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Shelter for internet outcasts Parler slaps Amazon with fresh lawsuit after abandoning first attempt

Gordon Pryra

Same old rubbish

Hypocrisy with the American right is quite amazing.

CPAC setting itself up as the anti-cancel culture symposium whilst having their headline speaker real of a list of people he wants to cancel.

Companies like Parlor expecting legal protection under the laws of the system that they had a big hand in trying to overthrow for personal gain


Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn

Gordon Pryra

I have been the poor sod on the other side of Lukes story.

I accepted a contract for basic "application discovery" down in Bournemouth.

I only found out on the first day that the contract was not quite as described.

For one thing, the company name outside the office I reported too was different from the one I was working for...

Seems a bank had brought a building society, binned off all the staff then realised that 90% of their applications were in-house developed.

My job was to talk to the developers during their last week of work in order to get their custom applications working on the new owners systems.

Didnt go well.....

Mega medical tester pester: It smacked a big one, that malware scam, if indeed it was SamSam

Gordon Pryra

Brute Force RDP?

Seems more likely someone had a weak windows password.

Not to mention that the attackers would need to know of the workstation that was publicly available to them.

Maybe some kind of "log-me in" or team view session set up to allow a 3rd party access quickly?

Dunno, not many things NOT workstations use RDP and dammed few of these are publicly facing. Makes me instantly think of insider help.

Why the hell are their servers not protected by anti-virus?

Yeah yeah boiler plate text ""Our investigation has found no evidence of theft or misuse of data"

Kind of obvious, ransomware is all about not having to go through the hassle of actually doing anything in order to scam cash from your mark.

"Patient data was not thought to have been breached in an attack."

They can't be that sure, after all the account they used had access to a large number of shares across the network. They talk about servers being affected, well no offense but an account that has access to the file structure on servers has probably got the keys to the kingdom.

With the kind of company that allows someone into their network this easily and then has no simple anti-virus on their servers, what expectations can there be of decent security against the files stored therein?

No big deal... Kremlin hackers 'jumped air-gapped networks' to pwn US power utilities

Gordon Pryra

Air Gapped?

While the network may have once been "Air Gapped" to the point where it ticked the boxes on the spreadsheet.

You find all sorts of connections added to make some support monkeys life easier.

I've found old 52k modems plugged into supposedly secure networks to give ops the chance to dial in instead of coming into London on a Saturday night.....

Also peoples idea of what makes an "Air Gapped" network is generally pretty fluid when the people getting the contact to supply and maintain it are the mates of the people giving the jobs out...

Gordon Pryra


Trump said they didn't do it, cos Putin said so, and hes a good guy, like the other murderous dictators that are good guys hes met.

So there you have it, nothing to see here, move along.

Also there is no global warming and foreign sales of American drugs meas Americans pay more for their prescriptions....

Tech team trapped in data centre as hypoxic gas flooded in. Again

Gordon Pryra

Re: Buncefield boom

4:50 am or something.

emergency services couldn't get in because the locals decided that it was cool to have a street party and block the fire trucks....

Gordon Pryra

I was doing a Windows migration in hemel hempstead at the time Buncefield oil depot went up.

The server room shifted half an inch and all those loverly 2 inch thick roof tiles ended up on my head and a number of the stand alone servers.

That nice "snow" stuff went off, and once I found the door, I realised that the frame no longer fit it.

It was kind of fun kicking the door out :)

Luckily for me and the migration all that was running were some final data syncs, so although the RSA server had a 4 inch dent in the case with a tile sticking out, no external access was needed and I got a few weeks off work fully paid while they waited to get access to the building again :)

Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle

Gordon Pryra

Open Plan is not about communication

Its about STOPPING your staff from non-work based communication.

If everyone can see you and hear you, people tend NOT to talk to people unless its about work matters.

Many people wont get up to talk to someone fearing their managers eyes on them and they need to prove their value to the company.

Sadly, IM, email etc is not the best way to talk to someone about anything work related, even pure technical conversations are best handled face to face.

But hey, at least you can more easily micromanage the lives of your wage slaves, and when they start to hate coming into work with a passion, they can always leave, after all there are millions of people who can take their places.

Dob in naughty data slurps to top EU court, privacy groups urge

Gordon Pryra

Whats the point?

Government abides by no laws, in any country on the planet.

They never have.

