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Microservices guru warns devs that trendy architecture shouldn't be the default for every app, but 'a last resort'


Re: Tick boxes

Andy?! Is that you?!

See also: this sounds just like EVERY company I've worked for...

BACS Bank Holiday BALLS UP borks 275,000 payments


Knock on effect

I see lots of reports saying about it affecting "HSBC Customers", but that's misleading.

It also affects people who's employer is an HSBC customer. My employer has had the money taken out of their account, so they no longer are part of the loop - it's the people on the receiving end (regardless of bank) who are then stuffed.


"... and it's nearly beer o'clock so..."

but no wages to pay for it :(

What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps


Re: Good luck Dave

Clegg said the same thing last time the elections were coming round, when it was labour that were trying to push through the snoopers charter.

Once he got a bit of the power, he changed his tone and said that things had changed since then and that the security services needed more powers (and that we needed to raise tuition fees after all... I digress...)

Now it's election time again, guess what, he'd back to the vote winning line of banning the snoopers charter...

The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three


I agree with the sentiment, but I don't think removing a channel and replacing it with yet another +1 service is the answer.

If their reasoning is that people don't watch TV in the same way any more, surely the +1 channels should be first for the chop!

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX


USB OTG and a memory stick?

Just an option. Granted, it's not as pretty / clean as having it in the device, but for the occasions where you need some extra storage space it's an option!

Leaked: Mobile operators' SCARE campaign against net neutrality


They could have just said:

"Won't som...........ebody th............ink o.................f th..............e

*buffering 25%* *buffering 50%* *buffering 75%* *buffering 99%* *buffering 99%* *buffering 99%*

child......... ren!"



Re: Skinny Jeans

Next up - hipsters move on to cargo pants...

Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC


Re: what's the difference?

"What they are saying, however, is that if you are using a VPN so much and with high dl/ul then you should be flagged for further scrutiny"

Virtual PRIVATE Network. Further scrutiny just for using a VPN? That's comparable to the police doing a drugs raid because you keep the curtains shut in your spare bedroom.

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages


It's happening right now

Pop onto twitter.

They're putting 1000 reports of no data + 1000 reports of no data and getting problem with their phone.

Take the shame: Microsofties ADMIT to playing Internet Explorer name-change game


Re: Netmarketshare?

Not that I agree or disagree with the either side of the market share measurement argument... But did you really just say:


Not 1st place I'd be using as a citation to prove an argument.


Bing Orgasm

Or, BingO for short

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade


Re: Browser emulator

"If you're reviewing browsers for developer, then there's no point even thinking about IE."

As the actress said to the bishop...

Come again!?

Making IE render correctly for corporate customers pretty much REQUIRES using IE dev tools.

Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network


"Maybe they just have rubbish 3G there."

As a resident of Yorkshire:

I live in the countryside - no 3G, only get a signal from EE (my work phone is O2 - shame ;) )

I work in a city - rubbish 3G.

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst


Re: Platooooooon - HALT!

<sarc>Pah, the car can't even drive through thick fog in treacherous conditions?!</sarc>

I'd expect the Google car can still "see" better than I can in thick fog...

In fact, don't BMW (or some German manufacturer) already offer a HUD that helps see through fog, and points out the last speed sign it read, state of traffic lights etc?

London officials declare cabbie-bothering Uber is legal – for now


You pay the tip BEFORE you've had the service? Madness!


@Tom Wood

Also in Leeds and was thinking the same thing... Usually prefer it when they have the meter running as they won't pluck a number out of the air when the journeys done.

Still watching DVDs? You're a planet-killing carbon hog!


This isn't a like for like comparison?

"HD" streaming via netflix et al is no where near as pleasant to watch (& listen to) as a plain old DVD (and BluRay knocks it out of the water). OK they may set the resolution to 1080i and call it "HD", but with an awful, AWFUL bitrate it still looks better on DVD at 576p with a higher bitrate.

I digress...

This article compares apples and oranges... You could just as easily argue that DVDs are better for the environment than going to the cinema once you factor in the staff travelling to work, cost of keeping the popcorn warm, the cinema usually being mostly empty, having to get to the cinema etc etc, but they are different beasts.

