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Bug-Byte Manic Miner

The big blue one

Want to have a play

If you want to have a go I found a java version at http://www.zxspectrum.net/

There appears to be lots of other classics as well. O how I loved "Lords of Midnight"

p.s. don't forget to enter the Load"" to get started.

HSBC forgets to renew its digital certificate

The big blue one

What really happened?

Well I expect what really happened was that the technical guys thought that for a laugh they would let the certificate expire. May be no one would notice.

Unsurprisingly when I called their helpdesk I had trouble getting through and when I finally did the nice lady said yes there was a problem and they were working on it and all I had to do was click throught it. I bet the call centre staff weren't laughing at the little joke played by the technical guys.

For the benefit of the unenlightened, the alert occurred well after I had logged on and been presented with some specific business information so it couldn't possibily have been a phishing site because they wouldn't have that kind of information. It occurred just before I got my balances.

Also their service doesn't use a virtual keyboard to access (well I have never seen one) and you get a security device which generates a different number everytime you press the button so I guess its hard for phishers to get through.


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