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Yeah, we'll just take that first network handshake. What could possibly go wrong?

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More robotic mayhem

Or never assume your fellow programmers are as good as you are.

We had a machine with an add on robot.

The robot had its own control program with move commands, gripper open/shut and a wait command that paused the program waiting for the machine to send a signal to execute the next bit of robot code

The machine had 2 commands.... signal the robot to start and........ signal the robot to start and wait for the robot to send finished...

Needless to say I programmed the robot to pick up blanks from the tray and put them in the machine according to the master plan worked out previously as the machine had control of the splash guards and clamping.

My colleague<snarls and glares over the screen> did the machine program, so we both load up the code ready for the first test run.

and hit the big green button.

The sequence was supposed to go

Splash guard open

Robot arm in place to grab part

Clamp release

Arm up /wrist 180 to load blank/arm down


Arm ungrab blank and retract

Splash guard close

The actual sequence was splash guard open, unclamp,clamp , splash guard close, arm straight through perspex splash screen, 1st tool comes down and crashes into arm before someone manages to hit the big red stop button.

Post mortum(attentive readers will have already worked out what happened)

My colleague<glares over the screen again> wrote his code and decided to use the 'robot start' command instead of the 'robot start and wait for the robot to finish' command

Needless to say the machine ran through its set of commands before my robot had even got as far as deciding to try putting the part in........... then it tried to put the part in.

Solution(H2SO4..... if only it was that easy....and I could get away with it........) I wrote ALL the robotic handling code from then on

Be careful where you install software, and who installs it

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Re: Linux Bros'

Of course.... its something to look at while you compile your own kernel.......

Need a double troll :)

Strike days should serve as 'wake-up call' to BT's top brass, says union

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Re: Greed


"lets get a bunch of greedy lunatics that have ALL done the SAME Masters degree and "learnt" the same stuff adn shovel them in to firms across every industry and watch them try to use the SAME useless crap they've learnt and reshape each firm into a carbon copy of what Jack Welch did to GE & what the idiots at Boeing did to Boeing and enrich themselves while the company collapses"

Yeah but so long as the company collapses AFTER they've cashed out... who gives a fuck?

Thats the way they actually think . maximise share dividend , maximise share price, cash out asap.

Oh dear my lousy decisions have put a well respected company down, caused 50 000 people to directly lose their jobs, and 100 000 jobs in the the supply chain to go....... but hey look at my fucking yacht! its like 200 feet long, and has its own dock at both my Bermuda house AND my california house. who gives a shit about plebs on the breadline... and if they cause trouble .. I own 10 congress critters and they'll block any wealth law

Bad news, older tech workers: Job advert language works against you

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This news

is rather like the story about bears shitting in the woods or the pope being a catholic.

A lifetime ago I was merrily earning an OU degree in computery stuff, and was applying for jobs with buzzwords such as concurrency, synchonised, Java, etc etc, because experience playing with robots/machine tools taught you all about programming concurrent applications (and the resulting bangs if you got it wrong)

Didn't get an answer....

However tweaked my CV to leave off DoB, skewls attended, and the first 10-15 yrs of work and magically I had people wanting to talk to me (not many).

The reason why companies want inexperienced younger staff is not about paying them less, or working them 100 hrs a day, its us older workers being able to see through the bullshit the PHBs come up with every day to try and justify their own employment/existence.

Homes in London under threat as datacenters pull in all the power

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And there

was a nice piece on BBC about Hinkley B nuclear power station shutting down because it was life expired (actually about 15 yrs beyond the original expiry date) and the fact it supplied 3% of the UK's electrickery and you really think people might have noticed 20-30 yrs ago that most of our power generation system was going life expired in 2020-2025 and built replacements (wind is crap and solar fails completely at night) which means lots more gas generation as its cheap and quick to build.

Which sums this country up nicely , anything that takes longer than 5 years (nuclear power plant replacement, power cable replacement, trainings loads more doctors/nurses) is automatically kicked down the road by the government as the next election happening and we dont want the next government getting credit for something they've done.

