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Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical

Craig Mulvaney

Re: @Andrew O

Price reduction? The XR is still £749 here.

I'm looking forward to the 3rd incarnation of the XR series - hopefully they'll call it the XR3i :-)

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived

Craig Mulvaney

Re: Slow down?

I have a love / hate relationship with Android - but I WANT to like it! I've had the 4.3 update, but performance isn't as zippy as when it was boxfresh and I haven't filled the storage either.

Might look to get a 32GB 2013 N7 towards xmas if Apple don't do something with the mini and keep the price low.

Craig Mulvaney

Slow down?

Interested to know if there is a noticable slow down on the 2013 N7 if the storage gets filled up as there was on the original N7. Mine became near un-useable until I wiped everything - something I've had to do more than once.

I use an iphone 5 and N7 so not a fanboi, but we have an ipad2 at home as well, and the performance is far more consistent, plus apps definitely are better. However, I do prefer the smaller form factor, will consider the new N7.

Oh and battery performance on the original N7 is dire no matter what the Android fanboi's say.

Chromebooks now the fastest-growing segment of PC market

Craig Mulvaney

Flash games?

Do chromebooks play flash games ok? Might be perfect for the kids who just want to go on ceebeebies and iplayer.

Huawei Ascend G300 budget Android

Craig Mulvaney
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Actually quite good...

I got one as an interim device when my iPhone4 when kaput. I'm pretty impressed with it!

I unlocked it for £5 and put my T-mob sim in it, no probs there. If you head over to modaco then there's a fairly active forum there and I was able to root the device easily enough and then proceeded to remove the Voda bloatware. I'm using Holo launcher at the moment, but Launcher Pro made the thing really fast - again impressive at this price.

Something I really like is the RGB LED which works excellently with Light Flow from the play store. Ok, it's not as smooth an experience as the iPhone might have been, but I'm really impressed with what you can get for £100. Also, shove on a Nillkin hard case (again from ebay for less than a tenner) and the whole thing feels much more solid.

I wasn't impressed with the battery at all, however give it a week of charge cycles and it improves hugely.

Budget smartphones all the rage as punters look sub-£100

Craig Mulvaney

Other budget handsets

I think that the current picks of the crop are the Huawei G300 fo £100 from Skodafone or the Orange San Diego with an Intel Atom CPU for £200 - I appreciate that not everyone considers £200 budget though!

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

Craig Mulvaney


This saddens me

Samsung shifts 10 millionth Galaxy SII

Craig Mulvaney

Screen res

800*480 on a 4.3" screen? Really?

Mole says Apple A5 chip runs too hot for iPhone

Craig Mulvaney


As someone who switched the other way, I just wonder if you coudl say why you switched? Not having a go or anything - actually interested...

Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

Craig Mulvaney


I am a fanboy - this looks great!

Nexus One resuscitated as 'Pure Google Nexus S'

Craig Mulvaney
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I owned it and hated it

I bought one direct from Google, and returned it within 14 days. Many, many problems with it - battery life, WiFi performance, music player randomly stopping, pictures not showing in the album after taking them, 12 hour battery life to name but a few....

Android rebellion: How to tame your stupid smartphone

Craig Mulvaney
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Very, very true

I have a Nexus One whch I returned because it was so p!ss poor. iFan or not, my iPhone does indeed 'just work'.

Sony NEX-5 interchangeable lens camera

Craig Mulvaney

What we all need to know....

All these pictures are very nice, but what we really want to know is what the signal strength is like, how does it function as a *phone* above all else?

Apple to sell unlocked iPhone 4

Craig Mulvaney


You can get a SIM free HTC Desire brand new for £250? Where?

I won't go into the whole "twice the phone rubbish"....

Apple to reveal hallowed iPhone 4.0 on Thursday

Craig Mulvaney


is that the same Android device that you can't take a screenshot with or bluetooth files on without "cracking"?

Sony Ericsson Android phone caught on camera

Craig Mulvaney

odfo again

I have updated the firmware and its still crappy.

Craig Mulvaney

ODFO right back

I have one....it does.

Craig Mulvaney

Could be the HTC Hero....

as that lags too....

Googlephone debuts Jan. 5, says everyone but Google

Craig Mulvaney


Isn't this just another android handset? Made by HTC, running a flavour of android, hardly the googlephone to beat all others. Any android phone I've used has been laggy as hell.

2009's Top Android Smartphones

Craig Mulvaney

Hero = lag

I use an iPhone 3GS along side a Hero, and I'm affraid that the Hero still lags....yes, that's after the ROM update too. Perhaps those who claim no lag have nothign better to compare it against, but using it along side the iPhone it's clear as day. The Hero just doesn't cut it.

Nokia E72 smartphone

Craig Mulvaney
Paris Hilton

Screen size

"The 2.23in screen is only QVGA..."

I thought it was 2.36 inches.....makes all the difference, according to SWMBO...

One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

Craig Mulvaney
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But which phone operating system do they prefer?

Apple posts iPhone update

Craig Mulvaney


Leaving my factory unlocked 3GS on 3.0.1 until someone confirms that this update doesn't bork the handset.

On another note a slight blemish under my screen means my iphone would have to go back to Oz from where it came to get replaced......worldwide support? Not with the iphone!

T-Mobile's G2 denied the update Touch

Craig Mulvaney

No...I didn't

@AC - No I didn't buy a phone that I hadn't read any reviews on, I bought a phone that I'd read plenty of reviews on. However a lot of those reviews said that the lag wasn't noticable. I for one, found this lag to be very noticeable.

See vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f54S94bP4Po

Craig Mulvaney

G2 = lag

I had the G2 and it was so laggy that it was basically unsable. Seems hit and miss if yours is or not, which frankly is pretty damn poor quality control. That and the camera is a joke. Had it a week and put it straight onto eBay.

Just waiting for the factory unlocked iPhone 3gs to arrive from oz now, should've gone iPhone in the beginning.

Cuba lifts ban on computer sales

Craig Mulvaney

Internet in Cuba

Was on my honeymoon in Cuba in 2006 and could use the internet in the hotel no bother. You had to pay a little old lady to log you in, but that was all!

Oh, and there was a mobile network too, no problemo senor.


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