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Intel says data centers much too cold

Gary F

@AC - very valid point

In the event of failure of either a server's fans or the aircon itself the server or room will very quickly approach a critical level if what Intel suggests was allowed. Keeping the room cool (21C) buys us extra time to fix problems with fans and aircon, as Anonymous Coward suggests.

It's amazing that Intel didn't mention this - or did El Reg not report on that?

Dell's Android phone unmasked

Gary F

No wifi or 3G?

What is the point of this phone's existence if it doesn't have wifi or 3G? Dell give it a lovely hi-res display but they won't let you use it to surf the web at a half decent speed. Bizarre. This is like version 0.5 of the iPhone. Why? Danger Will Robinson, it does not compute!

US Marines' Afghan robocopter-supply contest down to two

Gary F

Meanwhile at the MoD...

Not to be outdone by the Americans, the MoD have received the latest batch of elastic bands that Mr Brown has found behind a radiator at Number 10. The elastic bands will be dispatched immediately and fitted to new stealth helicopters made from polystyrene kits that can be assembled on the battlefield.

The new wave of helicopters are completely automated requiring no pilot, just a very brave member of ground crew to walk around the helicopter 5000 times without letting go of the blades.

Nothing but the best for our boys! :-(

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

Gary F


Well that's another way to bring the end to human civilization. We've seen how viruses mutate to cross species so maybe this fungi could do the same. Then all it takes is someone to bring back a few spores in their suitcase and another country will get infected.

I'm sure this will spore on another zombie movie. (Haha, did you see what I did there?)

Twitter briefly knocked offline by hackers (again)

Gary F

Twitter is brain dead

Have they not heard of clustering? If they ran several instances of their app over several clusters then it would be extremely difficult for it to go offline. Surely their popularity has bought fresh investment to do something about their poor reliability image.

Personally I don't see why any relatively busy person would use Twitter. It's a waste of time unless you happen to have a lot of spare time to suffocate under everyone else's trivial tweets which are often as brain numbing as watching Big Brother or as pretentious as a woman's gossip magazine. However, I'm sure there are perfectly good examples of how Twitter can be used as a legitimate tool to enhance an existing application or process. Answers on a postcard...

Microsoft releases Windows 7 to MSDN, TechNet today

Gary F

I can't wait

While upgrading to Windows 7 (a fresh install) I will take the oppertunity to celebrate and replace my hard drive with a SSD. Windows 7 should work slightly better with SSD and I'm so fed up of waiting for Windows to boot off mechanical drives.

I've been waiting for an inprovement to XP for half a decade.

Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble - and why it's flawed

Gary F

Can't compare Apples with pears

When was the last time someone said "ooh, it's cheaper to upgrade Windows than Mac OS, so I'd better stop using my Mac OS and just buy Windows from now on"? And vice versa. If someone likes their brand of OS they stick to it. And if they did want to swap "sides" they'd probably buy a new PC or Mac with the OS preinstalled.

I don't think there is any merit in comparing Windows/Mac OS prices. People don't pick their OS based on price they do so based on either what they are already familiar with, what their friends & family have told them, or on their own list of requirements - software availability, stability, virus protection, the cool factor, etc.

Personally I think Microsoft should give all Vista owners a free upgrade to 7 with a written apology from Ballmer. "Sorry we sold you this c*$p, I'm sure you'll find 7 will make up for it."

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

Gary F

Fix the darn memory leaks!

Firefox has got out of control and is like a really badly written Microsoft product! I'm referring to the memory leaks and instability of Firefox running on Windows.

It's not uncommon for PCs with 2GB+ of RAM to run out of virtual memory. I've seen Firefox eat 600Mb of virtual memory, it rarely consumes less than 200Mb after an hour of use.

I love the plugins for Firefox but Mozilla must go back to basics and sort out its bloatyness. Chrome on the other hand lacks the wealth of cool plugins but benefits from a light footprint, very fast loading of the app, and memory protected tabs.

Feds suffer from 'serious' IT security talent shortage

Gary F

I know a man who can

I know of a British guy called Gary who's a genuis computer security expert, although he's got a touch of autism, it's rumoured he's been more than a match for NASA and the US Navy. Sounds like the perfect man for the US to hire.

