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Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware

Walking Turtle
Big Brother

Only surveillance and military detention will remain...

...Said National Security Profit Center Terrist Man'facturing Activ'ties being owned, staffed and operated by the Brownest Noses and Shirts Ever Spawned by the Corporatized NeoSocietal Mentality (and a few other Necessary Bits).

F a d e to b-l-a-c-k. And that is all. 0{:-(o<

Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days

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"Hey, surely Neo has no weight?"

Only when jacked-in to the Machine World. And that is all... 0{;-)o<

Japanese erections named 'Bollox', 'Wonder Device'

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It took a little thinking...

...but might the Actual Intended Genuine English Word have been... Barracks?

Mine's the one with the Compact Handy Nihongo<>Engrish Dictionaly in the reft-hand pocket... No, that's a PokeBall and therefore by definition not mine...

Thanks, yes; that's the right one. And that is all! 0{;-)o<

Utah cops baffled in case of mysterious anonymous cuffee

Walking Turtle

Geographically incongruous...

since most of this world's Devourers of Children tend to hang out 'n' hobnob within the Washington DC Beltway, many miles east of Utah, though operating these days on a grand global scale.

This account strongly reminds one of Kurt Vonnegut's 'Foxy Grandpa' character at the Blue-Roofed Ethical Euthanasia Parlor. That one eats his Last Meal there, then gives the Ethical Suicide Hostess and Needle the skip-um-out. The orange-roofed Howard Johnson's restaurant is right next door, of course - but one must <i>pay</i> for a HoJo meal... Our friend's of the age and in a position to likely remember that character, being apparently of greater than average literacy and culture... A disaffected 'n' dispossessed former-Middle-Class professional, just maybe a laid-off 'n' disenfranchised IT Manager or similar evaporated standing...?

Just extrapolatin'. But it's Very Vonnegut imvho. And that is all! 0{:-)o<

How LulzSec pwned The Sun

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Pal+Lady+ummm... An obvious invitation to Code It Out!

Gotta' be sumpin' 'bout a Foam Face-Pie in the House... And that might just be all...

Coat. And that is all. 0{;-)o<

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate

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Thumb Up


...Where would any of us be today, had no such beautiful thing(s) ever existed? IMVH&Experienced_O, if Ghawd did not have hizzown yarbles conveniently situated under that fine flowing robe 'Way Back Before the Beginning, they surely would have had to have been invented on-the-spot. (3... 2... 1... Cue Big Bang...)

Sheer necessity. And that is all. 0{;-)o<

Microsoft patent points to Skype snooping

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Paris Hilton

Skype® Backdoor Intercept: Roger. Firsthand.

This stems from pre-2008 Crash Day, when Mr. Christopher Story FRSA of worldreports.org was alive, well, and informing any and all who gave a shite re the Royal Scam, the Instruments Thereof, that telltale Giant Sucking Sound and that entire globalized 'n' criminally IT-driven Monetary+Financial operation's all-too-obvious+inevitable trickle-down+bubble-out+hoover-up Crashing Finale. This one did indeed pass the word in detail, necessarily uttering many oft-repeated unique keywords (such as "Bush", "Derivatives", "Merkel", "Banking Cartel", "Rothschild", "City of London", "The Crown" etc etc etc.) while so doing.

Odd indeed, how such a call would be reliably cut off (necessitating a dialback) once one started-in with these and similar on-topic utterances. Boringly predictable, really. Ninesey/'Levvensey Controlled Demolition+Mass Murder kerfluffle convos samesame: Different keywords, same cutoff... Nearly two years of this interference ensued - always via "Secure" Skype®.

I say no more re the Palestinian Situation in this context. (Surely, Gentle Reader, by now you get it.) FWIW: One savvy friend, in a casual face-to-face several months back, did mention Mossadim, Exactly Once. So Go Figger.

Net effect: After a few months of faithful verbal boil-um-down relay-reporting of the Latest Developments, the regular pattern of cutoffs actually served to convince a number of skeptical, basically receptive albeit deeply media-driven parties on the Other End that there really just might actually *be* something to the things being told them. (Hearts 'n' minds, hearts 'n' minds...)

For this one's part, frankly, I just plain Got Bloody Sassy. Started succinctly calling the Überschnoopenfuehrer Squad listeners-in out in spades, re their having so clearly sold-out their own humanity for the sake of Bloody Mammon - which, imvh&experienced_o, is in fact the case. (The Eight-Second Soundbyte can be a Devastating Thing when composed with care...)

Because inside jobs deserve exposure, is why. Because it was always all about the criminality and nothing to do with any politics (but for the Politics of Globalized Criminality), is why. Because it is better to accept a little insecurity in the course of ones' life than ever it was to abjectly surrender any part of ones' hard-won liberty, is why. Personal, national samesame imvh&experienced_o.

Because they have always hated our freedoms. Ergo Magna Carta, habeas corpus (R.I.P.), US Declaration of Independence etc etc etc. Consent of the Governed and all. (/Capice/, /paisan'/?)

Paris, because without Genuine Liberty and her handmaiden Actual Privacy all the Rest of Us are just soooo reliably 'n' predictably top-down hijack'd, raped 'n' skroo'd, is why.

Item: History may not in fact repeat itself - but it sure does rhyme. And that is all! 0{:-|o<

Skype pushes out Windows update following massive login glitch

Walking Turtle

(music) That's about the size/where you put your eyes/that's about the size of it! (dance)

..."their website claims this affects a "small number of users", when every other news outlet describes it (correctly) as a serious global outage."

18,234,252 users compared to the global Human Population of ~6,894,522,000 amounts to precisely 0.002644744914875897125 - which makes for a mere 0.26% (well OK, 0.3% if we must Round Up per standard practice) of the World Population at this writing. Truly a Very Tiny Number indeed, now innit? (Sources = http://galen.metapath.org/popclk.html and the "Users Online" number at the bottom of my Skype app's frame BTW fwiw)

So anyway, mine's the one with the Entire Universe all Boiled Down to the Size of a BB in the pocket, though I forget which pocket; just look for the light leaking out and that's the one...

