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NYPD: iPhone thefts rising ten times rate of other crimes

Daniel Owen

Not Android?

Why aren't crims robbing androids?

No resale value? Nobody wants to buy them?

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

Daniel Owen

What are other phone suppliers doing wrong?

If Apple can have fans like this, whether it's sad/obsessive/lots of other adjectives, then what are other manufacturers failing to do? Clearly it's either a superior product or superior marketing.

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

Daniel Owen

Work in progress

They should have released this as a beta. Like they did with Siri.

That way they can put all this down to it being a beta.

I am glad they have done this. For me, slightly worse mapping, but with turn by turn is better.

iPhone 5: UK pay-monthly tariffs compared

Daniel Owen

Vodafone 12 month 51 quid for me same as last year. Get 20% off line rental so £679.

Cheaper than buying outright plus Giff gaff

Daniel Owen

Vodafone 12 month 51 quid for me same as last year. Get 20% off line rental so £679.

Cheaper than buying outright plus Giff gaff

That's if they confirm VOIP is included.

Daniel Owen

Cheap as!

Vodafone 12 month 51 quid for me same as last year. Get 20% off line rental so £679.

Cheaper than buying outright plus Giff gaff

That's if they confirm VOIP is included.

Raspberry Pi production back in Blighty

Daniel Owen

Produced or Assembled

Probably just incorrect use of English, but the assembly has moved to the UK not the production.

Hopefully they will be able to keep up with demand although I have been able to pick 2 pi's up next day delivery of late (albeit at the slightly inflated price of £30).

Watch Smarter: video guide to... SSD installation

Daniel Owen

I am with Mr Hill, if you can't install one you shouldn't be here

Skydiving daredevil Baumgartner leaps from 96,000ft

Daniel Owen

I imagine the thickening of atmosphere would be a very similar feeling to deploying a parachute.

Not sure if they use a drogue to slow down freefall (very much like a tandem instructor would).

Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat

Daniel Owen

Apple TV

I don't understand this, Apple already do a TV product don't they? If they had all this extra wizardry available to them, why not throw it into the already established set top box and be done with it?

Apple don't even produce their own screens do they? I though they bought it from the likes of Samsung?

Ten... Kitchen Gadget Treats

Daniel Owen

Hmm capsule coffee

Unless you grind beans you are drinking plastic coffee.

And whilst you are at it buy something that was at least roasted this year (week)

Nothing wrong with being a snob :-)

The iPad 3 would make me so horny...

Daniel Owen

I like the new fondleslab, screen is improved, and viewing very small text is definitely improved........ But that's where the problem is, I don't want to read small text.

In every situation that I could see I would zoom rather than make use of the extra pixels.

As such I will be keeping my lighter, cheaper, better battery, jailbroken iPad 2

iPhone demand strong months after 4S release

Daniel Owen

I love how these statistics are always wrong when they side with apple.

Whether it's highly technical users or complete idiots the fact of the matter is that the stats show iphone users AS A WHOLE are more satisfied, surely that means other companies need to create more user satisfying experiences.

I am not saying android should lose it's openness or customisations, but as a standard product it needs to be easier to use.

I used android for 3 years, had several custom mods etc. and have recently moved to a 4s. I am now more satisfied (although it helps that the hardware of the 4s is well beyond the spec of my previous android device).

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

Daniel Owen


So people that purchase more expensive phones are richer? Hold the front page?

BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order

Daniel Owen

Legalise cleanfiler bypass

One of the major problems I see with this ruling is that previous breaking cleanfeed was illegal, not because of the technicalities in doing so but because if you did you were essentially downloading CP.

Now you break cleanfeed and simply be accessing an index file (that there is nothing illegal about). Yes it can be used for illegal purposes but on it's own there isn't anything illegal.

Daniel Owen

Site Defence

If I am a provider of a copy protected work, even if it's as small as a one man band photographer. Can I now ask the court to block google as they are linking to my work on a completely different site?

Would the court invite google to defend itself? (they didn't invite newzbin2)

Film studios thrash BT in Newzbin site-block test case

Daniel Owen


"It knows that the users of Newzbin2 include BT subscribers; and it knows those users use its service to receive infringing copies of copyright works made available to them by Newzbin2"

Newzbin2 make no copyright works available, if all the content was removed from newsgroup providers (such as giganews), then what Newzbin2 do wouldn't help with providing content at all.

Will be interesting how they propose to do the block, like greem says this is probably the birth of newzbin3.

iPhone 5 gets iPad 2 chip and souped-up snapper

Daniel Owen

Apple to stick to (roughly) year refresh

Not really a surprise.