(Come on America, there is no shame in backing down. It would be very noble of you to let this go, shake hands, and give this man a job)

NASA orbiter returns first shots of Apollo moon sites

Gary F
Black Helicopters

NASA did wipe the original moon landing tapes

Doesn't anyone else think it's more than odd that NASA erased the original hi-resolution moon landing tapes? The only recording that remains is the familiar grainy footage that was recorded on Earth from the live TV feed.

If the original footage still existed (or maybe it does!) then conspiracy theorists could examine everything in great detail in the hope of finding evidence that the landing was staged. e.g. wires, reflections of studio equipment, dust behaving incorrectly, etc.

It just seems too convenient for NASA to have wiped over the hi-res film recording. Even though they had a policy to wipe recordings so tapes can be re-used, you wouldn't tape over the only hi-res colour recording of the most significant scientific event in human history! No way!

I wouldn't dream of taping over my wedding video, not even if I could reclaim £1000 for the tape. This does not make sense. I cry foul! NASA said they don't appologise for wiping the tape because it was their policy at the time to do so. Yeah, right. Major cockup or something fishy went on.

Adobe wires ColdFusion into Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Gary F

@BlackBolt - I beg to differ

How could you say that Adobe are "flogging a dead horse" when they have just invested heavily in the 9th release of the product which has been constantly selling for 14 years? Despite the fact that PHP and .NET are free, Adobe still manage to shift plenty of copies of ColdFusion for up to £1000 and £4000 a pop. (The developer edition is free I hasten to add and there are affordable shared hosting options). ColdFusion must be doing lots of things right to survive against no-cost competition.

Google says it's indexed 370 million ColdFusion pages. That excludes pages requiring a login or hosted on intranets or where the .cfm file extension has been removed. That's pretty frakking good for a "dead horse".

ColdFusion makes it nearly twice as fast to build web applications, or even faster if your app is focussed on stuff that CF supports out of the box such as PDF creation, reports, charts, etc.

Now there are 2 free (open source) ColdFusion compatible engines - Railo and Open BlueDragon. Both are fast in operation and easy to set up if you don't want to spend any money.

Police told to use Wikipedia for court preparation

Gary F

Good grief

What hope do we have if the CPS think Wikipedia is like some kind of bible? But on the plus side if you're banged up awaiting trial then simply demand access to the Internet (cite your yewman rights) and create a new Wiki page to tell the world about all the great work you do for charity and what a fine upstanding citizen you are. You'll receive an apology and be released in no time!

People just not that into Blu-ray

Gary F

Not surprised

Blu-Ray discs are priced at a premium which doesn't help. We have SkyHD which is more convenient to use than messing around with discs. I don't like the way discs take ages to start playing, from inserting to playing takes too long and as with all commercial discs the stupid logos and promos at the beginning that can't be skipped are infuriating. Total time from inserting to watching what you paid to see can easily be over a minute.

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

Gary F

Looks nice but it is NOT GREEN

The energy required to produced hydrogen is greater than what the hydrogen itself can produce. And the energy in their production comes from the national grid and other fossil fuels.

To quote one expert "More energy is needed to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds than can ever be recovered from its use". http://www.physorg.com/news85074285.html

Opera to take web back to the old days

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The web reinvented?

To quote a certain Royal - "my arse!"

Web servers have been built into Windows for about 12 years now, albeit as an option you have to enable yourself (PWS).

What's the point in having a web server that's only available while your computer is switched on? Anyone who's interested in file sharing is already using one of the umpteen different ways of doing this, including ways that don't rely on your computer being on all the time. e.g. Dropbox.

I can't see this doing anything to change the web or increasing Opera's market share.

GPS-guided wreckers flatten wrong house

Gary F


That's so funny. Thank god that wasn't *my* house. ;-)

Samsung shines a light on first solar cellphone

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That will save a couple of pennies of electricity if you can be bothered to wait an hour to make a 5-10 minute call.

So if you're out and about an need to charge it you'd have to leave it on a table by the window, or on the dashboard of your car, or anywhere where it's likely to be left unattended and possibly stolen.

Great idea guys. Now let's talk again when you've got something a little more practical to show us.

