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Can you talk and drive?



listen to women while driving?


Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie


Little help

@Phil Well... You can be somewhat safer with a little common sense

Flash doesn't store stuff in firefox it uses its own settings.

Please read


Those with script blockers won't see the wonderful world of t'internet.

Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise

Thumb Down

Award for most pointless app

Sorry but that thing is the biggest load of ... If you really think that browsing other websites is going to hide the sites you already visit, then you deserve phorm.

So you don't trust phorm but trust some unkown app, that pulls unkown URLs. All you will end up doing is slightly alter the ads you get served, your personal data is still intercepted by phorm. Just move ISP.

PETA offers $1m for test tube chicken


Eat humans

mmmm chinese. Maybe a big yank, dripping in fat. Yum.


Population problems sorted and we can have more sex.

Obesity solved (fat *ucks should be easier to catch)

Teenage pregnancy, UK would be world leader.

I would reccomend John Prescots liver, he has been force feeding himself for quite some time.

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)


Who needs a penguin

Windoze peeps can play too

Get a copy of cygwin and use wget.

The Phorm files



They say they don't collect form data.

Yes but the next page may have the info not in a form tag. eg confirmation page. Doesn't have to be ssl as were not yet entering credit card info. Eg small sites who take your address then forward you to paypal etc. Also forums and the preview post page, private massages, Webmail etc. You can eventually build up enough info to work out who someone is.

How are they going to be able to deal with forums?

They say they go by a phrase being on the page several times. SO if I'm reading a thread on a forum and the user named Imac has posted several times do I get gay computer ads?

Names are not collected.

What's a name?. Poor Guy Kawasaki nothing but bike ads for him!

Opt out cookie.

If your service is so great, have the balls to do opt in only.


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