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BT CEO tests positive for coronavirus, goes into self-isolation after meeting fellow bosses from Vodafone UK, Three, O2 plus govt officials

Mark Stronge

No mention of how he got it, was he in Italy?

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

Mark Stronge

Hard to shoot a plastic bag

It would be difficult to shoot down a plastic bag. Also, these magical drone batteries seem to last for an indefinitely long period of time, and with the lights on the drone that help the authorities to see it too, how noble of the drone operators... SMH. Sounds like a big rouse.

Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours

Mark Stronge

Another issue that has appeared today is a firmware update to the Chromecast audio has been causing bt home hub 5 and plusnet onhubs to reboot continuously.

Huawei: Our fake phone camera pic shame

Mark Stronge

Re: Not as bad as nokrosoft of course

True, Nokia was caught out when they did state it was from their phone. See, proves my point, mike elgan is right. Google+ users like to discuss things.

Mark Stronge

Re: Poor reporting

So i get 8 thumbs down for what exactly? The article by the register is just as misleading as huawei's advert.

Mark Stronge

Re: Poor reporting

LOL, it was early and I had another point that I didn't fill in :-) looks like there are lots of thumbs down but no explanation or discussion as to why. Typical non communication, probably all twitter users

Mark Stronge

Poor reporting

What a rubbish article. Lacking on details and misleading as week as having another jibe at google+.

For one thing, the post by huawei was posted to Google+, Facebook and Twitter but Google+ is the only social media network that doesn't compress photos and retains the ability of its users to view the exif info.

Secondly, the text in the post doesn't specifically say that the photo was taken using a P9, but it is implied. Why did you not include what Huawei actually said in the post?

Thirdly, it wasn't Android police that uncovered it, but a couple of saavy Google+ users (we are legion) including myself that tagged a few people in the media to alert them of the deception. If you had have included a screenshot, it would have shown that.

Fourthly, if you really were wanting to grow your audience, targeted posting to Google+ would be the way to do it.

Fifthly, as Mike Elgan points out, the same post on Facebook and Twitter was met with a positive response, and concludes that Google+ are the most intelligent, saavy people in the world. Google+ is somewhere that intelligent people can have intellectual conversations without resorting to the hate and mud slinging of twitter, and there is the ability to speak to each other in long form.

Seventhly, thanks for reading to the end, this article appeared in my Google Now feed, you'll see me over on Google+.

Merry Christmas? Not for app devs: That gold rush is officially OVER

Mark Stronge

Elephant in the room

One of the big issues not mentioned it that iOS app developers could not cash in on the Christmas rush as the app store submissions and modifications backend was closed for nearly a week. Compare that to android where developers could promote their apps and offer Christmas discounts etc. at any time.

Google puts Nexus 4 back on sale, sells out pronto

Mark Stronge

Ordered at 17:10 and it said 1-2 weeks. I unticked the associate with my google account - what was that about?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Mark Stronge

Re: Confused.com

The processors are completely different, comparing the raw speed of different processors will not work and yes, Sammy's inhouse s4 is better than the tegra3.

Mark Stronge

Re: Voice

According to Vlad from TheVerge, the call quality is a revelation, absolutely stunning. Also camera is the best from any smartphone ever.

Mark Stronge

Completely NEW camera sensor

So why should we trust a review that says this is the same sensor??? This is a new camera, full 1080p video with still capture at the same time (never had this before) and full resolution burst mode, zero shutter lag with lots of new software features too.

Apple's Siri nominates Nokia as best phone maker

Mark Stronge

OLD OLD news...

Actually, so old that Apple have now changed the result so that it says things like "you're holding it" you're kidding, right?" etc. Oh yes, the results are MOST DEFINITELY filtered and monitored by Apple.

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain

Mark Stronge
Thumb Up

I installed it on my netbook, I did require to install a separate intel graphics driver so that I could up my resolution so that the metro apps work, but now all is ok.

1280x960 is the recommended minimum resolution, but the metro apps will run at lower, just not netbook low :-)

I have found the new start menu great. Very quick to get new emails, as Gmail account is linked and Gcalendar and contacts are linked too so all running well.

I would think over the next month or two that we will see alot of new "Metro" compatible programs appearing so that integration with the Live tiles works better than the "what you actually see" view from the article.

I love the speed of startup, hibernate, and everything is nice and fluid, closing metro apps is cool, just drag from the top down. The wide interface is actually quicker to use than scrolling through the old start menu list and you can customise the tiles so that your favourites are listed first which I have found speeds up me using the PC, rather than what is suggested by this article. Big metro app integration over the next few months is going to transform the start menu into something that is really "teeming with life" much like the advantages of the widgets and homescreen design of Android.

Big thumbs up from me.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

Mark Stronge

One thing not mentioned is that the front facing camera is actually 720p so video calls shouls be well good.

Oh and ics is not working completely on any phone though I hear the nexus s is close to stable.

3 bigs self up as biggest 3G network

Mark Stronge

3 in NI

Three definitely has the best 3G coverage in Northern Ireland from all of North Down and Belfast up to Ballymena, and up to Londonderry. Also has coverage in town centres, e.g. Newry, Enniskillen, Omagh, Dungannon, Ballycastle, Coleraine but it's the country coverage that makes the difference...

I just wish that Mid County Down was covered with 3G as 2G is so slow for data.

UK.gov folds over Ordnance Survey map data

Mark Stronge

Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately the Northern Ireland data has not been made available... :-(

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

Mark Stronge

Get a life and what about the irish flag?


"If they're mad now... Just wait until they see the last third of the Irish national flag."

Really... what is this all about? haven't they looked at their own flag recently?

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps

Mark Stronge

Three coverage ??

I have a 3 dongle and a 3 mobile and while the coverage is fairly good for Northern Ireland, most of southern County Down is poor with no coverage contrary to the map shown.

I have found the best and most detailed Three coverage maps from the Three website. You can zoom in and get very accurate results which tally with real world use.

Toshiba lost $1bn ditching HD DVD, paper claims

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