Sorted nonetheless! And that is all! 0{:-)o<

Robo-warship sub hunter: Free DARPA crowdsauce game

Walking Turtle

In an 'Ownership Society'...

"...does the destruction of a robotic craft involving no loss or threat to life justify killing all those on board...?"


Depends on what particular Sole Remaining Superpower owns it now, doesn't it? Ask Mistuh Tony Bliar, ol' 'Known Unknowns' Rummy, any of the Cheney+Bushite Vulcan Gang and/or the top-tier Red-Shield Financier for that bunch etc ad naus (if y'reckon any of 'em'd ever deign to talk to you.)


Means, Opportunity, Motive. Really, don't go bothering any of the above-mentioned Rich, Powerful and Very Shiny warhawkers. ( [Pa-TOO! ]) Just ask yer MOM instead... And that is all. 0{;-|o<

Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever

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Snookie & the Rainbow

..."what then is the sexual orientation of the old brown livery?"


Or for that matter the KDE3.x "Pumpkin" theme?


YMMV of course. But for my own time=money the ol' 'Keramik' theme with a twist of Pumpkin color-scheme is The Thing. The app-window elements' coloration falls somewhat near the middle of the visible spectrum (thus no eyestrain at all) and the additional Keramik Window Control 'Decorations' (especially the 'Keep Below/Above" and "Windowshade" buttons really help the day along.


Fact: In actual small-model field tests, KDE3.5.10(final) proves the most *stable* and easily transitioned-to desktop suite of them all thus far. Prior Redmond-users seem to adapt somewhat instinctively to their most-familiar forms and functions on the New-made Linux Box right away. The comments of "Gee, I always *WISHED* my computer would do this - and now it does!" that subsequently emerge are very sweet to the ear too.


In comparison to which, all other desktop-suite baubles 'n' notions be mere Experimental Eye Candy and Proof of Concept - at least on full-size desktop boxen (this year).

Malawi poised to outlaw farting

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Nikita Kruschev to JFKennedy @ Historic Summit:

"Every man loves the smell of his own farts." Indeed, 'tis so.

So the malawian pols Do Not Love The Common Man's Farts. But surely the do love their own!

Nature calls; no need to vote. All gone from here; I'll get me coat...

Methane flame for reasons the same as for all the others. In farts all are brothers!

And that is all! ;)

UK.gov braces for Anonymous hacklash

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Too late. Been done.

Egypt. (Damn *both* of Hosni Mubarak's evildoin' eyes!)

Stateside, ol' "Dirty Joe" Biden'll surely be pushing harder than ever for a US Internet Kill Switch in the days to follow, no matter who comes out on top in Cairo.

I am very unhappy with regard to that State of Affairs and am entirely grateful for this forum, wherein I am at least able to express my discontent with the matter as it stands today in an entirely lawful (so far) and (perhaps even more importantly) civil manner. And that is all. :(

Walking Turtle

So pray tell: Why...

is there a "No Voting" note on this one's Manning<=>Assange response to the prior poster's (apparently terrorganda-driven) "pull a Bradley Manning" jibe, please? Too far afield...? (Gee, oopsie 'n' ohwow if so.)

Miz Bee et al, I love you all and am not throwing any stone at your very busy hive. But the sore-thumb-like apparent Denial of Ballot in a well-attended forum thread that inclines toward the open exploration of First Principles of Essential Law and Justice in our Deeply Compromised World is entirely too noticeable to fail mention in passing... A perspective-defining example, albeit drawn from another arena, is this poster's intent. So why should others ever not give voice thereunto (be it pro or con samesame) via The Vote, same as all others, please?

Granted, YT's response to the prior post was indeed not directly about 'Nonymuss, of which I have said nothing and have nothing to say. (Wuzzat myoopsie?)

Awaiting your reply. Thank you for Beeing There. Meanwhile: Tab paid and coat in hand.

And that is all! 0{~:-(o< = WT =

Walking Turtle

Misprison of Felony...

Is, in essence, the knowing concealment of crimes one has substantive knowledge of, but in which one has not directly participated. (ie wrongful keeping of the crime to ones' self.)

IMVHO under that law, ones' being "capable of doing a Bradley Manning" is no disgrace at all. Indeed, quite the contrary!

Although that man has indeed been harshly imprisoned and held incommunicado for his Forbidden Transfer of the Forbidden Truth re US crimes against all manner of Normal People in the Afghani+Iraqui theatre-of-criminal-military-operations, and by all accounts (except his jailers', of course) is to this day being treated to numerous forms of internationally-defined actual *torture* while confined, Good Private Manning has indeed avoided committing the Unforgivable Crime of Misprison. After all: Disclosure, though messy, is a healthy part of any honest means of stopping all manner of crime-in-progress, now is it not?

Politics and crime seem to be bedded right snug together these days, now don't they? So what other means has *ever* put any manner of *genuine* stop to the Deadly Profitable Elite Shenanigans, infandous hasbara and all? Just think:

Perhaps one day the Moral Leader of the Free World(FNORD!) might ever decide in corporatized concert and congress to Just Do Likewise and stop *all* her Wars-Of-Choice, even per yesterday's Nuremberg Specification and today's Rome Statute alike...? Heaven speed that Blessed Day - and FREE PRIVATE MANNING even long before then!

Mister Julian Assange himself has both this one's thumbs up for President of the Genuinely Honest and Bankster-Free New Turtle Island nation that Ain't Here (Yet). This one is right fairly certain that he could indeed take the heat, Stay Honest and be Not Insane throughout his term. Frankly, I for one tend to think from US History (the *real* stuff, thank you!) that Mister Thomas Jefferson would gladly have voted likewise.