Hell, most laws can be ignored by any person who has enough money let alone the "powers that be"

The problem with action groups is that they don't understand the world they live in. They see a problem, and rightfully feel that it should be rectified, but believe that they have a say or any mechanism in which to change things.

Occasionally they are allowed to feel they have won, in order to keep the background noise down a bit.

A good example of this is in the UK with PPI claims.

The banking Ombudsman makes the banks pay back what amounts to a small investment cost to a person who then thinks that have got some kind of justice. But the bank has already made more money on that stolen cash than they ever repay.

It LOOKS like something has been done, but in reality, the small people are being laughed at and the status quo is upheld.

Tech firms, come to Blighty! Everything is brill! Brexit schmexit, Galileo schmalileo

Gordon Pryra

Its the Will of the People!!

by 1.89%

So that is a mandate for suicide, STFU with your treasonous comments!!

There is NO skills shortage, The UK will lead the world in Tech Solutions and anyway, its the Will of the People!!

Gordon Pryra

Good old Alan T

At least he wasn't mentioned as part of the reason we should allow the NHS to have all our data in some anonymised uber database which is anonymised with only a single identifiable key in a table (whatever that is, but I bet its anonymised!!)

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images

Gordon Pryra

Re: Autocomplete on a name

Your name is Dave though.....

Gordon Pryra


Was he a hitman?

Computer Misuse Act charge against British judge thrown out

Gordon Pryra

Thrown out? Or she should be jailed?

No jury would convict her?

Utter crap

I believe that the average member of public would not be lenient on a Judge breaking the rules. I believe this is the Judicial system protecting one of their own and playing by a totally different rule set to the average UK citizen.

She is a Judge, how can she judge anyone if she is breaking laws herself? Yes we know that laws don't affect everyone equally in this country, but to be so blatant is appalling. The excuse that a Jury wouldn't understand or care is laughable.

She herself will have jailed people for the same thing she has got away with.

Woman sues NASA for ownership of vial of space dust

Gordon Pryra

Re: Heavy handed treatment for possession of dirt

"I doubt any recovered samples would be considered fit for analysis now beyond proving it is actually moon dust."

Which is the problem, be embarrassing if the truth finally came out

US tech companies sucked into Russian sanctions row

Gordon Pryra

Re: Other way round ?

"Because hey, Russia produces nothing."

Been watching Fox news again?

Even if you ignore the American maps of the World (which still has dragons everywhere outside North America), a person could still use logic to see that this county must have some power-base.

After all this country big enough to put Trump in power and bankroll the UK leaving the UK, it is also able to annex thousands of miles of a neighbouring country and perform executions on foreign soil with no worthwhile response from the rest of the world.

Lets not talk about this country winning its proxy war with the USA over in Syria (see point 1, dragons be here).

ICO smites Bible Society, well fines it £100k...

Gordon Pryra

Where was God?

The Lord does not let the righteous go hungry, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked. (Prov. 10:3)

Seems the inverse in this case, wonder how much the hackers got for the faithfuls details..

At last: Magic Leap reveals its revolutionary techno-goggles – but wait, there's a catch

Gordon Pryra

Magic Leap or the ZX Spectrum Vega

What odds am I given on either of these actually appearing?

Stern Vint Cerf blasts techies for lackluster worldwide IPv6 adoption

Gordon Pryra


I'm a contractor

I get paid through projects

What project gets financed when there is no need to implement it?

IT department, we need money to implement IP6 and there will be downtime for users and customers.

Board - Do we need to do this?

IT Department - No, not for ages, and even then probably we can get away with NATing stuff

Board - F**k O**f

UK military may recruit wheezy, alcoholic keyboard warriors

Gordon Pryra

Alcohol and Drug Dependancy

I am pretty sure that these should still be an effective barrier to working as a cleaner let alone in any form of national defence

Watchdog slams TSB boss for underplaying extent of IT meltdown

Gordon Pryra

Someone Pissed Andrew Bailey off big time

For the FCA to actually do something meaningful.

Then again, they are only "investigating" . Because after only two months of this being in the National Press, they wont have bothered to look into it yet....

Five actually useful real-world things that came out at Apple's WWDC

Gordon Pryra

Funny Sound Bite on Radio 4 This morning

The sound of apple fan boys cheering as they announced a built in App to restrict the time you use your phone was funny.

