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British teens offered boozing qualification


@A J Stiles

Spit methadone isn't vomited up by anyone - who told you that, hah hah.It is where someone has to drink their script "on the premises" , so they HOLD it in their MOUTH, and then spit (see) it into a cup or other receptacle. Still pretty unsavoury, I agree, but no-one would drink someone elses vomit to get a hit or miss dose of an unsatisfactory synthetic opiate, no matter how much they're clucking (i.e. suffering cold turkey), and believe me, I know....

Eye-O-Sauron™ spy towers still buggy


@Steve Roper

Cheney is a far better fit for Sauron than Shrub (he's more of a Gollum I think)

Legal threat to 'Green nuke' consultation


In an ideal world

fission would be OK. But the forthcoming nuclear stations will be built & maintained by the sort of companies who look after the Tube & the railways etc.,

probably involving PFI style creative accounting, Capita, infinite layers of subcontracting & agency workers with their brother-in-laws tools. When it all goes wrong (and you know it will) it won't matter whose fault it is. Once we contaminate the earth with radioactive material there is probably no way back

Tycoon abandons £80k Maserati in London car pound


If you don't pay

I don't think its criminal just civil - they just send the bailiffs after you, I thought (with a huge charge on top for the bailiffs) after they've sold your car for peanuts.

US customs bust coke-smuggling 'submarine'


Do they really

pay over 18 grand an ounce for their coke(in the US!) - someone should tell them they're being ripped off...

Reed seeks project engineer at £2k per hour



Internal Technology - what's that?

No wonder the money is so good...

Oz cans porn filtering trial



Wikipedia says meth + prostitute as well ,God knows where PCP came from

Computer virus turns 25


Term 'virus' older than 1983

I see that Kaspersky , in their virus history, claim the term was coined in 1983 - I don't see how, when a lecturer told me & a load of other students at U.C.London about computer viruses (& calling then viruses) in 1982 - mainly to tell us not to release any(please)

Cops smash paedophile ring


Operation Ore - A scandal

While its good news if any paedophiles get caught and children rescued, the scandal of "Operation Ore" and the number of people presumed guilty has not been publicised enough by far. I don't know if the US investigators liased much with the UK, but surely they warned them that the credit cards were used fraudulently in many cases. Any computer related crime should be at least screened by IT forensic experts, as ordinary police officers of any rank are not technically qualified to make judgements in this area.

For those not fully aware of the details have a look at:

"Operation Ore flawed by fraud"



"Is Operation Ore the UK's worst-ever policing scandal?"


Virgin faces customer exodus over Sky battle


He's right

I agree 100% with the previous comment - I used to have Sky, but now have Virgin. Another disadvantage of Sky is the dish - planning regs sometimes prohibit them (& the picture was erratic in bad weather!)

Linux malware for iPods poses little risk


Kaspersky must be desparate

to get their name in the media - I'm sure they realise that many iPod owners have very little technical knowledge & will be worried by this new "threat".

Maybe they''l release an iPod version of their anti-virus product...