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Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

William saywell

Calor gas

The solution to the battery problem lies in the calor gas model.

The battery design must be standardised. You rent a battery from a supplier.

Batteries are available at outlets throughout the country - let's call them 'garages' .

When your battery get low, you visit a garage and swap your battery for a fully-charged one and go on your way [with minimal delay and hands that don't smell of diesel].

The garage-man puts the battery you left behind on charge. If it shows up as at its end of life, it gets replaced by the leasing company.

It works for caravanners...


Chinese confirm Beidou satnav system is operational

William saywell


Now the drones will be able to cross-reference another system, to make it harder for hostile nations to spoof their positions.

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

William saywell

If a phone cover spoils the style...

Put the cover on your hand. A cheap latex glove should do the trick!

HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

William saywell

@Jason depriest

"Or I can burn my own set of 3 DVDs directly from the recovery partition on the system. I plan to do that when I have some time to kill. I'd like to recover the 12 GB of space it takes up."

Just make sure you do it before the drive crashes and takes both partitions down!


NHS Direct wrongly emailed patients' data

William saywell


In this case you are probably correct, as the sender and recipient would almost certainly have been using NHS mail which is secure end-to-end between nhs mail addresses [@nhs.net].

However, the principle doesn't hold generally, as [unlike social services and MoD] there are many parts of the nhs that use @nhs.uk addresses, which are not secure outwith their own organisation, and so are inappropriate for sending patient data to other domains [including other @nhs.uk and @nhs.net adressees], as this traffic would be routed over the internet.


French Googleslayer gets the green light

William saywell

Quis quaeres quaerientes?

If you can't remember the spelling - you could always Google it!


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