Its amazing how Apple have innovated and invented an app that tells you when you are using your phone too much!!!1

I do seem to remember a little animated sheep on my Windows NT server hosting an IIS 2 website.

When you worked 4 hours it would bleet and tell you to take a rest.

The only cheers then were the Nerds as the sheep would fall of the edge of a window.......

NASA spots asteroid on crash course with Earth – with just hours to go

Gordon Pryra

Re: velocity of a sheep in a vacuum in El Reg units

I am more worried about where this vacuum is and what affect gravity would have on said maximum velocity of a sheep.

If the vacuum (and therefore sheep) is in my Thermos then that explains the sounds coming from my lunch bag today.

If not then I guess my wife is still pissed off with me and I am not going to be eating O.o

Lessons learned from Microsoft's ghosts of antitrust past: Step up, Facebook

Gordon Pryra

Re: Bing has NEVER been in the same league as Google.

For a laugh I searched both Google and Bing for the words "direction of travel"

Looks like Bing still using URL names heavily.....

If anyone actually used it, Bing would be an SEOs dream.

Gordon Pryra

"leading to Microsoft missing the web search train"

Microsoft missed the Web search train because their product is utter s***t

Bing has NEVER been in the same league as Google.

Arguably even venerable engines like Excite and Alta Vista gave better results than Bing.

Headless man found in lava’s embrace

Gordon Pryra

Probably for the best

There was nowhere for him to run to, so a quick death compared to the alternative.

That said, he could already have been on fire running from the mountain or if not on fire, the gasses and corrosive dust could have been eating into his flesh while he stumbled away.

So maybe the poor sod got the worst of both worlds.

Least Facebook cant hold a copy of his face on file and sell it to the highest bidder...

US judge won't budge over Facebook's last-minute bid to 'derail' facial biometrics trial

Gordon Pryra


The Facebooks, Apples, Samsungs and Microsofts of the world have secured their market dominance over more technically advanced products by using the Court systems and the price they charge for justice.

They have denied other people justice by abusing the system that means (in the vast majority of cases), the one with the most cash wins,

They can't then turn around and cry about it and not expect to be laughed at.

Its truly a shame that directors of companies that employ these tactics cant be given jail time.

MPs slam UK.gov's 'unacceptable' hoarding of custody images

Gordon Pryra

Have they not just created a database of images classifying identifying features of each image but no links to the persons identity on any computer system. This just links to physical locations of hard copies of the actual image with all the attendant names and personal details attached.

A bit like the old rooms full of physical finger prints. Therefore not covered by GDPR changes and still allowing big brother his massive databases of guilty until proven innocent people.

Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...

Gordon Pryra

300 back on a 5k outlay?

Doesn't sound like a win to me

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die

Gordon Pryra

Re: Well, duh

Its not the Tory party.


Which is what I thought we had elected politicos for, so that the "WILL 'O THE PEOPLE" gets tempered by those with some knowledge of the subject.

Sadly anyone willing to do their job in the best interests of the British people gets accused of Treason by foreign newspapers and has the mob set on them.

The majority of the Tory party voted remain, in fact I think we can lump all the political parties (well Labour and Conservative) into the same camp.

We can call this camp "the idiots who gave allowed the masses the chance to prove their stupidity."

Why the hell did Camaron trust us?

Gordon Pryra

Re: The more I listen to the EU...

"EU itself that is trying to have its cake and eat it."

Actually, considering the UK is the one asking for stuff, I think they are being pretty restrained.

We threw our toys out of the pram and expected to be treated with respect whilst simultaneously allowing Farage to open his mouth for our side and having a negotiation team who have treated the job as just a fully expense'd city-break without having to do any actual work.

The more I think of it the more obvious it is that this is all be design.

After all the people implementing "Brexit" for the UK

1) all voted to remain

2) went to school (had the minimum levels f education required)

3) have a lot to loose in the suicidal jump to being a small island with no power in the world.

In other news, what would we say to some outsider demanding a say in how we govern ourselves? Would we even bother to reply to them?

BBC presenter loses appeal, must pay £420k in IR35 crackdown

Gordon Pryra

Re: Any news on whether the BBC pays their side of the bargain?

Additionally, at this wage level if she had been with the BBC in 2016-17, her name would have appeared in the Pay Disclosure Annex of the BBC's annual report

The entire point to that report was to give the public the idea that although some were paid a lot of many, like that Radio 4 presenter, there were not to many of the fat cats being minted by the tax payer.

