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Google streams data center pods to world+dog



I wonder if this setup could run Crysis at maximum settings

US warez sitemaster jailed for 30 months




Look, i dont agree with the idea of taking someones work and giving nothing back. i buy plenty of Music, Films, Games etc

but i dont agree with people confusing copyright infringement with theft and I dont agree with people serving prison time for it, especially not when no money is involved.

America has the highest prison pop per population of the country, do they have the lowest crime rate? no!

To all the daily mail reading, wannabe middleclass arsehole fascists such as Ima, what happens when the government criminalize what you do will you be so high and mighty then?

I am not a freetard or what ever you want to call it, but people like you would have others sent to prison for taping the simpsons from Tv.



Who exactly is stealing your work? The target audience (yo mumma and 3 of your friends) have probably already been subjected to it anyway. I bet you’d make more money if you actually passed it out to bit torrenters, and maybe drum up some interest, and to wish someone else goes to prison? shame on you! Who made you so perfect you two bit punk, who do you think you are AXL ROSE???


Pro-smoking website redirected to 'baccy free zone


Anti Smokers

Everyone should have the choice to smoke or not smoke. I think that the anti-smoking lot should remember the blue eyes/ brown eyes experiments you probably did at school.

Please, anti-smokers invest in some free thought before you start going round imposing your will on others.

get back to the daily mail site to read how the poor are spending your tax £s and immigration is totally out of control


eBay scripting trick used to boost seller ratings

Paris Hilton

Not 1 but 2 tool bars!

Le Reg are supposed to be experts in IT yet the screenshot is taken with not 1 but 2 web toolbars, here's guessing that the 75% complete download for a screensaver pack was just out of shot!

Paris, does she work at the register now?

Wikileaks exposes Scientology's zeal to 'clean up rotten spots of society'


L Ron can bite me

COS are all fruitloops, i just wish a danish newspaper would run some cartoons of xenu with his friends sonic the hedgehog and harry potter

the only time l ron's name should be shown in print is on his own chapter in the peado register, read about his time sailing around on hms kiddie fiddle

tux because hes a force for good not evil