transcripts are not posted yet online...

Dell Latitude E6400 14in business laptop

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I'm sick of metrosexual laptops crowding the market. My dream laptop would be forged from iron and have BADASS MOTHERFUCKER spelled out in rivets on the lid.

Net sleuths spot poker site cheat code

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Yes, the idiots are indeed out in force

"Nick Thompson" in particular is amusing, I wonder if he believes in the tooth fairy? The whole self-righteous poker-face (couldn't resist) act over websites that decide who gets to keep the money is just hilarious. With more than a few fuctioning braincells, it's easily possibly to rig these "fair" bits of software to produce a significantly statistically advantageous outcome towards favoured parties, without anyone noticing. Hell, everyone has their price, too. If voting machines in the world's richest "democracy" can be built with obvious backdoors (lookin' at you, Diebold) in the full view of the world's press without anyone caring, why do you imagine that some seedy gambling website frequented by mathematically-challenged muppets will fare better?

Paris, because she's as likely to come in your bedroom at night as the tooth fairy.

Dell bundles free fresh air with PC

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If we keep on using virii eventually the OED will admit defeat and include it in the dictionary. Then we will have won and you can no longer cite 'neuter nouns' and greek non plurals and masculine forms and all that crap bwaa ha haa.

I am l33t give me warez. Mouses of the world unite and kill all da Catz

I wonder where my tongue is. Oh! here it is firmly stuck in cheek!!