I'll give it 6 months before we'll getting rolling blackouts/load shedding as the french wont send us any nuclear generated electrickery as it will all be needed to power Germany after the russkies turn off the gas supply.

Lapping the computer room in record time until the inevitable happens

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IT Angle

I used

to 'work' for the government... if we had any 'spare' time it was straight down the compressor house and into the little soundproof cabin built inside it... where the poker game took place.... we were government employees and hardly lightly to do anything as energetic as office chair racing ....

Although because we were young and owned 125 two stroke motorcycles... we did clear a racetrack among the machines one saturday.....

"And Boris is approaching the office bend now.. he got the racing line and on the brakes to snatch the lea and who opened the door..."

We only got caught because the smell of burned 2 stroke oil lingered until monday morning.......

Preparing for Skylab: The separate 1972 experimental mission that never left the ground

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The lesson to learn is how many times the manglement dont listen to the engineers.....

Challenger being a prime example of this.

BOFH: Selling the boss on a crypto startup

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Re: Just remember…

They sure do, especially that dodgy switch on the lift door that seems to detect when the assistant beancounter has come up with a bright idea for making more money that you just know the manglement will implement without thinking about it with the result theres a shed load more work and faffing about for the rest of us.

And then you get the help call from one of the manglers saying the lift does'nt line up with the ground floor again and can you sort it.

Few times up and down the shaft with it and it soon lines up and you learn to ignore next week's complaints about the funny smell thats come back again....

Psst … Want to buy a used IBM Selectric? No questions asked

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Re: Comments to On-Call articles

Betcha the cattle prod went "ominous hummmKZERRRT"

More like "ominous hummmKZERRRTAAAAAAAAAAAAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee I'm reporting you to the manglement and I got witnesses"

To which the rest of the workforce went "We didnt see nuffink" ( although that maybe due to me beaming proudly at the PFY for learning so fast...... and the fact I was lazily flipping a 3lb lump hammer from hand to hand...)

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Re: Comments to On-Call articles


"It's the age old natural arms race between idiot and idiot-proof..."

To which the idiot always wins

We got fed up with the operators loading the trays of parts into the robot machining cells the wrong way round(everything from bent fingers to bits of metal fired out of a now bent fixture).

So we had a merry afternoon of painting arrows on said trays, making notices and a spot of training.

this week : spang boing CRASH kerpow tinkle.. yupp operator STILL loaded the tray the wrong way round.

I fed him to the PFY after noticing she had the cattle prod out.......

Chinese booster rocket tumbles back to Earth: 'Non-zero' chance of hitting populated area

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Re: I would say ....

Hmmmm gosport or Basingstoke... gosport or Basingstoke.... the choices .. the choices...

Sorry... much as I hate gosport, Basingstoke gets it by a whisker.


Hint for our non-UK readers.... Basingstoke is a carbon copy of Milton Keynes.. only without the heart and soul of Milton Keynes.....

Microsoft warns Windows 10 patch broke printing for some

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After all these years

you'd think someone at m$ actually knew about the print service module and howto keep it upto date without borking it.

Then again, if the QC department hadn't of been fired to save money, m$ might have picked it up before the update got out............

A character catastrophe for a joker working his last day

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Re: Do not piss about in prod!

Nope , does'nt work.... they're usually 2 fingered typists anyway... so lopping 4 or 5 off does'nt work.

And in my game, making the sort of mistake that can lead to losing fingers DOES actually mean losing fingers.

Such as taking the safety gate key out of the office to unlock one of the gates while things are in motion just to retrieve an earbud thats rolled under the gate.......without noticing the label on the key that says "Only to be removed from this office by in the presence of Boris"

Infosec not your job but your responsibility? How to be smarter than the average bear

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Re: Not just for the non-pro

Watch the first episode of "The IT crowd" and how Jen gets her job.

Thats how.

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected

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Welcome to

my world.

Where major customers whine constantly about 'getting it made in China(or another outsourcing country)' because its cheaper. even after we've made the effort to reduce prices and increase productivity.

