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Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox


i think the most important questio is..

..can i make this work with my ps3?

i don't want to hold the Move's controllers whilst trying to dance like an idiot when returning home on a Friday night blind drunk and deciding games are a good idea.

Palin email hacker gets 366 days in custody

Paris Hilton



Police charge 11 over Zeus cybercrime scam



"Might want to re-read the article. All the suspects were employed so NONE of them were claiming anything from the "public purse"."

Might want to re-read the article.

Two of them at least were unemployed.

And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't their crime pretty much "claiming from the public purse" anyway? They just didn't ask for the help of the Gov't.

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I think you'll find..

..the "very best cyberscrotes in Europe" most definitely aren't all eminating from the UK.

Firstly, it's too easy [for idiots like these] to get caught here compared to certain other countries.

Secondly, there are too many restraining factors including rubbish ISPs, poor provision of specialist education at good rates & also a huge population of egotistical bot theiving script kiddies claiming they're the bees knees of security.

Thirdly, in my own experience, the ratio of logical and intelligent "experts" within Britain is much lower compared to that of the quality of some folk around europe and indeed the world. As I said, my own experience only so I won't be citing that.

How anyone could say this crime, and these criminals, are amongst "the very best" [in their field] is beyond me.

Does no one take heed of security and the dark underbellies of the internet any more?

Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace


Argh, not again..

"just off to the dianetics clinic darling, won't be long, got covered in smart dust at work again"

Hacker swipes details of 4m Pirate Bay users


@Graham Bartlett shtop! this rant isn't ready yet!

Not all torrents are "stolen goods" you know.

And I think you'll find most people will actually generally fork out a bit of cash for those smaller creators who actually input some small amount of good into their industries.

By buying mass produced vegetables from a supermarket chain like Tescos you're depriving honest farmers of a proper income.

By buying a mis-shapen but wholesome tomato from your local market, you're putting something back into what you're taking.

How many theiving scallies do you see stealing from the farmers market? Compared with how many you see stealing their daily supply of white lightening from Sainsburys.

Btw, re some of the above posts, I think by registering with TPB you actually get a wider choice of torrents.

Why anyone would use real details is beyond me, the sites blatantly insecure anyway, and it's not like they check your email address.

Critical kernel fix stars in Patch Tuesday updates


@ Pierre

Mate, ur completely forgetting the fact that Excel isn't <i>just</i> used by home users & small businesses.

All well and good having such a clever suggestion - but how would propose companies as big as...say..HSBC for example..would implement a brand new application to do the same thing?

You'd have to look at reworking almost ALL processes involving the application (which, beleive me, is pretty substantial), retrain all staff, rewriting apps which aren't compatible with anything other than Excel..

I'm all for GNU, I say it time and time again, but come on man..wakey wakey!

ASProx botnet dials into Conficker domains

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@ eirronbc

Dude - haven't you forgotten the huge company & corporation networks that are soley windows platforms? Some of the main figures of infected machines come from boxes that are on business networks

I dunno about you but as an IT consultant I sure as hell ain't gonna be leading the project to convert the entire company to a new platform - including re-writing all internal applications, testing them, retraining ALL staff..etc..

I'm a linux fan, i've used it for over a decade - but mate - get real.

Big mahoosive get real in response to everything you've said.

You can be Paris' new best friend in her special lalaland house.

Feds: IT admin plotted to erase Fannie Mae

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...lol....fannie engineer...

5,000-year-old 'ice man' was shot to death


@Not Funny

...come on, we have to move on. He would have wanted it this way.


(...thats actually me, giving an invisible person with a big white coat on a hug...:D )

Countdown to Conficker activation begins

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the great cyberwar?

don't pretend u know about it :P

PBX phone phreakers ring up huge bills in Oz


i'd like to know

what PBX systems were affected.....

....i wonder if its a meridian opt. 11c...

UFO damages Lincolnshire wind turbine



come on. my fellas from cleethorpes, and seriously, if that was true about the ufos - if they looked down at earth wondering where next to go on holiday im pretty sure lincolnshire would be in the lower half of their list...

mind u...i think clee and grimsby are at the bottom end of the "places in lincolnshire you'd go if it were the last place on earth" list :P

Password guessing attack exposed in Twitter pwn



AGAIN! come on reg!

Incorrect use of the term hacking/hacker

Also had to giggle at this kid, "been 'hacking' for three years" yeah right...you've been using a computer for three years...:P


Oil software exec pleads guilty to hacking charges


Gaaaahhh not again..

..completely incorrect, improper and unfair use of the term "hacking" :(

Microsoft gives XP another four months to live


Quit whining...

...use *nix.


Enormous HP box spotted from space


Oh Dear...

