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NetApp changes name to NetApp

Slick WIllie

It is a ...

Something. It isn't a gateway, it isn't the letter N, it isn't a bridge... But it is something. Personally I liked the nut - that was appropriate I thought. But this new marketing push is designed to reach the CIO and CEO level and Lord only knows what they will see in it. What's-his-name's blog said that techies would call it "bullshit" - well he got that right.

But serriously now, for us techies that read this stuff, it is a cool company with awsome support and releases of "ON TAP" named after beers - how cool is that. That speaks to me, it says the people in the trenches understand the people in the field.

So, this new logo is brought to you by Sesame Street and the letter "n". Just don't look at the white space, it really isn't the middle finger and whatever you do, do not cut out 2 of the logos and put them together as a swastika. That was not the intention, I am sure.

You know, this could be fun. And is it just me or does the "n" look like a pacemaker on that heart on the web site? I don't associate internal organs and storage, but I am technically competent (even if I can't spell) so I will never be a CIO.

Federal Express to FedEx made more sense but I am waiting for the merger with UPS - FedUps


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