Anyone else remember Mr. Nelson Mandela's rocky start from Robbin Island...?

Why the hey NOT? And that is all. :)

Walking Turtle


And that is all! :)

Cold call scareware scammers aim to bring Mac fans into the fold

Walking Turtle

Call/Chat Blocking Field Note

"Dunno if Block/Report does anything worthwhile"...

That feature works perfectly well on the plain-Jane Linux version. Got a few hard-drivin' CamGirlz and a couple of yammerin' schmuck-a-thonic types moved on that way right quick a while ago. Haven't needed it again for ever so long... ( No idee why.) ;) Can't imagine the glitzy+snibbsey versions offered for the two Other Platforms nor their variants might ever work any worse that that...

Sometimes that selective blocking facility is Skype's best feature of them all. I for one am entirely satisfied with it. :)

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery

Walking Turtle

Both Jobs and Murdoch are...

well-known in certain International Reportage quarters as loyal Bilderberger affiliates. Well known Webside even though a "Hermetick Secret" of their Black Lodge, which has NOTHING to do with Dermal Melanin Levels. Venetian Black Nobility heirs-in-spirit. Not a fair spirit - never was and ain't gonna' change. So that's is where they come from.

The inquisitive can readily search out the rest of the Infandous History Webside, of course, via the reliable word of their favorite far-searching spider-driver's Virtual Vehicle... Or just review Spielberg's remarkably illustrative "Pinky and the Brain" series on any Web Video site that might still host 'em. {NARF!)

Synopsis: These two, as is so with all the rest of their little cadre of underhanded 'n' foul-dealin' 'brethren' of the Order, are merely trying to take over the world (which is still to some palpable degree both yours, Gentle Reader, and MINE TOO) for their own exclusive Apex of Benefit. Oh of course there maybe just might be just a little wee bit of Collateral Damage inflicted upon sub-apex-positioned others here and there - even unto the utter ruination of all the Rest of Us, one incrementally abdicated Traditional Personal Liberty at a time.

But what of that? Such a precedent! Think of this little Corporate News Consolidation Action as those two corporatists' meticulously engineered and Very Shiny entrance to a downright huge and extremely profitable (for Jobs+Murdoch) Coin-Operated Laundromat for the Burgeoning Apple Fanboi Mind(sic) Market. Nothing more than that.

Disclaimer: This-here Red Injun does not put Apple Gear onto the 'net. THIS one accepts the occasional donation, efficiently strips out the recyclable bits, sells those off to others who want 'em for (small) fair-market-value cash, then pays to dispose of the remaining detritus at Normal Free Market Rates from the proceeds of the prior Materials Upgrade and sales activities. (A Labor of Love...? Well, from a certain perspective...) ;)

So move along move along now folks, nothing to see here move along that's right move along. (You! With the camera! YOU come with ME NOW!)

And that is all! >:(

US politician: 'homosexual agenda' behind TSA groin grope

Walking Turtle

Smell the Musty Face of Fear.

..."is a homophobe one who is afraid of people like themselves?"

Among others (to the proportion of roughly two in twenty), yes.

And that is all! ;)

Walking Turtle
Paris Hilton

And nonetheless...

@jcipale: "An IDIOT nonetheless."

...a Useful Idiot to somebody Above Him, all the way up to but not past the Gates of Heaven. (Mammon Factor prevents entry.) Profitable Connivance all the way up; Useful Idiocy all the way down.

At least when it's turtles, it's nothing but *turtles* all the way up... And all the way down too.

Paris. She knows from Being Used for her Useful Idiocy, no doubt about it. Knowing does not stop it... And that is all. ;)

Walking Turtle


Actually, many (though maybe not most) of that pencil-necked ilk have by now seen through (at least most of) that Stork Story; the smarter ones tend to blame the wife.

Walking Turtle

So what about male doctors treating women?

Isn't there a sharp contrast between the two (medic vs TSA'er) vis a' vis the Mutual Consent factor... as well as Genuine Actual Necessity? (Having recently put up with a couple of American Corporatized Healthcare MDs doing Aggressive Medical Theater on YT (the patient) instead of actually providing Medical Therapy under the System, one feels deeply for the involuntary Security Theater Audience.)

Badgers' Paws. In recognition of some Things Held in Common.

And that is all! :)

Mystery lingers over stealthy Stuxnet infection

Walking Turtle

The Rest of the Story is Probably Still Out There.

For additional mystery-clue background, one might have a gander @

http://www.dailytech.com/Israel+Suspected+in+Worm+Sabotage+of+Irans+First+Nuclear+Plant/article19726.htm and the Wikileaks link therein.

Mine's the one with the Mad Magazine in the pocket, opened to the Spy-Versus-Spy 'toon page.

First true submarine captured from American drug smugglers

Walking Turtle

World Cash Economy

"It's insane that prohibition has put so much cash into the black economy; we risk creating meta-nation of criminals."

That future-tense phrasing just might actually prove a tad bit overly optimistic, my friend. As put by Marty Feldmen following the "DAMN your eyes!" Moment in /Young/ /Frankenstein/: "Sorry. Too late."

See http://worldreports.org/news for full realtime details. July 01 report's pretty much where it's been at ever since the Securitization Bubble burst due to the sudden-emerging, then ongoing lack of any more Greater Fools who might buy that gilt-edged tripe left in the world.

After that, there was only drug cash. Seems Reuters or maybe AP mentioned that point just once, in the weeks post-crash.

'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook

Walking Turtle

So draw Walking Turtle instead.

Show the World+Self+Dog what a John 8:32 Bizness Suit looks like.

Depictions that include tall, budding, five- or seven-leafed Stringy Green Vegetables in the background shall be awarded Extra Points. Depictions that include the Bible in any form (paper+ink or digital samesame) must also include a comparable image of every other Holy Book of every other Genuine Truth-Respecting Discipline all the world around or be disqualified from the competition.

