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BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors


Don't moan, organise :p

Don't like it? Demand that Indian workers get the same take-home pay and benefits as the folk they're working alongside.

Puts the focus back on quality of work, makes everyone happy.

Obama embarks on car emissions cutback


apples and cranberries


How does these standards compare to (a) EU standards and (b) the rest of the world's cars?

I can't tell how much contempt to allocate to the whining of US carmakers and right libertarians.

University emails 'blocked from Hotmail'

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Not just universities

Hotmail / Windows Live Mail are mad keen on blocking mail from small providers with that "a complaint has been made" message. I think it's based on SMTP addresses more than return addresses.

Austria pulls out of Large Hadron Collider


brain drain

Funny how we never hear sustained complaints of "brain drain" when science funding gets further cut, but put income tax back to mid-1980s levels and its all over the papers that our "finest minds" are taking their private jets off to Bermuda.

Botnet hijacking reveals 70GB of stolen data

Paris Hilton


So a password "wallet" type program (I'm thinking similar to KDE's KWallet, Windows / LInux issues aside), would that be protected from this type of attack?

After all, you aren't typing in the passwords yourself and I can't see what use the passwords for a locally-held file would be to botnet barons.

Equality Bill U-turn could damage businesses, warns expert


I <3 the CBI

"The gender pay gap can be misinterpreted. ... It reflects the fact that fewer women have higher paid jobs"

And why might that be? Clearly they are biologically unsuited to long lunches, trips abroad and conning pension increases out of shareholders.

Carphone Warehouse resolves union site ambiguity


lol anti-union trollfail @19.29

"Sure, they may get breaks on time and of certain lengths, but there will also be an end to most company sponsored functions, events, prizes, etc. I"

Sure, we have the 8 hour day now thanks to the labour movement, but it's meant an end to company sponsored beds under the loom, has broken up families by making the kids go to school instead of work.

@ 18.51: More seriously, a union website is pretty arguably related to "business purposes", more so than most of what folk would access. (Though I'd be reluctant to post anything on a work-related forum from work)


Expect more

We used to get barred from leaving union newsletters on colleagues' desks and had to stand outside in the foyer (but not outside the building) handing the things out.

There's no limit to companies' pettiness when it comes to dealing with unions (or any group of its workers). Expect more of this as the economic crisis bites and managers look to cut from the bottom and fire at will.

Pork industry in 'swine flu' tag beef


no gastric transmission

No, but you eat cheap meat, you make disease outbreaks more likely.

ASBO woman cuffed over raucous rumpy-pumpy

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Exactly what jail's for :/

Wouldn't it be cheaper to soundproof their house?

eBay scammer gets four years in slammer

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Economic Darwinism

(a) What kind of moron buys a car sight-unseen over the internet?

(b) Can I have their email address, since I need to transfer many millions of dollars out of the royal bank of england.

Gov figures show IT jobs crisis

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AC 17.06

I bet the non-UK nationals can at least spell properly. Cheers for that Alf Garnett.

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


Godwins Law for rape

"Charging AU$80 for a game and $30 for a CD or DVD is rape. Pure and simple. Rape is worse than theft. When you stop trying to rape me, maybe I'll stop "stealing" from you."

What's the equivalent of Godwins Law for claims of rape?

Most moronic comparison ever. Really, get a grip on yourself. Go and speak to rape survivors. No you better read about it, I don't think you're old enough to be allowed out of the house alone.


Who snapped first?


Building safer communities

@AC 2258 - the cops are supposed to wear numbers on their uniforms. Conveniently for the Terrortorial Support Group (sic., by the way), those numbers can be removed from the shoulders, as happened in this case.

Never ceases to amaze me, the number of excuses that people will make for police brutality, despite the evidence. Is it some kind of fucked-up pro-hierarchy evolutionary psychology? If officers can't cope with the "stress" of masking up and beating people with impunity, then they should seek alternative employment, or not volunteer for the parts of the job that involve that.

But Mr 85 minutes - KETTLING, you fud. He was hanging around for ages because THEY WOULD NOT LET HIM LEAVE THE AREA.

Mr "A tap on the leg wouldn't cause a heart attack" - FOAD

Cable-cutting vandals disconnect Silicon Valley

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....can't bring myself to do anything but laugh.

The Quick - and the Dead in the Water


@Wayne Tavet

Yep, and there's not even as much variation in wording as you get from viagra sellers. Those cops that complain about "too much paperwork" should be grateful that it's taught them how to use copy-paste.