And then they do goto 'insert country here' and take ALL the work with them .. goodbye 3 shift system.. hello 1 shift with overtime (if you're lucky..P45 if not).

its right royal pita... especially where $multinational then calls you up and says "Can you make XXX part for us? 3000 per week as before oh and as a generous offer we'll knock 10% off the price we were paying before we dumped you"

Upon further enquiry , we found out that their new supplier could hit the production targets , but not the quality targets. so the counter offer went back offering 2 weeks development charge for us to rebuild the fixtures, grippers and recover the programming and then resume delivery at 25% more than we were charging before.

"WE CANT PAY THAT" came the answer...... "How much per hour does it cost to have your assembly line stopped?" we answered.

To be honest at that stage , we were gouging them, and we had enough work (just) to stay in business and didnt care if that deal came through or not.

And as the law of purchases says "Pick 2 of the following 3 options : Price, quality, delivery"

We've got a photocopier and it can copy anything

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Re: That's so stupid...

I wonder if the 2 villians of the peace were named Lord Percy Percy and Baldrick?

British intelligence recycles old argument for thwarting strong encryption: Think of the children!

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Given how

leaky, bug ridden and insecure windows is, I doubt very much the spies/plod/council officials looking for people who let their dogs shit on the grass and dont clear it up* actually need to bother with breaking encryption.

Its us linux types that must be upto no good, using an OS they cant browbeat the creators into inserting a backdoor, being immune to many common problems such as viruses and malware and thus denying them a chance to put their spyware on our machines.

Plus we tend to use full disc encryption and various other methods such as backups to make sure our data is secure.

yes ... find your linux users and its 90% certain they are upto no good (especially the ones that dont pay a good capitalist company for the right to rent their software)**

* this is true RIPA was brought in for exactly the reasons listed, child porn, terrorism ,other serious major crimes.... and was used by councils for such jobs as checking recycling bins, and seeing if parents had sent their kids to the right school....

** wheres the satire icon?

After 40 years in tech, I see every innovation contains its dark opposite

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As exciting as the future

holds, please remember that if in 1982 you told people that you could have a handheld gadget that allowed you to talk to nearly every person on the planet, and contained the sum total of human knowledge that you only had to ask a question about and it would be presented to you, they would never of believed you .....especially the bit where 99.9% of users used it to watch cat videos and call each other rude names.

Botnet malware disguises itself as password cracker for industrial controllers

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Re: 'Engineers may have legitimate reasons for downloading such password-cracking software.'

With violence and possibly a PFY wielding a cattle prod if you did it where I work.

Russia fines Google $374 million for letting the truth about Ukraine be told

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Re: Pootin the Great

Sadly we learned in 1945 that the great dictator did surround himself with yes men*.. and yes they were all as nuts as he was....

eg Wilhelm Keitel nicknamed Lakeitel, a play on the word lackey and his name

Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems

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Engineering in general

is hard.

Whether its electrical, electronic or even the lowlife scum of a mech(me)

First of all is all the knowledge you have to aquire in order to pass the degree exams and then......... its fresh faced into the world of making stuff only to find out half the stuff you learned you'll never need and the other 1/2 has been superceded by a new flashier tech.

Combined with the grizzled old engineers like moi who eat you alive for breakfast you begin to think "is this the job for me?"

Then you notice the real kick in the face......... the paypacket ........ and the social status (you're an engineer? I'd much rather lick a slug than talk to you)

But you soldier on through , gaining the knowledge until its re-union day with your old uni buddies who generally went off to better jobs..... and you find they're earning £60k plus while you're dreaming of breaking £28k for the first time and your employer is complaining he cant find skilled staff to replace the grizzled old engineers like me when we retire(T - 6 yrs 8 months 3 weeks 2 days ,,, not that I'm counting )

Then, when you've won through to the higher levels of the company and sitting pretty at the level of design engineer, your company gets bought out and offshored resulting in a P45 and learning the ins and outs of unemployment as your are now 40 and too old.

Such is life

BT strikes to start this month, 40,000 workers to down tools

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Re: Go for it

Which works really well

Except you've moved the safety role from the drivers to the automation system and assumed because its automated , its going to be right 100% of the time*

Except when the techs have worked 12hr days 7 days a week for 6 weeks to get the project done, and forgotten to tie and isolate an old circuit which is'nt checked, then shorts into another circuit turning a signal red.