Depictions that do the job right albeit sans any such images of Ancient Wisdom Tomes etc are gladly accepted so long as they remain true to the spirit of the event. (This includes Playmobil depictions.)

Boolean Truth Tables are explicitly encouraged. Kindly post (and do not 'submit') all such depictions to http://dev/null. Walking Turtle does not do FaceBook. 0{:-)o<

Facebook gives users' names to advertisers

Walking Turtle



Global .jpg map of the FBInternational Privacy Settings, with tips, clues and all. Imho: If, after the viewing thereof + a deep-read of the FB Proivacy Pwolicy with ones' Weasel+Badger Detector set to even half-sensitivity one *ever* comes away [still] with an account on that pigdog suckerbait sellout pseudoservice, well, one is inclined to believe that What The Zuck said about his firm's subscriber base just might apply to Guess Who.

So does that guy also somehow cheat his advertizers too...?

Walking Turtle

For those who don't...

...we have http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3199822.stm as a reminder of that one, plus a few others of historical note.

Twitter fights subpoena to out critical Tweeters

Walking Turtle

Well, aw-REET.

I for one have distrusted all manner of Social Networking sites from the start. Saw the real potential for Orwell-grade Police State dataminimg and related abuses and No Paranoia Necessary on that one. Now FaceBookInternational (so letter that out as-indicated) is evidently gone all the way that way and I dunno' 'bout the MySpace operation a-tall - but evidently Twitter's got/grown/bought some proper cojones after all. (You go, Kid!)

{ Tweet } Cup protector...? { /Tweet }

But why seek further? All the best friends I never met elsewhere (and a couple well-met ones too) post on El Reg anywho.

Usenet's home shuts down today

Walking Turtle

Meow as I for one still see it meow

Meow meow dead or alive, Fluffy STILL owns UseNet - and BubbaBoo+CoCoBoo+MiddyBoo+LadyCat The Magnificent Ones shall collect Virtual Bandwith Fees therein *forever* meow meow!

Sweet Sleep, Beloveds.

Ball lightning is all in the mind, say Austrian physicists

Walking Turtle

"Not I", said the Little Red Hen.

Bronzed Keyboard Trophy for you, my friend... Just please 'n' kindly send me a fresh new one in its place. Still bellylaughing...

Seems as though somewhere along the way those ball-buster boffins just might have taken up with a bit of Faulty Intelligence?

Walking Turtle
Black Helicopters

But these are *Austrian* Boffins

Doubtless out to lend a hand in the Restorartrion of the Empire to its Former Glory, one rather thinks.

Can't dominate a populace until it's properly dumbed-down. (Remember.)

Walking Turtle

That'd likely comfort 'em.

Also stimulate a brand-new Spontaneous Human Combustion controversy as well, no doubt. Black Rains at Slains and Cartload Deluges of Fresh Mussels on the streets of Leeds got nuthin' on this...

Gotta' love a Magnetically Bottled natural Plasma. (Now where's my Book of the Damned Icon?)

Mystery fungus smacks Afghan opium poppies

Walking Turtle

Mildly off-thread but knock-on related...

So is this to say that Swiss /schmeckers/ are all set now and do not accost/assault/etc non-addict passers-by (or anyone else) in the course of their securing the Daily Fix?

If indeed so, I am ALL for that. For my own part, I for one have developed Strong Civil Junkie-Proximity Street-Safety Protocols that just might knock ones' very sox right off... Field tested to the max and entirely effective.

Hard Proof: Went to hospital in a state of (at the time) non-avoidable utter physical exhaustion due to necessary though brutal overwork at my former work site. I was seeking prompt and reliable medical help with a particularly nasty+spreading dermal fungus condition that had erupted over the single-handed physical shop moveout period, for reasons not necessary to recount here. No need for any "shrink" services at all. But there she was, insistently telling me she was a Professional Psychiatrist and demanding my cellie in the exact manner of a US Main Street junkie.

Fungus among us indeed. Thought to myself, "I'd have to be UTTERLY INSANE to go with THAT Bad Idea!" and immediately turned to with those hard-won Junkie Contact Termination Protocols from Heaven.

But there she was again and yet again, demanding through that insidious fog of utter fatigue and uniquely fungal pain on my own part that I just hand her my cell-phone - (my CELL PHONE, fer cryin' out loud!) - for Unspecified Secret Psychiatric Purposes. Try though I sure did, that one would divulge nothing of her actual intent (but to guddle about and ring up Just Whomever from the stored mix of friends, enemies and sensitive businessfolk contacts entirely at her own random leisure, yes, that...) once she got hands on my kit. So I civilly, sweetly and firmly just entirely refused all cooperation. Told her at last that she was "NOT ALLOWED", all the while still in the ER corridor, all on the gurney in the jonny-jammies.

This entirely sane adult human behavior did not go down well with Her Harvard-Trained Nibs at all. Never does with any junkie on the make-and-take either, for that matter. Hello again, 1:1 correspondence is my Old Friend... Oh my.

Net Result One: The intern (who, one imagines, might have at least played a 'Real Psychiatrist' while in Harvard U. Drama 101, anyway) gave up after the third arm-twist attempt and called her supervisor in on "The Case" instead. The super (who was indeed a REAL Psychiatrist of excellent human qualities and many years' standing in the field per her Googles) then quite gracefully managed, once I had had a little rest and a few rather good meals, to gain what was *really* needed from me per her protocols - without actually invading my own privacy in any way whatsoever.

Sidenote: From which one just might infer that while forcible coercion of all sorts (up to and including State-sponsored "Antiterror"[*sic*] Torture) just might not actually be not so very effective as might be portrayed on American Telly-Vision and within the real-world US Sekurity Apparat, a mere warm touch of non-faulty and otherwise compassionate human virtue just might prove both safest for all, and truly effective for at least *one* party to the conversation.