I'll happily stream a film that is mostly storyline, or catch up with iPlayer, but for a action / blockbuster, I want detail and sound quality that I can't get at the moment when streaming - until the streaming services let me download the full 4.7GB DVD, you can't compare them.

eBay slammed for daft post-hack password swap advice



So they want me to remember a different password, made up of random letters, numbers, symbols, and I'm not meant to use the same password on other sites...

I was going to put "f*ck you ebay" as my password, but that was rejected... That's more secure than "reset1"!!!

Angers me when companies like this make lives harder for a false sense of them doing their job... More so because we know it's a load of smoke and mirrors, but my grandmother doesn't...

To be frank - if there was an option that just said "delete account" on the password change screen, I'd have been tempted.


More chance you came a cropper on a UK road than bought a Chromebook this year


Re: Or the alternative opinion


"when her current PC dies"

That's the problem really... I'd have a chrome book if my 5 year old laptop (which is equal, if not higher spec) dies for surfing around on the sofa (assuming for what ever reason I didn't want a tablet), but I have no reason to get a chrome book at the moment.

There's no real lust / want aspect to a chrome book, as they just do the job, but if someone asked me recommend a laptop for them "just for emails and surfing the web a bit", I would be happy to point them in Googles direction.

94% of Brit tech bosses just can't get the staff these days, claims bank


Re: Skills shortage

"Things which rarely occur together and therefore rarely in the same person"

Spot on... It's getting quite easy to spot the roles that have pretty obviously merged 2 peoples roles. Just makes you think they'll want you to work twice as hard as the 2 people that quit.


Re: Hard to get the staff?

"The thing with that advert is, they will find someone."

I thought the same thing - 'someone' will turn up and lie their way through the interview process - struggle along for a few months before getting caught out / moving on, then the company will need to do a bit of a knee-jerk hiring session getting someone (or two) that is - OK but paying well over the odds to fix the mistakes...


"still battling to hire and keep skilled hands"

Then they need to take a look in the mirror and ask why we don't want to work for them, rather than blaming the market...

Five unbelievable headlines that claim Tim Berners-Lee 'INVENTED the INTERNET'


Re: Protocol breakdown by traffic

Kind of see where you're coming from... But that's only traffic.

Almost like saying motorways are cars because they use it the most % wise.

Psssst. Don't tell the Bride, but BBC Three is about to be jilted


Re: Meh

Thing is... You've listed 4 programs there that are worth a watch.

I can't name that many on BBC 1 or BBC 2...

James Dyson plans ROBOT ARMY to take over the world


Re: In the UK?!

"The NSA and GCHQ are listening to the inside of your colon as we speak."

I think we're all listening to his colon (or at least what comes out of it) at the moment...

Optical Express 'ruined my life' attack site wins Nominet takedown battle


Re: Ive condisered this before:

Is the much higher risk of infection (that could leave you blind) from wearing contacts worth it?


Re: I married an eye surgeon

"It is now realised that this affects peripheral vision"

No where NEAR to the level that a pair of glasses does! Frame + only having a small clear area directly in front of the head is surely much worse?!


Re: @AC "contacts are rubbish at night with a high index"

I had RGPs for a good few years, then soft lenses for a while - eventually my eyes were rejecting both (started getting severe irritation) and we'd tried every brand going ("we" being a small independent optician and myself).

Glasses weren't great - as you get hardly any peripheral vision, contacts (before they were rejected by my eyes) just spun around and with astigmatism that's no use!

I asked my optician about laser surgery and she suggested a specific surgeon rather than a brand name. I did my research on him, went for an appointment and a 2 treatments later can see darn well! He set expectations, and didn't promise perfect vision.

Ohh! The PRECIOUS! Give it to uss. We WANTS it: Shiny iThings coming in 2014


Re: very, very unique...?

"very dead"

Zombies? There only a bit dead...

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it


Early adopter

So I apologise for being in the statistics for people who have a DAB set. However it's in my desk drawer, and hasn't been used for years...

Bit rates are awful, so music sounds horrid. Signal strength is a real issue, so using it in the car isn't really an option as it drops out too much to a squelchy mess of noise.

DAB just seems like a pointless stopgap to me. May as well ditch radio all together an rely on streaming via 3/4G if they are determined to switch off FM.