Sony's PS3 Motion Control demoed

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Yum, but what about Project Natal?

This looks amazing but I wonder how it will compare with Xbox Project Natal which doesn't require anything to be held by the user whatsoever.

I guess the PS3 can measure distance/depth because of the varying size of the glowing ball at the end of the motion controller. So it's definately not an aesthetic decision, it's critical to guaging depth.

Both MS and Sony's projects are yummy and I can't wait to try them. I'm so pleased I didn't buy a Wii, would rather spend that money on the new hardware for my PS3 or Xbox.

Bring it on! :-)

Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers

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Stupid people

Mains powered vehicles generate twice as much CO2 as a normal petrol vehicle. The government's own figures show that electricity generated for the national grid produces twice as much CO2 per unit of energy.

Until electric vehicles can obtain their energy from sources other than the national grid (which is mostly fossil based fuels) then "e-cars" are the LEAST green options on the planet for the above reason. What's in it for the press and RAC to miss-sell the so-called benefits of e-cars? Don't sell out the planet for a story.

Junk email volumes hit high

Gary F

@Stephen Gray

Paper junk mail can be stopped via MPS (mailing preference service); anyone who ignores the MPS can be fined (and often are). Paper junk mail is mostly accountable (you know who sent it) and doesn't offer illegal, dangerous, offensive, or dubious products and services, nor letters pretending to be your bank, not to mention items in envelopes that can damage your computer or turn it into a zombie.

As an owner of several servers sitting "in the cloud" I'm disgusted by the amount of spam that's attempted to be delivered to our servers. I've rarely seen less than 30 open SMTP sessions in progress per server, 90% of unwanted traffic comes from the Far East and Russia so it seems. While I can block their actions it still consumes resource on my servers and costs my company money. So unlike any form of paper junk mail (which the Royal Mail and printing companies often profit from and doesn't cost anyone else a penny) electronic junk costs the IT industry plenty in terms of server resource, firewalls, anti-spam software, and most expensive of all, bandwidth.

Gary F

Shame on governments and the IT companies

Is anyone surprised that 90% of email is spam? In 5 more years it will probably 95%.

The US and UK Governments must work with the big IT players (Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, etc) to do something about this. Police and prosecutions are not the answer.

The SMTP protocol is seriously dated and inadequate. Devised 27 years ago the thought of spam or misuse back then was inconceivable. A new protocol must be created as a matter or urgency that has built-in authentication, signing, etc, or in addition a mechanism that costs the sender US$ 0.001 per recipient (0.1 cent). The cost will be negligible for personal use and most businesses, but prohibitive for bulk spammers.

Now Google tracking follows you out of cyberspace

Gary F

How draining

It would really drain the battery if the accelerometer was active all the time. I would definately turn that feature off.

It would be more useful to strap such a phone to elderly people and if Google detects no movement during waking hours it can automatically call 999. :-)

Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

Gary F

I don't get it

Maybe I'm too stupid to be appreciating Wolfram|Alpha, but its data sets are very limited if it's not population you're looking for. Even if you did want UK population data it doesn't have any figures more recent than 2004. The ONS published mid 2007 data for the entire UK a year ago so it's bizare that WA isn't using this more up to date data.

I'm a programmer and I often need to use statistics (pop, geo, etc) on projects but have not found WA of any use whatsoever. It's a curiosity at best. Google is far better at finding statistics IMHO.

But WA is an alpha so I think we should reserve final judgement until there's a final release. (Assuming they're not hoping to top Google and run with "Alpha" for a couple of years!

Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC

Gary F

I will take my time - NOT

So the RC is ready to download and MS are asking us to take our time and wait a few days, weeks, maybe a couple of months before we download it. Yeah, as if! I was downloading it the very minute it was made available.

Anyone interested in tested it out or actually using it on their main PC isn't going to take their time and wait - apart from the 9 hours it took me to download on a 8Mbit connection. I think their distribution network was limiting the bandwidth per client to stop it collapsing!

Acer nails Windows 7 for October release

Gary F
Gates Halo

Windows for free for a year

So the whole world can use Windows 7 for free for a year, acting as perhaps the widest spread beta testing in history (Google Mail excluded!), then when it expires everyone can buy it.