Net Result Two: Due to this non-avoidably on-the-record conversation with that fine staff psychiatrist while in-hospital, twenty-odd years' worth of staying entirely out of trouble and in good graces with my friends, my neighbors and myself has all been reduced to a smoldering on-the-record ruin. Here in the US, one finds on even cursory examination that anyone with a "recent-issue" psych contact record of any sort, for any reason at all, is most often (not quite always, but geez Louise!) automatically made subject to the most horrid medical abuse+blind-eye neglect imaginable.

To wit: While I stayed flat on my back in that place for five days running, no less than three other Medical Doctors sashayed in on me, taking up immediately to insult my reason, intelligence and sanity while superficially posing as intelligent and knowledgeable therapeutic professionals. (Sometimes, very cleverly indeed, all in a single utterance.) I had no idea until that day that such clever and persistent gaslighting artistes were indeed running around loose within the Human Suffering Abatement Structures of American Organized Criminal^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H (oopsie...) Medical Practice! Meanwhile, I asked for help with that fungus condition every day. The subject was always changed; no help with that somewhat urgent matter-at-hand was ever allowed, let alone at all forthcoming.

Net Result Three: Unless I either manage to clear this recent-contact record out utterly (fat chance of that) or else pro-actively manage to correct the erroneous condition thereof (just might with persistence and good fortune manage that; who knows?), it is entirely likely that this one'll one day just end up being forcibly shot full of extremely nasty and utterly needless Big Pharma-promoted neurolytic "Tranquilizer" crap as a "Geriatric Psych Case", once admitted in my declining years to the Elder "Care"(sic) Facility of My Very Own or Some Perfect Stranger's Choice, depending. (Standard Procedure hereabouts.)


I left the hospital five days later with that ugly and eyeball-threatening dermal fungus condition left all but entirely non-addressed, universally denied, and quite entirely untreated. (Another wannabee-doctor MD intern took some pseudo-scrapings while I was reviewing my discharge papers; promised a phone call with results and prescriptions but not a peep on my return home.) Once one is "Tagged Crazy" in the USA, it is fairly clear now, any physical condition that may arise - from a common cold all the way up to metastizing cancer and broken bones with the jagged ends stickng out of the bleeding flesh - is glibly fluffed off as being "All In The [Crazy's] Mind" and nothing more or less than sheer psychotic delusion on the sufferer's part.

But nine weeks after discharge, having taken up some little home-formulated antifungal treatment on my own with rather encouraging though incomplete result definitively obtained, I at last semi-independently gained a proper appointment with a proper 38-years'-practice dermatologist, who promptly prescribed the proper fungicidal preparation that I had gone to hospital in hope of gaining in the first place.

This feat on my own part was accomplished through a sort-of-semi-kind referral from an entirely skeptical 10-year GP with offices just down the hall from the dermo, the preliminary exam services of whom I had independently engaged post-discharge. But she, too, had read my chart and evidently pretty much just believed all the worst therein. So good to be out of the woods at last! But as the poor overworked Patient Safety Committee hospital caseworker (as of that very successful day) now knows all too well, I am still occasionally juddering badly from having been made recipient to something of theirs that I can only call "The Treatment" without juddering anew once more.

Now the joke of it: Indeed, that fungus of mine was entirely delusional. It obviously THOUGHT it could stay on forever. But it was dead wrong on that point and thus doomed from the start. ([pun] Oi, such a start! [/pun]) Healing up quite nicely now, thank you Heaven!

So for myself, I think I'll just stay home in Home Sweet Secret Cave Home, take up Christian Science studies full-scale, and leave entirely off from all further involvement with the corporatized US Medical Racket unless struck down by leprosy, bubonic plague or snakebite.

Then again, maybe not even with those.

But if Free Heroin For ALL Needy Ones Everywhere actually results in a general abatement of junk-hunger-motivated Forcible Poverty-Driven Coercive+Objectionable Street-Human Behavior, one supposes that maybe - just maybe - young and impressionable wannabee MDs-in-potential just might one day be beneficially deprived of an entirely infandous street-level behavioral example in their own silver-spoon Callow Youth - maybe even find better, safer, more effective ways to deal with others - within their own hard-trained emerging-professional selves.

I for one am *all* for that sort of Quality Improvement. Y'reckon isso? 0{:-)o<

McKinnon campaign urges coalition to block extradition

Walking Turtle

Wasichu are just that way, all too often.

Fortunately for all in light of the Great Balance, not all of us Americans are Wasichu. (Even had Cherokee Nation been entirely wiped out as was evidently intended, MicMac+Haudenosee+Hopi+etc+dog surely would have laid low and survived to witness and then tell the tale.)

All the best of good fortune to Friend McKinnon! Got an Aspie friend or two on this side of the Pond mese'f. Not such a bad way to be, turns out, once the overriding confusion is at last sorted and reasonable social+safety boundaries are (yes, at last) accepted.

Thus ends much human suffering. Severity without Mercy is Cruelty, and the Root of Tyranny is found therein.

Woman loses Bebo privacy case against lad mag

Walking Turtle
Thumb Up

Which is why Walking Turtle...

...so closely resembles Sitting Bull here and there. {;-)

Obama to promote RIAA's favourite lawyer

Walking Turtle

Off the Thread but...

...might we maybe like to reconcile that Entirely Agreeable Assertion with most of the things we have already said elsewhere re Investment Banksters and other Reptilian Corporate Operatives of the ilk?

Seems on reflection that we here Stateside have had nothing other than such very lumps as those since at least Reagan, if not all the way back to Nixon's Imperial Regime, y'see. Been hiding out in the White House (right under our very media-driven+blinded gnosis) for at least that long, a few brilliant exceptions notwithstanding.

Can't fool World+Dog forever... Starting with the Dog. {;-)

US Navy's plane-hurling mass driver in tech hiccup

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Turbines Can't Make Steam? Dunno 'bout that...