How police accountability works

Run an operation ending in the gangland-style execution of an innocent (but a bit brown-looking) man = promotion.

Leave a piece of paper outside of a folder = position untenable.

Google taps your IP address for Starbucks targeting


oh well

I love scroogle....

State-owned RBS to axe 9,500 workers

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It gets worse

Don't forget that this comes just a couple of days after the board awarded itself tasty new bonuses and options.

So, taking poor peoples' money to give to a banker that broke a bank and wiped out workers' pensions, followed by making more people poor (by firing them) in order for those at the top to get richer.

I can haz revolutionz, plz?

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions

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Who the hell sits and watches their PC boot up in the morning? You boring bastards. Hit "On", go to the kettle and make the cup of tea that you were going to make. Talk to your colleagues, find out what's going on.

It is possible to work with out a computer being on, you know. You all are just looking for excuses. There's more "loss of productivity" attributable to dancing cats falling down stairs.

BT freezes wages for 100,000

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Except the "real rate" of inflation includes the price of unwanted tat (aka "consumer goods") that has seen a dramatic fall in price as the credit crunch bites and a third HDTV starts to seem unappealling at any price.

Meanwhile, important stuff like food, gas, electricity has rocketed in price making for a cost of living increase far above the headline rate of inflation.

SEC: Magical stock brokering software was a fraud


I'm not a wise master of the universe type

...so I can't see how this is different from anything else related to the stock market, ever-rising house prices or investments.

"returns of about 3.5 per cent per month with little risk of loss.

Regulators allege that no such magical program actually exists"

And most of us poor fuckers have been duped / pushed / forced into pension arrangements based on that.

Apple ogles location-based iPhone ads


Meanwhile in cafes that don't suck

You ask the folk behind the counter, "what's that you're listening to?" strike up a conversation, flirt, smile, interact and leave with a burned CD and/or a phone number.

Do you think I could patent that?

No welcome in the valleys for Welsh incinerator

IT Angle

Hang on, this isn't right

I'm confused, this seems to have slipped through without the obligatory dab of "global warming is a scam" crap that defines Register environment stories.

What's the angle then? Welsh people / greens are silly luddites compared with wise metropolitan IT types? The magic market will find a way to deal with all environmental problems?

Government wastes £4.6m on mobile telly nonsense


@Ian Johnston

True. But Teenagers don't go to doctors or family planning clinics. Teenagers go to schools and .off licenses.

They're potentially free in supermarkets, too, but I don't expect the thmbnls folk are enough down with the kids to make videos advocating that ............

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Should be as cheap as a bag of balloons

At the risk of sounding like a Speak your branes-er, why is it never suggested that Durex bear some of the cost of teen pregnancies?

Everyone knows you should use condoms but given that it's impossible to get hold of the things for a reasonable price(*) it's no wonder folk try and get away without using them. It's like there's some kind of cartel arrangement. £8 for a pack of 12!? And the small packs are relatively more expensive too.

In civilised places (anarchist-run squats, for example) you get the things given away, but in shiny land it's more important to make money than keep folk happy, healthy and non-pregnant. Bah.

(*) - I mean how much can they cost to manufacture per unit (snigger)? About 5p?

Obama removes YouTube from YouTube-side chats



Thanks for the reminder to clean out my browser's biscuit tin. Even with Firefox, NoScript & AdBlock there seems to be useless crumbs left lying. Don't want to attract rats.

Would be nice if FF didn't keep resetting prefs to silently allow all that "helpful" crap each time I update it.

Would be even nicer if Google didn't spit a cookie onto all sites that have embedded one of their videos on.

Prime Minister's health records breached in database attack


Not just the records that're escaping

"the NHS cabal, they are more interested in putting into place Sharia law, and tithing to the pharmaceutical companies."

Hi. Have Your Say is over that way, behind the door marked "Psychiatric Outpatients".


@ Stuart Butterworth @Tee Cee

If you were up on the politics and "positioning" around devolution, you'd know that Labour and Gordon Brown are staunchly Unionist / anti-Independence and under serious pressure from the SNP.

Hence, every time he speaks on the issue he bigs up "Britishness" not Scottishness and there is also a consistent Unionist bias in the media here.

If you're outside Scotland, this would be invisible to you, as it's pro-Independence sentiment is generally ignored as an issue. Gerhardt's point has bugger all to do with some nationalisms being "acceptable".