Train stops and the train behind plows into it because its last signal is green.....

*not even airlines are this stupid

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Re: Go for it


"What, for sitting in their 'office' and pushing a button that says "close doors", then pushing "Go"? The sooner the network is updated to run automated driverless trains the better.

I have no problem with people making that sort of money if they actually work to earn it, but the UK average salary is < £30K and I see nothing that train drivers do that would justify paying them 5x that."

I worked for a company that took that view with what us skilled types were doing (I'm someone who takes a CAD model, uses CAM software to turn it into machine code, then design/build a robotic cell setup to mass produce such parts... along with various IT/maintance type stuff thats a bit of a fun sideline..)

The manager said we were all to be classified as 'semi-skilled' and our wages reduced to match because as far as he could see it... all we did was load stuff into a machine and then hit the start button.

We did not see the funny side of this.

So we decided to do the semi skilled stuff

No programming, no building, no testing equals.... no production

And then one of the customers asked when they were getting their nuclear parts delivered ... we responded they're sitting on the floor awaiting a skilled guy to come in and program the models into the machines.

They called the senior directors

At which point the mangler concerned was politely told to fuck off by the board of directors and they re-instated our pay grades and backdated them to when we were demoted.

Just because someone 'sits in a chair and presses a button' does not mean they are 'unskilled' or 'untrained' thus not deserving of a decent payrate, using your definition we could pay airline pilots min wage because all they do is sit in a chair and press buttons and watch the world go by.

Knowledge costs...... and for train drivers its knowing things like signal SN109 out of paddington cannot be seen at 7.40am and that care should be taken passing it and request its resighted before theres a bloody big acciden

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Re: Go for it

Wow conservative party central office got here quick

I'd also suggest checking out things like train leasing companies and how much they are paid and how much the train operators managers are paid .. especially when that level of manglement gets a golden parachute for a gross fuck up , where as the rest of us get a P45 and get thrown from the train with fuck all.

Good luck to the BT guys

Hint: dont raise the bosses pay by 30% then say we cant afford a big pay rise

Just because you failed doesn't mean you weren't right

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Having worked

for our MOD here on various projects

I can quite believe this tale.

Is the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope worth the price tag?

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JWST has cost 10 billion

Lets put some persepective here

That money has been spent building and testing the thing over the past 15 years(the actual materials cost is bugger all.. the expense is eaten by the testing)

And yet in that time the US defence department has recieved enough money in each one of those year to build SEVENTY telescopes.

70 per year for 15 years... let that sink in.

And before the "we need to defend ourselves" types start up.... in a war of USA vs rest of the world(non nuclear) and each side traded ships/tanks/aircraft 1 for 1 the US would win.

CP/M's open-source status clarified after 21 years

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Build your

own Z80 based computer AND have CPM free to use.... wwwwwwwwoooooooohhoooooooo

"Spriggins... get the jalopey out, we're off to visit that purvayor of all things electrical .. Maplins"

Wheres the proper ancient history icon?

Tories spar over UK's delayed Online Safety Bill

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Big Brother


more you tighten your grip, the more VPNs will slip through your fingers

FDA clears way for an AI stethoscope to detect heart disease

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Re: Smart-watch bound?

To be honest , detecting AF is not exactly rocket science

Doctor: does it feel like your heart goes racing while your pulse stays about normal?

Patient: Yes

Doctor: heres a heart moniter, wear it for 24 hrs, then give it back at the desk and I'll call if it shows anything

VF ... now thats a trickier thing to diagnose...

SCOTUS judges 'doxxed' after overturning Roe v Wade

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Re: The left no longer understand what democracy means.

Perhaps we should list up the killings and the bombing committed by the 'pro-life' mob before drawing too much judgement on a bunch of cyber crooks.

After all, the phone call to the bank canceling your credit card and asking for a new one is so much easier than the 911 call saying your doctor husband has just been shot in the head in front of you....

In any case..... wtf business of the state is it what a person does with his/her body?

