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Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes

Dead Vulture

So next Obama will lambaste McCain for not knowing all the good porn sites.

What a waste of a commercial! Whoever authorized this one, ought to be fired. If I was a big democrat campaign contributor, I would stop now. First, who would this play more favorably to? Likely, the younger the better. Partly, because computer literacy does run with age, but more importantly only some youth would think this is even important. Now, which age group does he already own? The youth. So now, what am I getting for my money? Its also more likely to negatively affect his standing with older folk that he is already losing at a greater and greater rate. So I ask again, who authorized this commercial?....Oh, Obama authorized it. Well, chalk another one up to our European hero!

Germany to Nokia: Give us back our subsidies


Germany and France racing to the economic trash heap of history!!!!

But of course, Nokia would leave. There isn't much of any way around the fact that Germany as supported by her unions is destined to the economic trash heap of history!!! Who in their right mind,(and this is the amazing part of it all) could possibly think that the socialist republic of Germany would not face a long dreary road of high unemployment and dropping standards of living. The problem is once socialist policies are enacted they will grow like a cancer eventually consuming any long-term growth prospects till the policies are reversed. Now heres the hard part. Reversing these policies that a new generation of Germs have grown to love and believe in as their rightful inheritance is impossible without great long-term pain. The knee-jerk response will be to boycott other nation's products and eventually raising even more barriers to free competition. And what will that bring you? Tariffs on German goods by your former trade partners. Populist methods never, ever work. But they will be used, no doubt. In a couple of decades when Germany has moved down to about the 30th largest economy in the world, Germans like any other third-world nation will start reproducing again. At first it will seem like the wrong thing to do as their standard of living will drop even more on a per capita basis. But eventually, what with the much lower standard of living and a much larger unemployed population, German politics will once again open their borders to free trade and to corporations to set up a manufacturing base in the country.

But don't feel bad, you will have company from Japan, France and most of Western Europe.