..I hope thats not a picture of the HP server box i just threw out :P

Nice one Reg, something to giggle about on this dull day :D

Apple ejects iBoobs

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@ iweiner

good idea!

or iBollocks!

i wonder i'f they'd develop it for any of the newer sony ericssons

Scientology refuseniks sue over compulsory workplace courses

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Exactly the same thing happened to me!

When I was 17, I managed to get a pretty decent technicians job for a small re-sellers firm

The set up was weird aside from the Scientology part - I wasn't allowed to leave this familys house for lunch, and I had to eat lunch with them at the table (i thought this OK coz I was allowed to smoke as much as I wanted..)

I went through a rough patch with my EX at the time, and was off ill with a tummy bug for a day...I came back and instead of sympathy - I received stern words along the lines of "You've let us down, only weak, wrong-doing people get down and ill"

They then asked if I'd like to take a read through some self help books, i thought "yeah why not" I was feeling low at the time and was open to any suggestions to pick myself up

I asked if I could take said books home to have a look through as I was busy at work - they said no. They said I had to be with other Scientologists whilst reading them, and that this had to be done at their house....

I said..hold on, I'm sorry I'm not religious in anyway, I'm not up for that...

The next day I had a letter entitled "Termination of Employment" under grounds that I was "underperforming"

I never signed a contract with them so I couldn't take it further with industrial relations.

My IT career was ruined and I had to work in a shop earning minimum wage for the next year. Thankfully I got myself back up and I'm running and IT department now ;)

These people are poison in our communities - they prey on the weak and persecute those who don't "buy in"

Prof's robotic pole-snake goes big in Korea

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lmao, any other females..

..read that headline and thing..."hrmmmmm" with a raised eyebrow?

do i need to grow up??? ;P

Royal laptop theft 'will expose picture'


Its only a panic...

..coz the wrong company/person will get the payout from OK magazine when the pics are sold.

D'oh no million dolla fo yoooo mista photo maan

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free


if u..

..pay for the respray (or do it yourself) and pick it up from its location....does that count as free? :P

Chinese spy scare sours Australia's plans for nationwide broadband

IT Angle


..start printing posters of that picture so I can hang one up in work (I'm the network woman)


YouTube 'poisoned baby food' hoaxer pleads guilty


@ hikaricore

I'm all for free speach, neutrality & all that jazz, I'd say I'm quite a hardcore advocate of such things..

But can't you agree that joking about killing babies isn't really a laughing matter? Free speach or not - to cause so much upset and panic to new parents is not worth the advocacy of neutrality supporters.

Fair play, the sentence perhaps a little steep - but had you come across such threats after bringing a baby into the world wouldn't you be a little less lenient?

..mines the jacket coz I'm not staying here to watch people shun a "joke" that makes loving parents panic over their kids safety.

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player

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aw come on..

..give the little thing a break!

over priced yes

amazingly fun & cute (yes, cute, im a girl) yes indeed!

warm ur hearts, its christmas!

Man faces $52k bill after voicemail breach

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What I wanna know is..

...how the devil anyone can spend that bl00dy long on the phone!?!?!

Government plans emergency extranet

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@ neil stansbury

..mate, I do hope you're (for our reputations sake) not a network analyst of any kind..

.....wait.....do you work for the Government?

Half the UK has fibre networks now dude, so no patent awards fo yo.

AC @ Neil above has pretty much ironed out the glitch that was your suggestion but perhaps it might have been good to expand on what options actually would work..

Satellites.. duuh!

Or maybe if the Gov't actually replied to its councils emails or telephone calls - they wouldn't be wasting a whole load of our money [again]

Mines the greedy, wasteful bitch that just doesn't have a clue...yes Labour *ahem* Paris.

Doctor amputates boy's arm using SMS instructions


I read that..

..thinking SMS as in Systems Management Server...

..uninstallboysarms.msi ?

Online payment site hijacked by notorious crime gang



...The Macedonians and/or the Romanians will be upset that the Ukranians did something "cool" and will wreak havoc upon the purpatrators to fuel their jealousy

No need to panic, or do anything, they'll all sort themselves out and we can go back to being ignorant to it all.

Unless I'm just being too old school here, I haven't graced the presence of an IRC server in over a year at least..

Putting on my jacket and heading to the pub..

Green Hills spins out military Integrity for masses


@AC @Right

AC - to be fair tho - that was a pretty funny thing to say

I bet you're a bubble burster irl.

Peaches Geldof - she's back!

Paris Hilton

...... :|....:o...


Facebook wins record $873m fine against smut spammer



Once some guy tried to add me on facef**k and his profile pic was a pic of a wang....lmao.

If ur gonna spam - don't be subtle!

Government finally names the day for porn ban



I wonder if the Isle of Man will jump on that wagon..