Total fabrication of course, as the majority of the "talent" are classed as self employed and thus hid their remuneration from this report.

You've got to be kitten: Vet recruiter told to pay £1k after pinching info from ex-employer

Gordon Pryra

Data protection laws are there for a reason

"Data protection laws are there for a reason and the ICO will continue to take action against those who abuse their position."

Fine, but the level of "action" means the ICOs interference will just be seen as a cost of doing business.

Until that "Action" is a deterrent, you may as well just add a surcharge to companies for them to pay the crown yearly.

Sysadmin hailed as hero for deleting data from the wrong disk drive

Gordon Pryra

Re: The importance of backups...

Why has this post not been given a billion +1's?

I've just spit coffee all over my keyboard.

Gordon Pryra

Re: The importance of backups...

You understood what I wrote yeah? not being English I am never sure I get my point across.

I always assume the Grammar Nazis are able to put a good looking sentence together, but don't actually understand the words they are writing.,

Gordon Pryra

The importance of backups...

Early on I was a field engineer for one of those software companies targeting doctors surgery's.

NT4 was just being rolled out and it was my job to go to the surgery's and perform a final upgrade on their current workstations to ensure all sites were at the same level pre-rollout.

Simple enough, except their OS was a propriety thing based around Ada, to assign more space to a hard drive you need to configure it, copy everything to disk and then format and restore.

I was about 18-19 and got my job because I was a male who could type. Not much experience in "what happens if".

I asked the Secretary if the backup worked last night and she confirmed it had, so I dutifully did my configuring and rebooting.

Turns out the server had not been turned off in 5 years, so obviously the thing decided to die on me.

No problems, I can drive to London grab a new one, now a few hours later, I learn all about the idea that you ALWAYS CHECK THE BACKUP WORKED YOURSELF.

Seems the backup had never worked, the tape was ripped and all over the inside of the unit...

5 years of the Doctors medical records down the drain with no backup.

At least my actions gave a couple of temps a few months work typing in from the hard copy they had kept....

You know me, I don't know you: Hospital reportedly raps staff for peeking at Ed Sheeran data

Gordon Pryra

One reason the NHS should not have access to medical data

The NHS cant be trusted with your data. They really can't, they don't understand security nor would they care if they did.

The moment your information enters their system it may as well be open source.

If its not sold on to the likes of Google, its read by anyone who wants to within the organisation.

Back to my point, the NHS is not able to protect your data, every man and his dog has access to their systems. When I have worked there I have seen generic accounts being created for internal systems to "make things easier" for the operators. User1 Passw0rd

So no tracking of how reads it, no accountability, no care at all of the data that comes into their incompetent hands.

Someone I know very closely used to be a receptionist at a Doctors, she had printouts of all her friends medical information..

Seems like every couple of years you see an attempt to get our data, like the last time, to "consolidate" all data to a single datacenter or whats happening currently, trying to guilt people into handing over the data that they will already have hived the rights too off to Google

This morning on the radio some idiot was saying how 10's of thousands of lives could be saved if only they had all our data to play with. And that data is anonymised!!

Which begs the question how they will save people if they don't know who they are. Yeah yeah I know that's not what they meant, but still, I bet if I had asked the Politico what they meant they would have looked at me blankly and mumbled A.I. then accused me of treason and of having something to hide just before they head out to lunch with the rep from Zuric or Axa

Super Cali goes ballistic: mugshot site atrocious

Gordon Pryra

No need to go through the hassle of the legal system

Just make those two sites live again.

This time, the only mugshots, personal information and contact addresses are of the people who ran the two sites originally.

Job done, justice on the way

Capita cost-cutting on NHS England contract 'put patients at risk' – spending watchdog

Gordon Pryra

Bit 2 faced of the Government here

If someone undercuts the competition by millions, then they are not going to be providing a comparable service.

How can the person who accepted the bribe, sorry, bid, claim they thought otherwise?

How could the Facebook data slurping scandal get worse? Glad you asked

Gordon Pryra

This is by design

Ignoring all the bollocks coming out of Facebook towers about policies etc

Facebook have not become a multi billion $ organisation flogging adverts for toothpaste and whatever crap gets pushed to the screen.

They have made their money by selling data and access to the tools that allows data harvesting.