There are 2 advantages here for Microsoft:

1) With so many people trying it out for such a long period virtually all bugs and usability issues can come to light and get fixed. Any bad press (like we had with Vista) can be countered with "ah, but it's not the official release yet".

2) If Windows 7 is as good as we hope then most of the public beta testers won't want to part with it after using it for a year and will begrudgingly part with their cash to buy a license.

Twitter breach gives behind-the-scenes Obama peek

Gary F

Perfect for unemployed people

People who use Twitter have waaaaay tooooo much time on their hands. I've used it for a week now and it's totally insaine. How can you get any work done if people keep trying to tell you insignificant and trivual things all day. Some tweet every 10 minutes. They need to see a Twitter shrink. It's a total brain fck.

London cops trial 'leccy patrol cars

Gary F

Wrong headline...

It should be "Police double their carbon emissions". That's right, electricity taken off the national grid generates twice as much CO2 than a petrol engine producing the same amount of power, Kw for Kw.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the official Government and industry figures on how much CO2 is produced to generate 1 Kw of power by the national grid vs petrol engine here: http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/business/envrp/pdf/ghg-cf-guidelines-annexes2008.pdf

I will keep banging on about the white elephant of electric cars that run off mains electricity being "green" until the press wake up and look at the facts instead of believing whatever PR people tell them.

Open-source iPhone plan to control your home

Gary F


People were controlling their home appliances from their mobile phones at least 10 years ago. Why is it suddenly so amazing to be able to do this from an iphone?

7 years ago I could control lights, CCTV, fans, etc via my phone's primitive web browser. There was even a floor plan of my house with appliances flagged up as on/off. It's still running. The URL is http://... yeah like I'd hand over sanity for public amusement. ;-)

GooTube unfurls Universal video player, website

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Taking this to its logical conclusion...

We'll end up with a different video site for each music publisher which totally defeats the benefit of having every video from everywhere in one place. The result will be less traffic watching music videos because not everyone will know which artist is with which publisher and some new artists will remain low key if they don't turn up in YouTube searches.

This is bad for music fans and bad for artists. Corporate fat cats just don't get it. I bet they have a secretary to write emails and operate their computer for them.

BT still struggling to fix Olympic problems

Gary F


Now why would BT go to the expense of putting fibre optic cables linking £m of infrastructure together and not bother to chart and share the location of these cables? Why isn't there a central agency who collates data on the exact location of every cable, tube, pipe and tunnel that runs underground from every utility company? Isn't there a law that makes it a requirement to log this data and share it with every utility company?

This is nothing short of gross incompetence. It's the utility company's job to know where every cable, tube and pipe is. It's not as if the fibre optic cables were 100 years old and lost to history!

Intel 'Nehalem' Xeon 5500 series

Gary F

Found some real server benchmarks

I hope El Reg doesn't object but Anandtech have published a very thorough review of this new CPU when used in a real business environment. For example, running MS SQL it will be 7x faster than a 3 year old Xeon server that you might be wanting to replace.

An estimated 50% of the new server market is for running VMs. A server with dual X5570 CPUs runs neck and neck on a VMWare benchmark to a server with *quad* CPUs from last generation's Xeons. It's performance as a workhorse is breathtaking. Link: http://it.anandtech.com/IT/showdoc.aspx?i=3536

Gary F
Dead Vulture

Please run business tests, not children's tests

I was excited to see The Register have these amazing new CPUs in for real world testing. But anyone with at least £4000 spare to buy a complete system would not be buying it to play games. Most buyers will want to do grown-up business things like run databases or virtual machines.

Please run your tests again to show transaction I/O/sec and other useful benchmarks that reflect what the vast majority of people will be using the new Xeon 55xx CPUs for. Pretty please? Thanks.

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe

Gary F

Opera at 7% in Europe?

My own UK web stats give Opera a 1% share, and that's rounded up! Do other webmasters in the UK see the same? Why has the UK not taken to Opera I wonder?

IE6 - yes, this is still used heavily by corporates and government departments and agencies. The cost of rolling out a newer browser is very high because of all the legacy websites/apps that need to be tested and upgraded to ensure the same level of compatibility. Also some decision makers don't fully appreciate the benefits of upgrading to IE7, otherwise more would have made it a priority over the last couple of years.