Lame Mac Trojan limps into view

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@ Pierre

Heh, well expanded ;)

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PC stands for Personal Computer - as much as I dislike using Mac, you can't say that the machine isn't a computing machine designed for personal use.

Unofficial fix issued for Vista networking flaw

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How about a fix for..

..Vista?...something that functions effectively would be a start...

Queen’s Uni nets £25m funds for cybersecurity research


@ Cat out of bag..

How on earth do you think security solutions are found in the first place??

They're not just going to go "Oh, its insecure, theres the flaws.... Bummer"

Whether social engineering is a risk or not - if you tighten the locks on the first door, it'll always take longer to reach the second.

You have to remember security isn't just about making sure some "hacker" can't compromise your network. The levels and varied factors in security are much more widespread that that initial risk.

You also have to remember, a good security specialist ain't going to give out his ever so precious information over a blonde hussie - I know I certainly wouldn't trust my networks with a ladies man with no concern about data integrity when compromised with money or other treats...Each to their own, but if thats who you're dealing with I suggest you re-consider your current contracts ;)

Positively - it's good to see Queens finally being put on the map, its a damn good Uni, with some incredibly talented students and staff. Its about time they were given an opportunity like this.

Plus, they have the most amazing cafes with the worlds cheapest full Irish breakfasts just round the corner, mmmm ^_^

..Stop, because you need to take a little time to think.

BNP membership list leaks online


@ What is wrong with the BNP?


Silly you! we all know who you are now - you can post your name if you like! :D

Awww bless. They're scared look..

DoS and distributed hacking tools finally criminalised

IT Angle

Shot in the foot.

I'm looking forward to hearing how interviews in 5 years + go for security experts for the gov't

MI5 IT security manager of 30 years - "So, how developed is your previous experience within network security fields..?"

Post Grad - "I can use Active Directory"

Manager - "..anything further? I mean, have you had no practice in becoming a security expert??"

PG - "No Sir, you arrested my fellow students 5 years ago for trying to learn about that stuff.."

...thats probably not the sort of wording they'd use...oh well....Doors Officially Open, well done the Law, now you can employ even more underqualified idiots to look after your country! Here, take my tax and give it to them!

Boffin finds gene for coke addiction

Paris Hilton

I wonder if now they'll find...

..the "excuses" Gene too?

White House network pwned 'multiple' times by Chinese



..I wonder if they use Lotus Notes..?

I just have this image of 3 yr old chinese kids hacking lotus notes archives - which is impossible - they're completely unsecured anyway :P

Man cops to $1m phony bar code shoplifting scheme

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..so long in Jail??

Aren't there dealers, terrorists, murderers and voilent psychos they could be concentrating on??

Undetectable data-stealing trojan nabs 500,000 virtual wallets

IT Angle


I hid in the MBR for 3 whole minutes before the other kids counted to 100 and found me.

Woman cuffed for deleting virtual husband

IT Angle

Hang on a minute...

..if this were a case against someone who'd (for example) gained access to sensitive data locally, or retreived data etc etc - the prosecution would be laughed out of court because they had given the defendant access information freely and willingly

Why doesn't that apply here?

IT with a question mark because "nobody understands" *sniff sniff*

Feds raid Miley Cyrus hack suspect

Paris Hilton


Screw the article for a second - that girls only 15!?!?! have you SEEN the way she dances on stage? Let alone some of the somewhat questionable lyrics she's made to "sing"

If that were my daughter I'd be having stern words

Not really a great role model

Paris, coz Mileys teetering in her stilletto footsteps..

UK cybercrime overhaul finally comes into effect




"1 (1) A person is guilty of an offence if

(a) he causes a computer to perform any function with intent to secure access to any program or data held in any computer, [Text added 2007-10-01 (Scotland) by Police and Justice Act 2006 s.35(2).] [Not yet in force elsewhere in the UK.] [This addition to be cancelled by Serious Crime Act 2006 s.61(2).] or to enable any such access to be secured ;"

Does this mean Vistas illegal in Scotland until its amended out??


There must be...

..some valid justification to give less time in Jail to a convicted rapist than to someone who throws a few angry packages about.....



Boffinry bitchslap brouhaha: Higgs and Hawking head to head

Paris Hilton

what if..

...it is there but they miss the data, or its not even detectable....

who wins then? hrmmmmmm

paris, with the quizzical look of nuclear questioning plastered all over her face like concrete...or makeup...I can never tell the difference.

McKinnon heads for the last chance saloon


re: Ironic that

Noted - its crazy now, its more likely (as far as the law is now moving) that you will get a longer jail-term in the UK for DDoSing a website that you will for statutory rape.

Act Now! These Geeks will destroy the human race!

µTorrent silently fixes long-standing zero-day vuln


re: lol @ morons

lol @ newbish comeback

well done colin!