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UK telly in coke blizzard shock

Calvin Davidson

Where, oh where...

... is the ORLY owl when we need him?

Palm bets the farm on WebOS

Calvin Davidson

Oh dear...

I guess they're really up shit-creek, then.

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

Calvin Davidson

If they're cropcircles...

... the aliens have been rather busy. They're even in central London.

Swiss boffins build bonkers iPhone-operated electric sportster

Calvin Davidson

@ Stephen Jones

Environmental-friendliness has nothing to do with animal rights, although the mindless extremists of both cults tend to be unable to grasp this simple truth.

Mobile phones to get universal charger

Calvin Davidson
Jobs Halo

This story's back-to-front.

Using a micro-USB cable, the current iPhone charger, having a USB socket, is already able to charge any mobile phone conforming to this new standard.

Story withdrawn

Calvin Davidson

You forgot


Ubuntu goes more mobile with 8.10 release

Calvin Davidson

@ IGnatius T Foobar

This must be some new meaning of the word "usability" that I wasn't previously of...

Apple fans besieged by iPhone Trojan and iTunes attack

Calvin Davidson

So, let me get this right...

If I use an iPhone and a Mac, a specially crafted, malicious file can crash quicktime and, er... that's about it?

I'd better switch to Vista, hadn't I?

Segway shock army to invade Department of Transport

Calvin Davidson


He took a dive...

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP

Calvin Davidson
Gates Horns

"But Microsoft really does need to dish up an operating system that is "just right" this time."

If they manage that, it'll be a first.

Orbitsound T12 soundbar

Calvin Davidson

Never mind stereo...

Single speaker surround sound's been around for years.


Not available here, though. I had to get my mate to buy it and send it over.

Duff UK nukes risk 'popcorn' multi-blast accident apocalypse

Calvin Davidson

Sorry, but...

... I think you'll find that smoking fags is the most evil thing you can ever do.

Eccentric brain-chip admiral expelled by toff schools

Calvin Davidson

And he only hinted?

"Parry had previously hinted that a low proportion of state school pupils gaining admission to top universities such as Cambridge was only to be expected, as brainy kids at state schools were held back by bullying from junior chav scum and lacklustre performance on the part of workshy corduroy-clad state sector teachers."

Surely he's liable for prosecution under the official secrets act, then.

Google defends open source from 'poisonous people'

Calvin Davidson

Explains a lot...

This would seem to explain why many open source projects never quite feel finished. There are always a few silly little faults and niggles left un-squashed. Usually it's nothing that actually undermines the functionality, you understand, but it all adds to the impression that the software is only held together by metaphorical bits of chewing gum, sticky-tape and string.

After all, if you're forbidden from attaching your name to your work, why bother spending time tidying it up beyond the bare minimum?

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster

Calvin Davidson

A scientific technocracy?

"the EU is a stepping stone towards a world government, they will merge it with the Asia Pacific Union, the African Union and the North American Union", and the treaty will bring "a scientific technocracy to Europe which will erode national sovereignty".

A truly scientific technocracy? Really? No room for Gordon, George, Tony or any of the current politicos with their populist, superstitious nonsense?

Yes, please!

Mine's the lab-coat with "SAVE CHEMISTRY!" written on the back in permanent ink.

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

Calvin Davidson
Thumb Down

Oi! Gordon, you plum! Get yourself a dictionary!

lethal |ˈlēθəl|


sufficient to cause death : a lethal cocktail of alcohol and pills.

• harmful or destructive : the Krakatoa eruption was the most lethal on record.

There is no such thing as a "lethal" strain of cannabis.

Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system

Calvin Davidson
Thumb Up

yet another...

"Nip down the stores and fetch me a metric adjustable spanner and while you're there, get a new bubble for the spirit-level, will you?"

Oh, how we laughed!

Apple lags MS in security response

Calvin Davidson

You can do anything with statistics.

"Colleagues of the duo reckon Apple's antagonistic attitude with security researchers is one of the reasons for its poor response."

Shouldn't that be:

"Colleagues of the duo reckon Apple's antagonistic attitude with security researchers is one of the reasons they're so desperate to find a stick to beat it with.


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