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World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros

Jason Ward
Paris Hilton

Passingly funny

But does nothing to enhance either M$ or Vista.

Paris because she needs no advertising.

US, EU tech trade row gets serious

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re: Maybe if people in Europe liked the Americans

Errr surely all the cheap hardware is manufactured in the far east? Shouldn't this be China vs. Europe?

As it happens... I agree with the comments on Antigua, they should get to adjudicate on this one.

Paris: Because her people could come up with a sensible solution which she can sell us in another poolside bikini clad video.

Teens admit to Grand Theft Auto-inspired petrol bombfest

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I learned how to make...

... Molotov Cocktails from my mum... yep seriously.

But quite aside from that, does anyone seriously believe had these kids never seen GTA that they would not have gone and done something different but equally dumb?

My mates and I when I was that age used to make bombs (again kid you not, custard powder, wonderful stuff) but we used to climb over the wall into a derelict and disused municipal graveyard and let them off in there (well after the first one was let off in the back garden, decided never to do that again).

Obviously in today's freaky everyones a terrorist times kids are better off with Molotov cocktails than bombs (I'd opt for local police and courts over anti-terrorist police and Guantanamo Bay any day) but still, these idiots burned out cars and peoples property... we (my mates and I) disturbed a few dead people and some local wildlife.

Sorry, much as I personally don't like GTA (any more than I like Sims) it did not teach these kids to be malicious even if they lifted ideas from it on how to be malicious.

Paris because she makes me explode.

Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

Jason Ward
Paris Hilton


Someone called HOUSE earlier in these comments, along with a few other humorous items... but where are they now?!

Paris because, well who better for El Presidento?

Olympic ticket scammers still going for gold

Jason Ward
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And you add more legitmacy...

... just by linking from El Reg.

Not because the article misleads, but because the more links from more legit sites the more Google et al will see it is a legit site.

Paris because she needs no legitimacy and gets wherever she wants without tickets.

SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m Unix royalties

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It ain't sad

"to see two tech companies that were in their day market leaders now fighting each other for scraps and bits of each others rapidly dwindling empires"

Novell didn't enter this to fight over SCO's scrap of business, actually they just stood their ground as SCO tried to make a land grab for the whole Linux market.

SCO tried to charge us all for a license to run Linux because if chock full of SCO's Unix code.

All Novell did was say "actually we own the Unix code".

That's pretty much the whole The SCO Group vs Novell litigation in nutshell.

Also of note though, that this SCO, The SCO Group, is not the SCO or yore, the SCO of yore renamed themselves to Tarantula and got swallowed by SUN.

But the main reason it ain't sad is because finally SCO got the bitch slapping it so richly deserved.

Paris because I know who I would rather be a slapping...

HP's white trash data center is up for anything

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lulu but not in the UK

Tried accessing that "other" video from anywhere except the US?

Doesn't work.

Paris because she's available everywhere.

Microsoft Office Online falls into Halloween time vortex

Jason Ward

Contact us

But we make no effort to contact you.

Anyone notice that if you give them feedback on the website, after typing in your feedback you are told "whilst we make every effort to reply personally..."

I normally don't believe statements like that at the best of times, but given that the feedback section never asks for nore provides for you to enter even the slightest bit of personal information you can certain that when they say "...we make every effort to reply personally..." they are without doubt lying.


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