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UFO wind turbine prang site: Exclusive photos

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

Definitely aliens it was

Oh! Moderatrix...! Thank God its Tuesday.

It looks to me like someone threw their toys out of some passing alien pram.

Or maybe aliens have been lobbing some objet d'art from out of a nearby wormhole because we went and pinched some of their advanced power technology.

Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment

Gwyn Kemp-Philp


I have followed the ebb and flow of 'debate' concerning the armed forces and female paras, and fully subscribe to the consensus that favours Italian girls doing it for fun and the Paras doing it for real.

But enough already! Insults don't sound half as effective when misspelt and it is not necessary for our armed forces - the envy of the world - to pour scorn on the civilian elements, they should save their hostilities for the enemy - so should our civvys.

We, as a nation, only ever seem to stop cussing each other when there is a war on and - STOP PRESS - There are two (and a half) going on just now, so stow it!

I was a soldier with a bad attitude once but now I am a mature gentile civilian expecting civilised behaviour from our finest.

Kiss and make up and we'll all grab a pint and go watch the girls strutting their stuff. Much better that arguing about it.

Asus Eee PC storms Euro PC maker chart

Gwyn Kemp-Philp


1. Who hasn't got a 1080p telly these days?

Well, me for one!

As the picture quality of television continues to improve so the quality of things to watch continues to deteriorate.

Lately, I have settled for just watching the ten o'clock news. End of!

My last-century 28" CRT does just fine for that and when it breaks, I will save the cost of a TV licence rather than buy a new HDTV. I expect the cost of both will be about the same.

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

Gwyn Kemp-Philp
Black Helicopters

E-Bay sale

All I can say is, if we are not a surveillance society then some people have mislaid an awful lot of camera's. Will there be a E-Bayfest of liberated camera's any time soon?

I could almost live with the CCTV if it resulted in a massive townturn in crime. IF I could walk the streets at any time day or night confident that I am fully protected by constant vigilance THEN I could be persuaded to accept their usefulness. BUT it doesn't! Worse; every time a crime is caught on camera there is the claim that it is not sufficient evidence to convict anyone with.

That begs the question What use is it then? if you can't catch criminals with it why haven't we abandoned it as an expensive bad idea?

The only answer I can come up with is that was not the reason why they were put there. So by definition, we are in a surveillance society.

Mag-lev flywheel UPS firm says shipments speeding up

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

Another way

The idea with having such a thick steel core is that by the time you have figured out a way of moving it, it will - hopefully - have wound down.

Mine's the bomb disposal jacket...

VXers slap copyright notices on malware

Gwyn Kemp-Philp


I suspect 'breach of contract' would have a slightly different meaning to virus creators than it does to us ordinary mortals.

Failure to observe the contract is more likely to arise from not bothering to read the End Loser Agreement that a desire to mix it with the Czars of destruction.

And I should think penalty clauses are likely to be more 'imaginative'.

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

Over the top?

I sympathies with NC and anyone else unfortunate to attract the attention of the gestapo at any airport.

I have just survived Johannesburg airport and would compare notes.

I was navigating customs in a wheelchair (because I am disabled) and during the course of the interrogation I was relieved of every single possession - including my stick - for testing to near destruction. I was then told to stand up to be searched. I replied I could not do that because they had taken my stick away and the reason I was in the chair was... etc.,

I was then approached by two more officials and the order was repeated. - so was my reply.

They then summoned some police officers who informed me that failing to comply with the order was an offence and I would be arrested if I refused one more time.

I said gimme my stick and I'll try... Then promptly arrested me and assured me that I was going to be placed on the airport blacklist and would be banned from using it. I replied that that was not possible as I had already blacklisted the airport.

This continued with the police attempting to force me to my feet and me not being happy to comply until at last, a competent officer arrived at the melee and instructed that I was to be searched whilst sitting. They got all uptight about that and insisted on starting all over again from the start. Finally I was released minus everything I owned which included medication for the flight and I did not get access to any of it until landing at Gatwick (Thank God!)

All praise to Nationwide (SA airline) for delaying their flight by a full hour for me and arriving at Gatwick only 10 minutes late.

With all this power to hand with this terrorist nonsense, the authorities and airlines have become the terrorists - because it is illegal to fail to comply with every whim they feel that they can do whatever they want without having to answer for it.

Personally, I'd rather risk the terrorists that have to put up with this dehumanising experience, I truly believe that the terrorists have won because we have lost our democratic processes into global police states.

Perhaps, that was really the plan all along.

Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

Gwyn Kemp-Philp


It may be true that the markings on a bullet can identify where it came from... But -

It still can not tell why it was fired or whom it was aimed at.

The intention to hit a designated target must be proven in order to profile a crime.

Otherwise it may simply have been an accidental discharge aimed at no-one in particular and by virtue of a number or random ricochets, ended up in an unknown target.

Chaos rules.

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

Bilingual joke...

Hmmm. I always thought CULS and Air-port were alternative terms for the same place - where the sum don't shine.

Seems I may have been right, Perfect for Government intervention.

British youths think Churchill went to moon

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

To moon or not to moon?

Quote> i have yet to hear a convincing argument to-date to say the moon landings were faked... and none of thes nubile rantings about mulitiple light sources, no stars in the sky, perfectly framed pictures from chest mounted cameras with no viewfinder.... proper arguments..... <

Having the lens etchings pass BEHIND the subjects being filmed did it for me.

Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

VM Installing "Engineers"

No shit?

When I succumbed to the transfer from ADSL to cable, the "Engineers" were unable (they said) to install the cable due to it having to be routed through the kitchen.

"It might get wet" they explained, ignoring the fact that it was already crossing 20 feet of garden nailed to the wall. On the subsequent attempt, a supervisor directed every move until the cabling was complete.

The "Engineer" gave me a sealed box containing the modem and a CD and said I probably know more about how to set it up than he, then fled!

I was just leaving for an overseas trip and carefully circulated my e-mail address in case of problems and no sooner than I landed in Africa the Cnuts terminated my mail account.

Internationally, they told me that I could no longer have a Virgin address! I must change to NTLworld!!! despite me having set up a dial-up account to stop that happening. So no contact with the outside world for weeks until in desperation I bought my own domain.

I get home next week - does anyone have any constructive comments or actions to hit VM with?

I am warming to the idea of instigating bankruptcy proceedings and I've already done the 'Dozy Cnuts' bit.

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

Gwyn Kemp-Philp
Thumb Up

Brilliant TV

I have been involuntarily interned in South Africa for three months and I can truly say that South African TV is Brilliant.

It is so dire that I could not bear to watch it at all.

Consequently, I have now completely got TV out of my system and I am 'cured' for return to UK next week.

My computer (and internet) is so much better.

32" 16:9 TV for sale to highest bidder. Reserve £0.50p S/H TV licence for sale - Cheap.

UK presses car ferry to ship powdered plutonium

Gwyn Kemp-Philp

Risks and rewards.

What are we complaining about?

Well, for starters, no-one thinks the current government is capable of doing anything without losing at least half of it - and its budget. I bet it isn't even encrypted!

Secondly, stretched resources and PC commitments ensure that all escorts are authorised to shout sternly at any would-be pirates and have been known to exceed their authority and shake their fists in the heat of the moment on occasions.

Thirdly, when the stolen shipment is discovered in Solihull, the Courts will rule that we have no evidence that the stuff is actually stolen and it should be returned to the innocent but persecuted (insert fave group here) and let them be left in peace to pursue their hobbies.

I think our future lies in Nuclear power - but - Nuclear + UK + Big bungs = Worry.


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