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Turn-by-turn directions coming to Ordnance Survey Maps

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Re: Lovely

Totally agree. The downloads of the OS Maps for the Lakes were a godsend last week. Helped us pick up trails and paths that we missed or just weren't obvious. Of course we still had the paper version in the backpack but they aren't practical sometimes (high winds, rain etc..)

Google and Apple Maps are great if you are on road, but try navigating your way around trails and paths of the Lakes or the Highlands with them, They just don't go down in to the same level of detail.

Google brings HD sneezing pandas to UK: But why?

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Re: Voice-powered Blu-Ray?

"Do I have to talk all the way through the movie then?"

My mother-in-law is already well practised at this....

I can only imagine what effect she might have on a voice powered Blu-Ray player.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Tom Cruise

Two Tom Cruise films, Interview With The Vampire and Vanilla Sky.

Gulf spill to annihilate all earthlings, says seer

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Gash, Bubbles, Stinky and Oops!

My God, the four TeleTubbies of the Apocalypse!

Run for your lives!

Euro mobile data best buys

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Data Usage

Is it just me, or should they also publish some guidelines as to how much something like a typical Facebook status update, or Skype call for say 5 minutes uses?

As some of them are selling time limited data packages surely they could tell you what you can do with a 20MB package, for instance.

I can see the operators selling the higher cost, higher data allowance packages to people who may only need a fraction of the allowance and end up not being able to use the rest of it because the package has expired. Kerching!

Google spymobile snaps self jumping to light speed

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How about "Brinions"?

Is your office World Cup sweepstake legal?

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So who are Susan Biddle and Sir McCarthy anyway?

iPad queues worldwide

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re: If Jobs took a dump

mactards buying macturds... what a though...

Man sold EverythingEverywhere domain for 'nominal sum'

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Will their Yorkshire based offices......

be known as T'Orange?

Oracle tunes Solaris for Intel's big Xeons

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M Series Hot Plug CPUs

"The current Fujitsu-designed Sparc64-based Sparc Enterprise M servers support hot plug CPU and memory cards already running Solaris 10, and Sun itself has supported hot plugging of these features since the UltraSparc-III systems nearly a decade ago. Support could be even older than that, with the Starfire E10000 high-end servers. If so, add it to the comments at the end."

I think you'll find that feature is only available in the M8000 and M9000, not the M4000 and M5000, happy to be corrected though. With UltraSPARC III it was available in the F3800 upwards, not in the V Class systems (V480/V800 etc..).

Lords: Analogue radio must die

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I had a digital radio but when I moved house the reception was so apalling in our new place we had to go out and by an analogue radio. The DAB is sitting gathering dust somewhere, which is where this proposal from the Lords (talking of things gathering dust!) should be.

All the best luddites read The Reg.

Brass necked suspect swallows USB evidence

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Police recovered laptops, cameras, flash drives, and mobile phones

Had to read this twice because I thought he had swallowed these as well...... that's what you call a techno junkie..

BBC confirms death of 6Music, slashes online budget by a quarter

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re: Shit Sandwich

I don't think getting rid of Radio 1 is the answer, after all they have 8m+ listeners. They could improve the quality of it by integrating some of the 6Music programming in to it.

I agree that daytime Radio 1 is utter shite, but the evening schedule covers a lot of genres you won't find anywhere on commercial radio.

World's first 'thought images' seen on screen

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@AC 11/12 19.27

"now what was that clash song again? oh yeah "come come nuclear bomb"

Think you'll find that was Morrisey - Everyday is like Sunday.

Can't fault your taste though.

32nd Carry On film is go

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(N)oooooooh Matron!

Oooh Noooo stop messing about...

What are these people thinking! Why don't they just try and rip us off by releasing a ridiculously overpriced boxed set, rather than give some undertalented actors* more opportunity to make complete arses of themselves.

*I use the word actors in the very losest sense of the word.