Um, I am no Naval Engineer, just an old, somewhat clever and occasionally wise Turtle Clan person. But ain't the exhaust from any such turbine en-jine mighty hot? And ain't them planes generally launched while the Mother Ship's jammin' the water, underway and in motion anyway?

If indeed so, at first thought and second thought too it seems somewhat likely that a suitable mono/multi-tube boiler of sufficient enclosed volume for the job'd likely produce shot after shot after shot of terrorplane-launchin' Live Steam, if said tubular construct were mounted within the ship's engines' exhaust cavity... Haven't even seen what size of such an en-jine is used to propel a flattop to the places where we really just might not actually belong; doubtless, though, they are likely truly massive. So where there's hot exhaust, it does seem even a Handy Retrofit Steam Generator might be semi-competently arranged. (Better when engineered directly from scratch, of course.)

Scaling that sucker out after, say, a hundred or half a thousand shots, though, might need some attention to detail... And that is all this one has for that notion.

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Same as always.

While the emissaries from the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute admired the gleaming stainless Bifurcated Beamline of their Very Own soon-to-be, brand-new, one-off 14.5 MeV Fast Neutron Source (which was at that point still only semi-built but capable, in theory, of making spec) on the Stateside factory floor, the Chief Physicist /cum/ Project Manager (who was indeed somewhat of a Schnooky BS Artiste if not in fact an out-and-out Commercial Keik Scheisster) fielded the pre-demo questions from our Esteemed Colleagues from Nippon. One of which was, of course, "What is the completion status of the Safety Interlock System sensors and logic?"

None of which had at that point been soldered together, let alone tested. Still in kit form, in fact.

So came the glib and facile Instant Response: "Here at (firm name redacted to prevent further embarassment of sensitive parties still alive), we don't NEED interlocks - WE have our BRAINS!". Followed immediately by, "Run her up, David!"

David the Operator did as ordered - one did not do otherwise in that seat and hope to keep their job. Up comes the Ghawdawful Howling 100KV-insulated Motor/Generator Set. Then the Duoplasmatron, the Extraction, the Acceleration... the Geiger counter stationed at the far end of the concrete Shield Wall started to buzz a bit.

I, the Floor Tech, smelled something metallic in the howling waft. And David was wearing his "WTF?" Puzzled Look. And I read No Beam Current in Faraday Cup One, just around the magnet-chamber's bend from the duoplasmatron. But the operative panel meters on the console lashup indicated normal discharge currents. (THAT part of the Telemetry+Metering Package did work just fine; other parts were of course Almost There Now.)

So throwing all foolhardy caution to the wind for a few critical seconds, I braved the thickening Alpha+Beta particle storm and sprinted out to the cage perimeter to have a real look-and-sniff. The masses of re-melted solder dripping off the Magnet Chamber walls in the mercury-vapor lights told me everything we all needed to know, all protestations of my companions-in-fusion-energy-research notwithstanding. So above the drive-belt din and all, I draws deep breath and howls at the top of my Lazarooshan Leather lungs (patent pending) as I sprints right smart back to the relative safety of the temporary control console area behind that three-foot-thick concrete wall: "Kill the Extraction! KILL THE EXTRACTION!"

Chief Physicist/Manager launched forthwith into a screaming red-faced wizzy-haired assault on my intelligence, integrity and overall circumstance of having been born alive in the first place. David the Operator, however, promptly killed the extraction and wound the whole Frankensteinian contraption back down to Earth Potential. I walked away from the Physicist/Manager Gone Mad, opened the cage, threw the grounding-hook over the Acceleration Deck, climbed the grading-bars onto the grounded-out deck and had a look.

How odd. The Deflection Magnet Power Supply breakers had not been thrown to the "On" position by the Installation Tech krueman. *WE* had NOT seen to the requisite post-assembly Quality Control inspection follow-up; the "No Time For That!" meme had been lobbed by Our Esteemed Manager so many times that we had quite lost all count of 'em.

So we let the whole smoking mass of fabricated stainless plate and poly feed-tubing just cool down, amidst much red-faced sputtering on the part of one entirely embarassed Lead Physicist/Project Manager. Disassembled the rig, renewed the solder that had held the water-cooling loops onto the Magnet Chamber side, took a few fairly massive Globby Solder Souvenirs (still have mine somewhere), reassembled it all, verified ALL the deck-level circuit breaker statuses (stati?), caged the thing off once more, and gingerly ('long 'bout three AM the following morning) fired her up again with GREAT care.

This time success, so little harm done apart from another overnight's bill per Lodging for Seven from Holiday Inn®. Could have "happened" to anyone, of course. (Always does.) Made formal spec that afternoon, then all went home for some little much-needed sleep.

"No time for foresight! No time for QC! No time for safety! *ALL* the time in the world for post-failure correction!"

Same as it ever was. Boffin, for fairly obvious reasons.

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Black Helicopters

That Rascally Furniture-Thief LBJ was likely spot-on.

Per the Impeccable Independent Investigative Reportage of C. Story FRSA this week: That Retreaded Porno King dubbed "Gerald R. Ford"(TERAFNORD!) was, one deduces, likely still living for the Money Shot within his Upstairs Cavity even while on State Business. Kindly refer to HTTP://www.worldreports.org/news top-link story in a new tab for full between-the-lines details-in-passing.

So: If it's named Ford, it just might be Congenitally Eff'd from inception... Ask any Buick, Olds or Chevy owner. 0{;-)o<

Black Chopper, for all the right reasons and none of the wrong ones.

Biometric passport 2.0 scrapped alongside ID cards, NIR

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That's likely because...

'Diary' is useless notion to an illiterate. 'Private' is an Intelexual Consept and therefore not worth bothering with. But Loo Sense - even a Sectioned Phule on the Untidy Ward generally has a bit o' that. (See SirTainleyBarking, above.)

