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Eat frozen food and avoid line-caught fish, says eco study

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Just in time to add Paris!

> Fed up: To the mods (who will probably block this), I am fed up with the science reporting on the Register. You can't base an entire article from one (often dodgy) citation, "The new research was carried out [by] Nova Scotia..." to push an opinion.

An opinion is just that: an opinion.

There is all sorts out there, and it is one's duty not to read only from groups that shares one's beliefs, but also expose oneself to other lines of thought, as painful or dull as this might sometimes be: one person's dullness is someone else's eye opener. Otherwise thought itself disappears, which seems more and more common on the internet, where people only subscribe to feeds and read blogs that conform to their values or interests. See John Dvorak's (yeah I know, not a great philosopher!) take on this: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2307211,00.asp

Food miles:

What an idiocy!: UK tomatoes sold in London use more CO2 than spanich ones coming by truck, because they require heated green houses. Likewise for NZ lamb, etc. This concept reeks of protectionism. Giving economy-based decisions a green coat of paint is very popular, even if they have negative environmental results (see also car crushing above).

Turkey whacks Google with £28.7m fine, claims tax dodging

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It actually makes sense

User lives in country xx and uses service provider in country xx.

Service provider makes profit from said user, some sourced from country xx advertisers, but pays no taxes to country xx. Tax money all goes to the US govt's coffers.

The service being immaterial is no justification for the tax loss to country xx, is it?

Would this work for say an online bank?

And what about free webmail providers?

This could be a Pandora box. I reckon an Out-Law article is required.

Paris because she looks confused too.

Intel aims 30W Nehalem at 'microservers'

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Will it use ECC ram though?

surely server implies ECC?

Paramagnetic nanodot smartstuff offers 1TB micro-SD cards

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hotter is better

>This insulating layer is disrupted/non existent in high temp/pressure ceramic engines causing greater heat loss through conduction and an associated loss in efficiency and increase in block cooling requirement.

Ceramic is a poor heat conductor. Ideallly (yes, I know) a ceramic engine would have no cooling, and would be wrapped in insulation.

No heat loss (except via the exhaust) means all the energy is used to move the car, rather than 70% used to heat the air at the moment.*

A thick coat of ceramic on cylinder/piston/exhaust would be a tremendous start toward that goal. The metal underneath would of course have to be kept at the usual temperatures, just like now.

*Well all the fuel is used to heat the air if you think about it: when you have moved from A to B, *all* the moving energy has been spent in friction (mainly against air, tyres and brakes) which ends up heating the air.

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

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the right code separation

How about apps not writing/overwriting in system directories? Sheesh! Back to CS101 now!

Microsoft's Yahoo! takeover faces technical challenges

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@Daniel SQL server was sybase I think..

SQL server was sybase I think..


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