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McCain taps Fiorina

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I can only thank Bill and Dave for building a company that took such good care of us as to allow me to early retire once the EGO FROM HELL took over.

Bill and Dave made it a point to respect everyone in their employ and regularly talked with everyone in the halls and made it a point for all to know their office door was always open. Carly on the other hand, made it a point for all to know she was above them and that to fear her was in their best interest. I saw the Devil Wears Prada for the first time and thought, my josh, they made a movie about Carly!

So to conclude my little rant, I cannot and will not be a part of helping her get to a position of real power, I will be voting Democratic for the very first time if she shows up on the ticket. I still have this uneasy feeling she will be involved in McCanes administration and that may be enough to vote for Hilary...