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Microsoft Silverlight to copy Flash video tricks, Adobe responds


Go Team Adobe, kick 'em again!!

Go Team Adobe, Kick them where it hurts. Microsoft's aggressive abuse of customer rights re: digital media and general unwillingness to 'play' with others has always struck me as their soft spot

Adobe, thank you for choosing open standards and supporting my OS. As you well know, The Internet is built on open protocols & standards. Those standards came from innovative thinkers, not trade secret hoarders. Speaking as a Linux user of the 'just make it work' ilk: I greatly appreciate your contributions to date.

Satnav hacking made simple


Accident on the freeway

Wow, if you need to drive to work, this would have to help with congestion!

Do you think you could get a satnav system to broadcast road closed info for roads around your route?

What about feeder roads?

US Navy builds Stingray-esque base in Indian Ocean


Land for Subs?

So you might infer:

If the SBS are so well regarded, & the US base is on GB 'soil'...

that an occasional "how bout a lift?" would be reasonable.

Especially while they're all buddy buddy & after the same baddies.