To be fair, a well made website should work fine with IE6 and 7. If a browser version has a noticeable share of the market then it's the responsibility of the designer/manager to ensure the website is compatible with as many users' browsers as possible. e.g. >96% compatibility is good and not at all unreasonable. If you can't make your app/site at least that compatible then go hire some new developers who can do it.

Microsoft kills MSN Encarta

Gary F

Woah, hang on a minute

Encarta contains carefully researched factual material whereas Wikipedia contains material that individuals *think* is factual.

Perhaps Microsoft could offer their database to Wikipedia for free so a dual explanation can be displayed on the same page? Then it will give the public a choice of which facts to absorb.

I'm not saying everything on Wikipedia is inaccurate, but you don't know which bits are without double checking with another source... which could be Encarta.

Dell girds iron from the tower to the blade

Gary F

Boo, poor support for 1333mhz memory

Dell's new R610 and R710 rack servers don't support 1333mhz above 24GB of RAM, it jumps down to 1066mhz if you want 32GB or more. That's a big shame as I wanted the fastest possible speed. It's good to see they're quick to put these servers onto their UK website. I like the new energy efficient PSUs.

Intel showcases 'transformational' Nehalem

Gary F

Yeah but...

...please tell me when Dell and all the others will be launching servers that use this nice new CPU. Box makers have had pre-production chips for months so they must be ready to launch something this week, surely?

160% increase in virtualisation scores is brilliant, but I notice Microsoft's Hyper-V wasn't included as a benefactor. I wonder if we have to wait until Windows 2008 R2 (Q1 2010?) to get something from Microsoft that achieves similar improvements, or if they will bring out an intermediate patch?

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff

Gary F

Name and shame

What satnav make and model was this man using?

Maybe the software needs refining so it says "Warning! You are coming to the end of your country. Warning! You live on an island!"

North East, Nissan to explore e-car promo plan

Gary F

Electric cars have TWICE the CO2 footprint!

The British press are either being bribed by someone or they're living in cloud cookoo land.

Electricity from the national grid (i.e. what you would plug an electric car into) creates 0.537 Kg of CO2 per kWh of power.

A petrol engine creates 0.252 Kg of CO2 per kWh of power. That's half the CO2 emissions of an electric car. Electric cars simply move the CO2 problem from towns and cities into country areas where most power stations are based. Britain's CO2 emissions will increase no matter where the pollution is being done.

These are Government figures by the way. Come on, wake up people, especially motoring journalists who are acting as if they have been 'bought' by the motor industry or the government.

There is no point in electric (mains powered) cars until less polluting ways of generating electricity have been invented and put into action.

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day

Gary F
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IE8 - thorn in webmaster's side

I've just had to add a HTTP header to all of our web servers to make our hosted sites render correctly with IE8. It's ridiculous that servers have to be configured to allow IE8 to support web pages that are pretty much standards compliant.

No one wanted the job of adding a meta tag to every single darn web page on the servers so we had to tackle the problem from the server side. How crazy is that?

The web can be an ugly/quirky place if you're browsing with IE8 unless webmasters or server admins have been bothered to make the changes.

I'm still having to support IE6 and I have no doubt IE7 will still be heavily used in 4 years from now (by that I mean >10% which is like 10x more users than Opera have right now).

ISS crew flees flying space junk

Gary F

A laser?

Nice idea, but what if they missed the targetted debris (travelling at 20,000mph), they could end up baking a small town on Earth somewhere!

It's clever how they can track so many pieces of fast moving debris so accurately, but it only takes 1 mistake or 1 unnoticed piece to seriously damage or destroy the IIS. Ultimately all the debris will need to be cleared so 1 of 2 things must be invented:

a) Force shields for all satellites and space craft

b) Unmanned craft that track and completely disintigrate debris with a new weapon or force it into the Earth's atmosphere to burn up.

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes

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Unrealistic survey

The survey authors are a bit out of touch. I agree that C# and VB.NET should have been included, but also Adobe ColdFusion is missing too which is still popular because it's one of the most mature "languages" and version 9 is currently in development.