Although some few exceptions might also be found. Mine's the one with the Handy Temple-Grade Extra-Strength Joss Stick and Bic® Lighter in the pocket... Thanks.

Mozilla boss John Lilly quits outfit for venture capital role

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In a word...

...it monetized itself. Capital Pregnancy soon followed.

'Tamper evident' CPU warns of malicious backdoors

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Very encouraging...

...if implemented purely and honestly as-presented. Elsewise, could not any given New Microprocessor Series be perforce equipped, per Bad TerrorGummint Fiat, with a permanent Official Backdoor that could not be readily closed at all, even by a fully qualified White Hat o'Human Liberty?

White Hat'd become fiat'd straight into being Black Hat right quick, one expects, in any such instance. Vulture o'Doom, kindly *do* keep a Vulture's Eye on this item! Kindly do not accept any Kool-Aid® while this New and Likely Abusable Thingie works its way into the server clusters and desktop terminals of the Physical World? (THANKS for so doing if ever things do so go. Counting on you.)

Illegitemii non carborundum, same as it ever was. ;)

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user

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So riddle me this:

So Stevie-Poo, Tuxie-Boo and Ole Ballsmer aren't even ON the plane yet. They approach the Security Screening Image Scanner as a group.

So which of the three is imaged in "Test-Mode" and their Anatomical Details sold for Easy Cash over the IntarTubes by the TSA perv-on-duty, and why? ;)

50 million user Scribd scraps Flash for HTML5

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Without Pastel-Blue-On-Glaring-White...

Web2.x fontwork might become LEGIBLE. So is it Generational Warfare by Means of Colored Pixels visited on We Elders who Actually Invented the Internet? Do Today's Web-Surfers use Secret Cellophane Tints in Cardboard Frames to actually get down and *read* that ill-chosen and all-too-common shite-based Web 2.0 font/color scheme? (Must try *that* idea PDQ, come to think of it... Might beat the ol' click-drag 'Highlight the Whole Criking Page' Technique, too-commonly employed just to catch the Gist of the Story in Weird but Legible Contrasting Hues on all manner of such ill-tinted 2.0 pages as those.)

Or have the Badgers simply decided to take the whole thang over and force all our Elder Eyesight down the Badger-Hole?

Badgers badgers badgers... Mushroom mushroom... Ugh, a Snake...

AlternateIcon=Grenade2.0. For the pastel-palette kiddies, Ghawd luvvum'.

Viagra spam shop live on Twitter for a month

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My friend, you have just now narrowly missed...

receiving a wee invoice for a New Keyboard. Fortunately for all, cookie crumbs tend to shake out at least semi-clean.

Lenny Bruce "Golden Vulture" Double Entendre Award. Or a Permanent Funny Hat. Either one you like most. Great shot. :)

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Paris Hilton

Apart from V196r@...

...decent medication for most common Afflictions of the Flesh can readily be obtained with a little (Technical Perispicacity) via the Veterinary Supply Market Route. Virtualshoppe w/plastic or brick+mortar w/cash; take your pick.

Either way is a nospam winner.

Haven't paid human-pharma retail for antibiotics, antifungals nor anthelmintics in nigh on to thirty years now. Effective and safe as any other means when used wisely. Result: Ole Elsie 'n' Bossie're still frisky as yearling calves and producin' like thunder today. No V196r@ for Old Ferdinand @ Agway though, poor doomed fellow.

Paris, who weeps bitterly for him.

US netwar-force Cyber Wings badge unveiled

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It appears that the Powers That Be all had Foster Parents with Negative Taste in Design and Art to Begin With. But now these Nominal Adult Role Models are all dead. So who is now left on Earth to mentor these Lost Boys' Souls into Tasteful Decorum and Peaceable Ways?

Not the Sensible Enlisteds, let alone the Civilians of the Populace, one dares say.

Worse yet, those Elite Orficers tend to pack automatic sidearms... This bit of Bad Taste shall doubtless be Physically Enforced to the Ultimate Max if ever challenged/ridiculed on-base.

20-Question Cleckley-Hare Personality Inventory on them l33t MIL-spec W3b-kruezin dudez, anybody? (Do not be surprised at the results.)

Not even the Warlike Iroquois... The Apache are ROFLaughing their moccasins off... Epic Concept+Design Fail.

Walking Turtle

Likely bare and looted...

Per recent reportage by the intrepid and ever-impeccable C. Story FRSA.

Ref: http://www.worldreports.org/news report re 'Endemic Corruption in Brussels and Halliburton'... About halfway down the updated page. Apparently that cupboard was looted-out and sold-off by Halliburton et al per Cheney/Tenet Complicity/Directive. Typical porcine corporate/corpulent ham-fist greedy-guts oh nemmind; you of all the people I love for the way they win sure done gottit already for the longest time.

I for one am very unhappy about this turn of USAmerican events, hereby civilly and publicly expressing my extreme discontent with regard to the matter. Clearly the Balance of Power ain't 'zackly wot th' USAToday/NYTimes clique might have us all believe it is. (Go figger.)

Phillies fan tasered for field incursion

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Meanwhile, over at the Mainstream Church Sunday School...

the Good Little Lambs all sing in a chorus,

"Tase 'em, tase 'em, all the little children,/Cops is Love, cops is love"...

J'accuse: Forty years hence, when seeking emergency medical attention for an entirely non-related though possibly/likely life-threatening sudden-onset condition, that nimble, energetic young'un of today'll more'n likely be handed The Treatment for Which there is (usually) No Ready Cure instead of the necessary and appropriate patient-beneficial therapy. After all, this IS Modern "Bush-League" Digitalized Legacy America we're talkin' about here, Buddy.

This accusation, one regrets to point out, is more than likely well-justified due to the newly-emerged Black Art of Electronic Medical Records Interpretation; it is emerging largely imvho thanks to the knock-on effects of modern electronic data retention spamming the decades.