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall

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the indicators on subscription too? or are they still permanently on 'MOT test detection mode only' still?

Also I didn't know that the beam setting could be changed on a BMW, I though 'high beam' was it (along with 'rear fog lights all the time' too)

Meta asks line managers to identify poorly performing staff for firing

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Translation needed


"Meta also decided to leave some jobs unfilled, its hope being that those who actually belonged at the Silicon Valley goliath would rise to meet the challenge of taking on other people's responsibilities."

We have decided to make you work 2 jobs... your own and someone else's after they were fired for poor performance, please remember that if you perform poorly in either job , you'll be fired too........... oh and theres no pay increase for you covering for 2 people.

Microsoft resorts to Registry hack to keep Outlook from using Windows 11 search

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Re: Windows, search, and the art of inadequacy


Just found mint runs on an old laptop (2009/mint 19) so went for 20 on my personal work box

d/l mint 20.. slapped it on a USB, rebooted the PC... thats about it

Run update every 4 weeks or so.. and its good to go

For me its not a question of windows vs linux , its how come m$ can make a product as bad as it is, and yet still sell millions of copies....

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

Re: Windows, search, and the art of inadequacy

Same here

windows 10 thrashes the HDD to death running god knows what for 15-30 minutes before you can even use the PC... although the desktop login comes up in about a minute.

Linux mint take a min to desktop and is ready to use


Watch a RAID rebuild or go to a Christmas party? Tough choice

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Another old


IT bod : the disk is failing, bad sectors everywhere, only a matter of time before it dies

manglement: It still runs

IT bod : look , just schedule an engineer to come out , do a backup and swap the failing drive over for a good one, it take 2 hrs

Manglement : costs too much, server/computer/industrial plant needed.. cant afford down time.

IT bod : look just let me.

Manglement : Nope nope nope nope not listening !

<Drive dies 4 days later


If you've not had the above played out in front of you, are you even a real IT bod ?

America's chip land has another potential shortage: Electronics engineers

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You wait

until you find out theres no companies/people capable of building the equipment in your fabs

Wont matter then that theres optics guys, EE's and CS engineers who can do the design if theres no one who can make a 6 foot dia vacuum chamber complete with a purge system that includes behind the rubber gas seals..

I've found 1 person capable of replacing me in 5 years of various apprentices coming and going... and she's rather keen to get in on the programming the stuff rather than any shop floor "lets see if I can make a 600lb billet of 316 stainless into part of a chip fab line" type bollocks

Its just a sad state of affairs here that my last apprentice was paid near min wage, he gets 120quid a week more to stack shelves...... and my PFY's brother gets as much as I do for running a MacD shift...

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15

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Can only agree with the above comments

Fancy being between the robot and the safety cage because a hax has over ridden the PLC lock out on the safety gate when 'start' button is pressed....

THAT really ruins your career.... and the operators life..... and the manager's career.... and if the insurance plays up, everyone's careers

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

Re: A Warning

We still make stuff here !

Until the one of the day shift downloads something onto the wrong computer, begins watching with glee, skips doing his job and goes home at shift end.

Not realising that the IT department (me partly among other hats) can see what he's downloaded onto the desktop of said laptop after its been brought in because its running slow.

Deleted everything....... then notices its still running slow....... and the network is..... and everything on the admin side network is....... and then the virus scanner blows a fuse....

thank gawd for that airgap.

He came in the next day only to be sent home early with the contents of his locker ...

Union tells BT: Commit to pay rise talks next week or else

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

If there's

the money for a 30% raise for the boss, theres the money for a 30% raise for the rest of the staff

Otherwise we're going to be at the old gag of

Boss brings new super sports car to work, everyone gathers around it going 'coo'

And the boss says "If you lot work hard and get the deliveries done on time with no mistakes , I can have another new car next year"


"And when my boss did that with his new porche, I fetched the broom handle of doom and banged on the inside of the factory roof forcing all the seagulls to take off in fright and they always lighten their loads on take off...."

Wheres the birdshit icon ?