ColdFusion programmers (and Adobe) claim it's the easiest language and the fastest to develop web apps with, so a fuller survey would have made for results that reflect better on what's actually being used out there and what languages (or "codes" ha-ha!) are available to use in 2009.

@Austin, you think readers of an IT journal wouldn't realise you're talking about programming languages if you just used the word "language" *and* in context with the word "PHP"? You should be working for the BBC, they have a Phd in dumbing down. (Not a PHP!)

Sony demos ultra-expensive, ultra-thin OLED telly

Gary F

Very nice

Now let's fast forward 5 years when OLED screens are of a decent size and sensible price. Even if I had the money I can't think what use I'd have for such a small screen. Maybe I'd buy several and build a video wall. ;-)

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity

Gary F
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You selfish people...

Do you realise how many employees Microsoft will have to make redundant if they have to close their Multiple Versioning Marketing department and Multiple Versioning Product Development department? Honestly people, it's always you, you, you! What about them?!! You think it's hard enough for you guys to get your head around all the Vista/7 versions, well my friends, you try being in their shoes and you'll realise how difficult it is to create such utter confusion with only a few million dollars in your budget. Cut these Microsoft guys some slack will you!


Tories pledge high speed broadband for all in 10 years

Gary F

It's inevitable without having to pledge it!

Ten years is a long time so it's pretty obvious that all Internet connections will be a heck of a lot faster by then. In just 6 years we've seen 512kb connections jump to 2mb as standard for all ADSL packages and with BT's new digital network with new infrastructure coming online in the next few years we can be sure that 24mb will be the very minimum speed in 10 years.

It's like saying we pledge that in 10 years all cars will be 20% greener. Or a pledge that there will be 25% more websites on the Internet. Well, duh, yes, state the bleeding obvious.

Blu-ray backers highlight rising demand

Gary F

It's all over priced!

A bare BluRay drive at trade costs just £50 so manufacturers probably make them for £40 or less. Shove it in a consumer case with about £25 of electronics and it could be on the shelves of retailers for £99. So why are they being sold for double and tripple that price?

Movies shouldn't cost that much more to make than on the DVD format. Perhaps £1 extra per disc. The retail difference in price between the two is entirely artificial. I suspect the thought process there is:

1) If people can afford to dump their DVD player and buy a BluRay player for £300 then they won't be put off at the higher price for discs.

2) The difference in price ought to reflect the difference in quality between the two formats.

If the BDA want to increase sales then let's have some down to earth pricing. I'd rather pay for SkyHD than BluRay, until the pricing comes down.

Essex copper deluged after forwarding web hoax email

Gary F

Better education required

Anyone who forwards on a "warning" email without verifying the source is an idiot, especially if their job involves processing intelligence, they should know better.

Friends and relatives still forward me these hoaxes even though I tell them NEVER to do that. They think the next one they receive is so worrying that it has to be genuine.

What's needed is government action to educate the nation. If 60% of the population have email then over 30 million Brits are constantly being targetted by hoaxes and scams. That's a lot of people and a lot of potential victims. The government has a duty to act, inform and educate.

US intelligence predicts EU 'hobbled giant' by 2025

Gary F

Gone by then

Britain isn't even mentioned in the report. Does that mean we don't survive until 2025 or we're too insignificant by then? Perhaps we're just a province of Europe under the leadership of President Blair by then?

UK govt cuts web shoppers a break

Gary F

Wow. So what's the catch?

Will vat be going up to 20% in April to compensate for this change? The government don't give anything away for nothing. At least not to law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

Quantum finds UK customers reluctant to buy

Gary F

Sales down 'cos they fib about shipping dates

I cancelled an order from Quantum UK because they told my supplier that a shipment had already left the US for the UK but that clearly wasn't the case - a week passed so a I cancelled and chose another manufacturer. (Slightly more expensive though)

New no-advertising domain will deter some cybersquatters

Gary F
Paris Hilton

For people who'll buy the .stupid TLD too

"My name's Paris and I'm rich and blond and I love buying things. Ooh, a new TLD. Out the way everyone! I'm first!"

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Total waste of time and money. Pity the fools that buy this nonsense. What's going to happen when ICANN commence their evil "any TLD" plan? Are businesses going to buy a TLD for every word in the dictionary?