Their tick box defence of "its against our policies" is as useful as the "are you over 18, click yes to see tits click no to not see tits"

Its not a defence any more than a 14 year old is going to click "no" companies using data harvested from Facebook will have brought the tools with the tacit acknowledgement that they were going to harvest data and make financial gain from that.

Gordon Pryra

it may have violated Facebook’s policie

I don't think Facebook's policies have anything to do with anything.

The fact that Facebook gives developers a whole raft of tools that allow them to do these things is more pertinent.

Them washing their hands and saying the developer is at fault is hypocritical and probably meaningless if they were ever taken to court.

If you give someone the keys to the castle you can't say its not your fault when the drawbridge comes down because you told them not to open it.

Make masses carry their mobes, suggests wig in not-at-all-creepy speech

Gordon Pryra

ID Cards and enforced bio-metrics

You can see the attitude to the public written clearly in this mans words.

Those at the top believe they should be using every single power available to keep the proles inline.

For the life of me I can't understand how we have any crime in this country, with the state things are in right now the amount of cameras etc , with every month comes more signs that we have it easy compared to next year.

Sadly George Orwell was spot on the money, but luckily for us Bradbury was closer with the only thing protecting us from our Masters being their incompetence and the general laziness of the average Police officer.

It doesn't matter how much they spend on surveillance, nor how many freedoms they trample, the human element will always trump their control.

It's Galileo Groundhog Day! You can keep asking the same question, but it won't change the answer

Gordon Pryra

"We have to look at the clouds, no-one's allowed to look for silver linings these days."

Would be nice for the Brexit boys to at least come up with one single benefit....

As someone who is watching my daughters future living standards being thrown off a cliff, I would LOVE to see a benefit of Brexit, the will of the people etc etc

An actual benefit, not one that me writing here gets me banned from El Reg for raciest comments

Go on, any single benefit, can't be hard

(and we can ignore the one about our parliament taking back control, because when they do, the Daily Mail accuse them of treason)

Gordon Pryra

Re: ???

Q3 is the main one.

It doesn't matter what access anyone else has, those countries are not backed by a horde of blue passport touting idiots slagging the EU off at every opportunity.

Then again, the EU's dependence on Eccles cakes may force them to allow us continued access to the good jobs and the service that Galileo provides.

But... then again... we wont be in the EU so there is no protection from some French company flogging authentic Eccles cakes made in Saint-Angeau

Guess we are stuffed then

Gordon Pryra

The UK go it alone?

The only reason that the money the UK spent on Galileo was productive was that it was someone in Europe controlling the project.

Can you imagine the fun and games of the UK doing it by themselves?

I'm guessing that whilst the UK built the satellites, and these are top notch, the process of getting them into space will be a solid cast iron "Britannia Chariot" powered by a solid state burner fuelled by old EU passports.

Or more likely, a £20 billion project that takes 15 years and then is canned

Courting disaster: Watchdog slams UK justice digitisation plans

Gordon Pryra

"hopes to save £265m by 2023"

Spending only £600 million in the process......

Facebook settles landmark revenge porn case with UK teen for undisclosed sum

Gordon Pryra

Unusually, the victim had been able to find Legal Aid.

Sadly this shows the truth of the British "Justice System"

When people can afford it, they can get it. But for the vast majority of people, justice is a pipe dream and the courts are just a tool of those with money.

That facebook host a naked image of a minor without their consent should not be beyond the finances of anyone to prove.

Why is our legal system called a "Justice System" anyway?

US techies: We want to see Pentagon's defence of winner-takes-all cloud contract

Gordon Pryra

Whose brother in law was the vendor?

nuff said

DIY device tinkerer iFixit weighs in on 15-month jail term for PC recycler

Gordon Pryra

The chances are that Eric Lundgren just sent an official CD to the manufacturers in China and they made a perfect copy and sent them back.

When I get stuff produced in China, often the results are spectacular, to the point where I don't even need to tell them everything I require. I am not talking about CD's but the points the same. They replicate, produce and send back to me in a couple of days what would take a local company weeks and money and results would be crap.

So saying Lundgren was acting in some kind of nefarious manner is not fair unless you have access to the court transcripts and see that he actually intended to fool customers etc.

iFixit have nothing to do with anything and unless they have some special legal powers granted them by the Government, I cant see how they could have brokered any peace.