Large Hadron Collider experiment reveals three exotic particles

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Re: Moo

Depends how fast they are going

If at usual cow speed of 1 mph, then good luck,15'ish however if they are mooving at 99.999999% of the speed of light they will be in effect flat discs and you'll be able to stack a lot more in.

Just dont let the beams cross

Getting that syncing feeling after an Exchange restore

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Re: I knew where this was going

Restorable backups...... oh god

It was bad enough getting the backups done in the first place........ and then

You werent there man.... you dont know what it was like.....

What to do about inherent security flaws in critical infrastructure?

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

We're doomed

Its a choice for the manglement really

1. Air gap the critical systems from anything internet related (glueing up the USB ports too), then only applying updates from a secure scanned laptop

2. Leave everything as is , as its much more easy to download the production numbers from the line to your desktop PC than to dial the line supervisor and say "how many widgets made today"..... after opening the urgent e.mail from 'accounts' that has a PDF.exe file attatched.............

I know which choice our manglers would pick....

2050 carbon emission goals need nuclear to succeed, says International Energy Agency

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

Re: Net zero emissions by 2050,


" And I suspect that serious nuclear accidents just might become quite a bit more common if there are 20 or 40 times as many nuclear power plants as are currently in service."

Take the view of James Lovelock

"50 000 dead from a nuclear accident in the next 50 yrs is going to be a hell of a lot better than 500 million dead from global warming........"

And he was a scientist and knew what he was on about

Everyone back to the office! Why? Because the decision has been made

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

I hate my office

And want to work from home....... but it does have its rewards...like my crummy office chair with the blown gas cylinder inside that slowly drops you to the floor

However... a quick visit to the toolroom and some hot metal bashing later I have a collar that goes over the cylinder and holds the chair at the correct height.... only thing to remember is to sit down slowly because theres no 'give' in the chair anymore.

And then I have Tuesday off.. whoopee ... well a doctors visit anyway........ and my estwhile colleague opposite whos noticed my chair is no longer wonky, and his is, decides to swap the chairs over, and then finds out there are worse modications to an offfice chair than duct taping an airhorn to it......

Hes been off for 3 days now with a 'bad back'

The war goes on

NanoAvionics satellite pulls out GoPro to take stunning selfie over Earth

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

Re: Clever

Actually its banana shaped

City-killing asteroid won't hit Earth in 2052 after all

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

Aim it

at Basingstoke... nothing of value will be damaged

California's attempt to protect kids online could end adults' internet anonymity

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

I can see this working

Log into a website... lets call it "The register .com " supply your credit card number, name and address to prove you are an adult.

Now you're free to post whatever comment you like..

Right upto the point where the PFY misconfigures the database holding all our details and the hackers make off with a copy of all of it... new credit cards all round plus time+expense of canceling etc etc.

Now rinse and repeat for every site you goto.. and now its a great tracking device for anyone..... looked up abortion websites, registered with one... went to California on a pre booked appointment... now law enforcement in your 19th century state can go "Ohhhhhhh lets throw her in prison too" after they issue a warrent because after all planned parenthood works in their state too......

"Lets protect the children" should be banned as a phrase because it means nothing of the sort...

Anyway little 13 yr old Johnny borrowed his dad's credit card to make an account on pr0nhub.

You need to RTFM, but feel free to use your brain too

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


But what if your manual has been translated from Japanese into English by contract translators who just do a word for word translation and never bother reading it to see if it makes any sense.

At least the german robots are a bit closer to english so when the manual makes no sense we can go back to the original german..(and that sometimes makes no sense either!)

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America

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as its been claimed that the consitution or amendments thereof makes no mention of abortion, and therefore states rights take over in whether abortion is legal, how about

The consitution makes no mention of driving licences(or cars in general) therefore this falls also to states rights... however the federal government should say that a state driving licence should only be valid for that state... you want to drive in another state you need to pass the driving test in that state.

Should create the sort of traffic jams only Crowley could dream of....

Whatever hit the Moon in March, it left this weird double crater

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


hit empty end first causing first crater then the engines hit causing the second

At least thats what happens in Kerbal Space Program (assuming you can get your rocket to the mun in the first place)


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