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Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Just a heads up

I phoned VM a few hours ago to ask about the throttling. When I got someone that knew what they were talking about they made it clear that 75% throttle = BY 75%

For example, people on 10meg will get 2.5meg once they hit their limit for 5 hours.

I then promptly asked them to put me through to disconnections.

Paris: She wouldn't hold anything back to paying customers.

Naomi Campbell could face Heathrow charges

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Easy solution

Remember those tasers that there is a concern over?

Perfect chance to find out if they are safe or not.

Hopefully its one less 'star' we'll have to deal with.

Windows Server 2008 is better than Vista, but why?

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@ SpitefulGOD

"I've had no performance issues with either and all the people who moan about performance are idiots with crap machines"

An amazing statement considering the constant issues have hit mainstream press repeatedly.

Reviewers and press are going to be the last people to be running "crap machines". If they are running fast machines and are having issues, how do you think the bloke who goes to PCWorld and buys a Celeron with 512 meg of RAM is going to cope with Vista being pre-installed?

Then again, who are they to have an opinion if your machine is working fine?

Paris: Not even she has upgraded to Vista.

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks

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lol @ tim

That was quite possibly the funniest comment I've ever read on the Reg.

It was clear you didn't even read my post. Perhaps you would like to quote me, exactly where I said it would be funny?

The point I made was that anyone who had this link could simply copy and paste it to whoever they wanted. I've no idea why pointing out something so obvious made you feel the need to burst out into personal insults? Were you abused by a hyperlink or something?

Lets not even get into the possibility of embedding a link into a page via an IFrame....

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Copy and paste

Could you imagine getting hold of these URL's and wanting to pull a few pranks?

Just send the links over MSN / Post on a forum and watch people get raided from the comfort of your own front room.

Its like they are *trying* to make it easy.

Paris: Even she could figure out how to copy and paste a link.

A third of online shops undermine consumer rights


DSA understanding...

".. why i no longer put any of our companies IT purchasing through scan.co.uk"

Then maybe you should actually look at what the DSA says. It does NOT apply to companies, only individuals.

Its amazing that someone in charge of buying doesn't understand something so basic about the DSA.