Given that most contracts are 12 or 24 month contracts these days how would it make business sense to do anything else?

All the people who purchased a 3GS at release on 24 month contracts are all coming up to the end of those contracts.

Apple confirms white iPhone 4 on sale tomorrow

Daniel Owen

Ploy to get rid of old hardware

I agree, same as Samsung selling all variety of Galaxy, right before they release Galaxy 2!

iXtreamer dock with IPTV

Daniel Owen

Why 10/100?

The 480i output is when outputting a clone of IOS (at least that's how I read it)

Output of other media will be up to 1080p

Why is a gigabit port of any use to media streaming device? To stream media that's over 100Mbps? And where would that content come from?

HTC takes a flyer on tablets

Daniel Owen


I read elsewhere that it's actually a sort of wireless mouse that senses position on the screen rather than actually using the capacitive screen.

Sounds cool actually,


"What’s different is the active stylus HTC has also included. It’s no plastic toothpick, as we’ve grown to hate from resistive touchscreens, and nor is it a so-called capacitive pen which mimics a fingertip for some semblance of increased accuracy on slates like the iPad. Instead it’s a truly different way of interacting with the Flyer by touch: the pressure-sensitive nib communicates its position wirelessly with the digitiser, while two barrel buttons default to erase and text-selection. To HTC’s specially-coded apps, which at launch will be the only software that supports the stylus, the nib presents as a new type of touch event, distinct from a finger."

BOFH: Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

Daniel Owen


No other word for it.

LG kicks off work on quantum dot TV

Daniel Owen

No way we will see these

How many different display types have we seen never materialise in TVs? FED SED OLED etc.

The only way we will see these is if they figure out how to make them cheaper to manufacture than LCD.

Otherwise they will just keep flogging LCD and put 3d on the end of it.

Ten... budget Android smartphones

Daniel Owen

Trackpad missing

I used to have a trackball on my hero and now don't on the SF, honestly I don't think it's a massive loss.

You get used to it not being there and just do things differently, it's not better or worse, just different.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

Daniel Owen

iPhail 4

Firstly it was leakier than a porcupines water balloon.

Then when it was released, they managed to prevent it doing the one thing you would expect from a phone and that's to actually make calls!!!

THEN to top it off, their solution wasn't to recall the product, ohh no, after discovering such a major issue with their all glass/aluminium sleakly designed phone, they decided to let you have a FREE shitty bit of plastic to put round it. "Yeah thanks for that crapple".

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

Daniel Owen


Which unlike the fat scottish pie eating contestant is actually worth having on the TV :D

No cassette required: ZX Spectrum games on the iPhone

Daniel Owen

OMG Manic Miner

Classic game :D

Hmm wonder if I can find it for android

Orange outs budget Android 2.1 handset

Daniel Owen

MCR released

And an unlock is available for using on other networks for circa £3.

Daniel Owen

Had mine since friday :D

Treat myself to one, put my orange contract SIM in, 500MB of data.

MCR rom coming soon, if not already released, to strip all the orange rubbish off.

Screen is amazing, had it next to an Iphone 4 earlier and I couldn't decide which I prefered, colours were better (IMO) than the iphone, with a slightly worse res.

All in all for £80 (nhs discount), unbelievably good phone.

Daniel Owen

ZTE Blade

It's basically a ZTE Blade, looks a very tasy phone for £100

Could be a big winner for orange

I might take a look at one for myself if the screen is any good.

Firefox wraps its gums around the iPhone

Daniel Owen

Microsoft Internet Explorer

I don't get this; Microsoft, in europe at least, got a ticking off from the courts, because it bundled IE with windows, giving it an unfair advantage against the other available browsers.

Not only do apple bundle their own browser with the Jesus phone, but the specifically ban any other browser?

How is that not getting stomped on?

Halo: Reach

Daniel Owen


This has change from the 95% when I last posted.

"Indeed, it's even possible to find fault with Reach itself. The graphics, although an improvement over Halo 3, remain some way short of the best 360 titles. Dynamic check-pointing still occasionally leads to frustrating pinch points, and very occasionally to game breaking zugzwangs. And the narrative continues to mumble along like a Special Brew-drinking-tramp raving about something, something alien race, something humanity, something intergalactic war."

If it's possible to find fault then how is the game 100%? 99%? 98? Or does el reg only go up/down in 5% chunks and if so then why not simply give a score out of 20?

Beer because it's friday!!!

Daniel Owen

Huge halo fanbois

See I am a big halo fan, family life means I don't really get to play like I used to, but still a big fan.

Wasn't impressed with ODST, the lack of anything new multiplayer wise, meant it wasn't really a halo game.

