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Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - more than Flash envy

John Rotomano
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Closer to JAVA than FLASH

"However, it is application development, rather than video streaming or web site decoration, which is its greatest strength."

It seems then that Silverlight is closer to the Java programming language than Adobe's Flah plug-in. However, the main issue remains; both Flash and Java are totally cross-platform, whereas Silverlight isn't.

I believe we will see no significant numers of Silverlight users, unless it becomes truly cross-platform.

Microsoft issues wipe clean Word tool for OEMs

John Rotomano
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TThere are more users of the Word XML features than MS will admit

Since custom XML is rarely used by Word users, according to Microsoft, one wonders why the new patch will only apply to the US.

This probably means that it is not such a useless feature like Microsoft want us to believe and there are more users than they will admit.

Google Book Search - Is it The Last Library?

John Rotomano
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Dont't forget Copyright EXPIRES !

Copyright protection does not last forever. In Europe it lasts for 70 years after the author's death.So when the copyrighted books start to expire, anyone will be able to freely re-use the data Google has so expensively paid to collect and licence. In this sense, Google are doing us a favour: they are compilling tommorow's copright-free digital library. Alibrary that anyone will be able to tap into and that will not be able to control once copyright law protection expires.

In a sense, copyright law that they so blatantly violated, strikes back at them !

Microsoft strikes back at Outlook 2010 rendering grumbles

John Rotomano

Why use MS Outlook ???

It is hard to believe that users of MS Outlook care about web-standards, the least standard-complaiant e-mail software. If you want an HTML e-mail software you can use an open-source one like Thunderbird !!!

Mass compromise powers massive drive-by download attack

John Rotomano

Only IE seems to be affected.

From original report by McAfee Avert Labs, it seems that only users running Internet Explorer wold be affected, since the exploits us Active Xcontrols that are not implemented in Mozzilla browsers. The attack involves injection of script into valid web page to include a reference to a malicious .JS file which loads an HTML file that attempts to exploit vulnerabilities such as:

* MS06-014

* RealPlayer (ActiveX Control)

* Baofeng Storm (ActiveX Control)

* Xunlei Thunder DapPlayer (ActiveX Control)

* Ourgame GLWorld GlobalLink Chat (ActiveX Control).

So you should be safe if you use any non-microsoft browser (like Firefox, or any mozzilla browser).