Coding: 'suitable for exceptionally dull weirdos'


What are we doing leaving comments here?! We should be upvoting any comment with the term "cockwomble" in it over at the telegraph!

Ofcom: By 2017, even BUMPKINS will have superfast broadband


@Richard 84

It's a "Market 1" exchange. I think that counts as Bumpkinland to Ofcom.


Re: Bumpkin

Ah but I'd already taken into account the BS factor. The expected speed is 12-16mpbs according to BT.



I'm about to move to Bumpkinland, and the speed isn't such an issue for me really, I expect to get about 4mbps. The problem I have is the cost. Extra £7 a month because the exchange isn't unbundled.

I'd prefer Ofcom to be pointing their wagging fingers in the direction of BT Wholesales costs first, before suggesting 30mbps should be available in 2017.

Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED



"I can honestly say I've never once had difficulties with these self-checkouts, "

Agreed, and as you say, hold up are always by folks not using the tool properly (e.g., moving stuff out of the bagging area, on a recent visit onto the basket shelf of the kiosk next to them...).

Perhaps if they renamed "bagging area" to something that says what it actually does (verification) people wouldn't get so wound up about it?

Be prepared... to give heathens a badge: UK Scouts open doors to unbelievers


Re: Nice to see them catch up with the girls

"Ricky Gervais is a comedian though"

And I'm a programmer, I can also drive a car, walk, talk, watch TV and cook!

Amazing eh?

Stop pigeon holing people!

ISPs set to install network-level smut filters despite Lib Dem opposition


Re: White List

Not to mention Disney's habit of sneaking innuendos into their films... Come to think of it - they should be first on the black list!

Air mattress blast blows German man across room


Re: Something not quite right..

"I just can't see someone moving into a high end living space and sleeping on an air mattress."

I did - 10 week wait for the real bed to be delivered, and given completion dates tend to slide a bit risky placing the order beforehand (seems pointless paying to remove the old knackered bed).

Perhaps he had similar circumstances...

LinkedIn lowers age of consent to 13


Perfect sense!

Now Apple and Samsung's manufacturing teams can network!

Netflix dares UK freetards: Watch new Breaking Bad NOW or torrent it?


Re: Tried House of cards, for free

RonWheeler, I agree.

Decent broadband speed, but quality isn't there. Audio is really muddy too, and what they class as "HD" means the resolution HD, but then so massively compressed that it looks awful.

Also tried EE's film service which lets you download rather than stream, but 450MB for a 2 hour film is never going to give you DVD quality.

I don't download torrents, and an willing to pay, but until the quality is there I'll stick to buying/renting physical discs.

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'


Re: She isn't going to change her mind now.

"even if she wanted to without admitting she was wrong"

This is exactly the problem with the current bunch of politicians... They brainwash themselves in to defending an opinion (sometimes, as in the case, wrongly) and can't be shown a differing viewpoint. When they delve into I.T. issues (which most readers on here are highly knowledgeable of) it just highlights how little these people know, while still maintaining the IMPRESSION of having a strong/informed viewpoint.

If we can see how little they know about things in our field, yet make decisions based on their small amount of knowledge, it make you wonder what else they are making judgements on based on very little information.

Makes me sick...


Re: Now that Jimmy has spoken...

"I would like Tim Berners-Lee to say something about this too"

He had. (he's not a fan)

Users rage as Fasthosts virtual servers go titsup... again


Re: Things have improved since their early days

They the floods happened... That was fun...


Re: Once upon a time

I echo what Mr C Hill said.

Used to be reasonable price and reasonable service, then got cheap and crap.

Stopped using them 4 years ago after the many arguments telling them what was wrong with their servers and pointing them to various test websites to prove to them that no one outside of their building could access the servers... Got quite frustrating!

Microsoft releases first Windows OS in an original American language


Re: How ay

Ah divnt nah like... If wa let thm naah what wa tahkn aboot, thn thll nah how tu intaacept wa secrut messagus afta wa have tu gan every man forum self (afta them Myans dee their stuff on Frida).

Revealed! Prime Minister's iPad 'dashboard' for controlling Britain


Developed in house

"It has been developed in-house using an open-source platform, modifying existing off-the-shelf technology"

It's an HTML page then..?