Spamming. The. Decades.

SOP: Those who are privileged+tasked to view and take action based on the duly retained industry-standardized decades of any given personal medical+legal+/-military data will reliably see to it that Yesterday's Impulse/Misdeed is reliably treated on-site in realtime, even forty years (yah, two generations) later, as though it Happened Only Yesterday.

Result: "We KNOW what you did. Now take yer seat at the end of the queue on that Group 'W' Bench in the corner over there, stop snivelling and NO Pain Management for YOU today, sonny! Besides, for YOU, the REAL Doctor is OUT!"

Been there as recently as February of this year. It's apparently being field-refined already, albeit somewhat crudely, on *believed-helpless* ER walk-ins. (One rather suspects that this is most likely not at all so for those new acute-symptom arrivals who flash their Gold Card instead of producing Social Security/Medicaid ID at the Registration Window.)

Fought 'em off without ever committing any manner of MacMurphy-on-Ratched assault. Accomplished that objective, albeit at the time from a state of deep-seated physical exhaustion and significant bodily pain (numb with it at the time) as well as numerous half-healed and entirely visible bodily wounds. Mission accomplished by virtue of Adamant Civil Tongue Mastery coupled firmly to Stubborn Resistant Curmudgeonry, said Traditional Elder Privilege being itself robustly buttressed with Having Actually Been There to Begin With. Wave after wave of that incredible twenty-sumpin'-MD-perpetrated college-grade forcewrong ancient-records-based bullshite was provided by the Aggressive Graduate Intern with Full Records Access and No Genuine Life. Even demanded my cell-phone so she could just go bombin' through my contacts to "make sure" I was "real" - never mind that by far not exactly everyone on that personal electronic contact list is in reality exactly that sort of friend - or even necessarily any manner of friend at all. (Sensitive private business contacts with lifework-in-progress ongoing, for one class of example.)

So here's this semi-pretty although really ugly-actin' twenty-sumpin' fresh-grad MD, Playing Doctor on my presumed-helpless person just like a rookie cop (or Main Street opioid addict) on the make-and-take; likely some manner of Trust Fund Baby too, to be sure. So much zeal and so little regard for even the basics of timeline (let alone normal human respect), while all the while I am semi-naked in a jonny-top on the gurney in the corridor, not yet even roomed-in let alone settled, and STILL the intern-grade MD Doctor with a Medical Shrinkage Degree from Hah-vahd comes after me with Multiple Convenient Derivative Contrivances of her Own Preference, all reality and the truth thereof be automatically academically void, null and damned.

Set that one straight so many times I lost count.

Fact: Only adamantly civil and rock-steady hard-shell non-cooperation with that silly college-trained Forcewrong Doctor at last (days later, still in hospital with a friendlike though entirely burly guard stationed at my unit door) finally won me an interview with a REAL HUMAN MD of my own age and somewhat comparable life-experience. With some additional records research and sensitive follow-up effort on my own part, that hard-won interview just might - only just *might* - result in things being set straight in due course at last. (Still in the Discovery Process on that matter... being Medically Mal-Represented is no good and no fun at all.)

Therefore this Old Turtle, who by habit and constitution comes out to speak truth at all times, says that it is surely only a matter of short-term time before the USAmerican Political/Military/Police/Medical/IT Complex routinely albeit surreptitiously (or even blatantly) determines the fate and termination date of the underclass herd, one by one, Stalin/Judge Dredd-style but ever so much more subtle and pernicious. The overall practice seems to be called "Biomedical Ethics" in the field... Like standard-issue intake triage, but from Ex Post Facto Hell instead.

Oh, one CAN trust them... To a certain end...

Beer all around and I'm getting me coat now. Should I make it home unmolested by any more Monetized Doodooheads tonight, I'm stayin' home and makin' me own medicines from Natural Foods, Strong Vitamins and (as last resort) USP Reagent Scratch from now on. Boycott the whole corporate schlemedical schlemazel thang. Live well until I do die well at a time and place of my Creator's and my own mutual consent while the Bleating Herd all goes down to dead silence all-around clueless and non-voluntary though entirely trusting, utterly corporate-media-driven and thus quite unwitting re what the Judas Goat really does for a living.

Here's to LIFE. Hope that Philly-lovin' kid's OK tonight, and in the clear forty years hence, I really do. (One can and does so pray.) As to that Corporate Overclass State's Portly 'n' Uniformed Taze-O-Cutioner... Oh not wuth th' bother so nemmind. It is to stand clear of (RUN FASTER FROM!) all such.

Ta! :)

Walking Turtle

A Matter for Further Study...?

"There have been deaths with Tasers, but they have been where the person was quite frail..."

Such as a mouthy-though-drunken octogenerian or mouthy-though-anorexic teenager? Both classes of human be so skinny as a rule (though there are plenty of fat drunken old folk too) as to pose no real threat although one easy target to the Taser Goon Cop, imvho.

"...or has flame-accelerant on their skin."

Such as a fluffy synthetic-fiber Fashion Plate sweater? (Surely not some flammable liquid such as petrol or alky...?)

Tasing the already-cuffed and thus entirely helpless ones seems indeed to be on the rise as well. Fair play? Not by MY book...

Deaths of apparently robust suspects/perps have reportedly taken place when the ill-placed bolt disrupted the implanted cardiac pacemaker, for example. One suspects that the effects of a malplaced shot to the cranial enclosure just might likely produce a net result far in excess of the psychiatrically-approved convulsive effects as well...

Cripple gets crutch; cop gets Tazer®... Just thinkin'.

Hacked US Treasury websites serve visitors malware

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Gates Horns

So let us start...

by admonishing Young Master Timothy "Foulmouth" Geithner that the .XXX sites really are for weekends at home... Through ones' own ISP account...?

Safety first!