'Like pedos in a playground' - the media and Web 2.0

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Nice interview, thanks. Can't afford the book though, so I'll wait till it turns up on the pirate bay....

Former staff swipe confidential company data


Like the wobblies say

The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.

21st century class struggle FTW.

Mobile money for the masses: Do the numbers add up?

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Not for me

Far be it from me to be negative but....

...paying the world's poorest in "virtual mobile" money doesn't sound like a winning proposition

And: "For those in the emerging markets it’s the difference between eating and not eating tomorrow." to be able to pay by a mobile phone. How are they paying the leccy bill to charge the damned thing?

This stinks of groundless technofix to a social problem and mobile companies trying to get a foothold in a market. Last thing folk need is another intermediary between them and their livelihoods.

UK boffin: Social networking causes cancer, heart attacks, lupus, dementia...

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I love watching geeks defend themselves against perceived slights.

College IT departments told to deploy anti-terror dragnet


Remember the despicable behaviour of Nottingham University

""Approved Reading List" next, followed by an "Authorised Reading List","

That's no safeguard, considering the case of the guy in Nottingham who had the police after him for downloading a text that was on his course reading list. And then they try to deport him to cover this up.

Unbelievable(*) they're trying to turn that monumental fuck-up into a general case.

(*) - or maybe not

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning


Tony McNulty ran scared from asylum seeker women in Glasgow

"Is he really being tipped to be the new Home Secretary, [...] he seems to be totally devoid of independent thought, and all he can do is parrot the party line"

Answered your own question there, mate.

US gambling capital bans iPhone card counter


Thought crime

"Isn't it strange that something should be legal if you do it in your head but criminal if you do it with a mechanical aid? Are there any other laws like that?"


Rape, murder, burglary....

At least until Tom Cruise shows up.

Cocaine now cheaper than lager


Invisible hands, holding a mirror

It's market forces innit?

Stockbrokers have fallen on hard times, their suppliers have to drop their prices accordingly.

Equally, I bet lapdances have gotten cheaper as well.

Twitter force-fed $35m in venture capital

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Nominative determinism

The most appropriately-named service ever as it allows folk to witter on endlessly about nowt of interest until those around learn to tune it out

Man arrested in Indymedia animal extremism probe

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Police everywhere, justice nowhere....

" Post their details on the BBC homepage, the Sky News ticker and the Countryside Alliance forum. See how they like it"

Isn't that what the tabloid press is for? Can't let the proles get out of line and question the judgement of their betters, can we?

Child molesters get lighter sentences than the SHAC folk got for running a website but apparently that's all OK.

Storage industry limbers up for Rite of Spring


Extend the metaphor!

Which company is the one that'll be danced to death?

Big labels or Google - who is the songwriters' worst enemy?

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Article good, most comments bad.

Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets

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FIT like?

How long before the "balaclava" provision is used to aid spying on a political demonstration?

Oooh, about a week after the legislation goes through.

Less than a week before photographing a cop becomes illegal:


What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?



Sounds like a belated casualty of The War on Terror to me....

Feds: IT admin plotted to erase Fannie Mae


@John Savard

"that could make something like this worse, causing untold harm to billions of people worldwide,"

Dude, he was going to zero the mortgages. Think of it as a bailout from the bottom up.

Certainly wouldn't have made things worse, since they already have no idea how much debt the banks are liable for. What's the nth derivative of zero?


Peasants' Revolt!

In the good old days when the economy went titsup and folk protested, they'd break into the local administration's offices and burn all the tax and mortgage records. Then when the revolt got put down, they'd still be debt-free, Jubilee-style.

No-one else here gets a warm fuzzy feeling that this shows it could still be possible?

No-one working at Experian and fed up with it?

Ah g'wan......

NSA whistleblower: Warrantless wiretaps targeted journos


So, journalists...

Where's the GPG keys for whistleblowers that want to contact The Register?

Silverlight to follow Obama into US presidency



How much did MS donate to the Obama campaign? I presume they tossed cash at McCain as well, but I'd still be interested to know.

Not that I'm bothered, because everyone that uses Linux is a communist anyway...

EU borders database defenestrated in Prague?

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good news. getting rid of Schengen would be worth twice that price.

Online advertisers team up on privacy principles

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In other news

...Gary Glitter to open a nursery school.

Israelis offer radical new rat-based urban renewal scheme



Indeed. Rat race, anyone?