See the thing with comparing console games and pc games is that the campain is never going to be as accurate in term of a control system, and it's designed to accomodate that.

Online everyone has the same controller, so alls fair, you don't like getting shot in the back whilst trying to turn, then try facing the person that's shooting you!!!

That said COD multiplayer has taken over as my fav fps, and I am not sure I can go back.

Warner Bros flogs Nikita on iTunes

Daniel Owen


free 720p MKV with DTS on the day that the show air's

Hmmm which will people choose?

If it was price aggressively it might put a few people their way, but not priced like this.

IE9 strips to win Chrome fans

Daniel Owen

Find on page?

In IE8 you could show the menus if you chose, but in IE9, they have to be summoned by pressing Alt. The important function "Find on this page" was part of the search box in IE8, but in IE9, it has moved to the File menu under the gear wheel icon, or the Edit menu if you press Alt, or Ctrl-F if you know the shortcut. It is a minor detail, but this inconsistency illustrates the downside of hiding traditional menus.

All that just to say you can still use ctrl+f, who uses the menu to get to find these days?

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job

Daniel Owen


Couldn't believe this got media attention to start with AND IT'S STILL GOING ON!!!

If it could have been considered menacing, then why did they not call in the bomb squad?

Surely to make a serious threat you have to actually direct it at said establishment?

Sony PlayStation Move

Daniel Owen
Paris Hilton

Party Piece?

The problem with this (and with the Wii), is whilst it's a great social game, when it comes to getting serious it's not the type of game you will play for hours on your own (or online).

I our household, if we have friends over and want to put a console on then 99% of the time it's the wii. If I want play a game then it's generally the 360.

As your review is focused mainly around the party games, then it's hard to know if this will break that barrier.

Paris, because she likes to party with alien sex toys

A quarter of Americans using mobile apps

Daniel Owen

Mean and Average?

The average number of applications downloaded (18) is skewed by a small number of people downloading huge numbers of apps (the mean is 10)

Average is 18, but the mean average is 10? Most people use mean and average interchangeably.

NASA seeks soundtrack for final shuttle mission

Daniel Owen

Babylon Zoo

Spaceman :D

Apple fans drool over Liquidmetal widget

Daniel Owen

Liquid Metal

And not a single one of you uses the Terminator icon?

Shame on you!!!

MS to Kinect up UK in November

Daniel Owen

Playstation EyeToy

I remember playing this 6 years ago, it was pap!

BOFH: Lies and the lying liars who lie about them

Daniel Owen
Thumb Up

Farmer Sutra

Golden :)

BOFH back to it's best

Caretaker faces jail for putting abuse images on boss's laptop

Daniel Owen

Muppet deserves prison for stupidity

Lets face it;

has the brains to come up with plan

get pictures on laptop

puts them on CD

sends CD to police

makes "anonymous" call FROM HIS OWN MOBILE PHONE

They should jail him for stupidity as well!

Samsung Galaxy S

Daniel Owen

HTC for software updates

That's some sort of joke right?

They took about a year to get 2.1 onto the hero.

Apple iPhone 4

Daniel Owen


You know I am just not convinced by the screen, yes it's very sharp, but is it as good looking as some of the new OLED screens, lets say the desire?

I haven't held them side by side, but have had a good look on the same day and I know which one I prefer.

Newzbin comes back to life

Daniel Owen
Thumb Up

Best site on the web

except el reg of course :)

Chocolate Factory eats crow on Googlephone

Daniel Owen


Google would be selling it to anyone who would have it, if it was not for the fact that the nexus is having it's ass hand to it by the HTC Desire!

Kinda what the Nexus did to the Droid, so what goes around comes around really.

Can't really see the Nexus doing too well on Vodafone because of the Desire, that's probably going to be cheaper.

UK data watchdog to quiz Google on Streetview Wi-Fi database

Daniel Owen

Aside from location info

What use does this info have?

If you wanted complete and utter security, then don't broadcast something publically.

HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android update

Daniel Owen

Hmm what are they waiting for..

I thought maybe google nav (non beta), but as it's a global release and it's only the UK that just received google nav, then doubt it's that.

Currently using villain rom that's based on the HTC sprint port, and it's very quick and easily the best rom I have used so far, I bet most people would be happy if they released this!

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

Daniel Owen

£350 bike!!!!

Really, they saw that and thought lets steal that one? It's hardly an expensive bike in today's world.

Maybe they saw him riding it and followed him home?

If they did use streetview, how did they know it was still there? It's not a live view, the contents of the garage could have drastically changed since the photos were took.