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WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor

Lon Bailey

WD firmware version

WD website says the latest version is 2.3.172 not 2.3.174 as described in the article. Any thoughts on this?

USB accelerates to 10 Gbps

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IT Angle

Even faster?

In Sweden, I saw a 3 telecom advert saying "Max Farts" (sic) - apparently farts in Swedish means something like speed... so maybe USB 3.x could be max farts USB....

Asus Transformer Pad TF300

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ASUS Transformer Charger

Is the charger for the new Transformer a USB 2 charger? The charger on the Transformer Prime is a USB 3 type charger: 15v 1.2A, so ordinary USB chargers (5v) won't work as I found out during an overseas trip with the Prime. As of a few weeks ago, the only USB 3 charger I can find was the ASUS, maybe things will improve with this model.

Official: Kindles get heavier as you add e-books

Lon Bailey

and what about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle ?

Of course, as Kubiatowicz points out, the Kindle must get heavier.....but what about the uncertainty principle ? can you be sure the new book is actually on your Kindle !!

TfL wheels out digital bus info upgrade

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London Transport Bus times on the phone

You can get this data from TfL already on the phone via a beta for the last month or so- quite accurate unless it is the first stop and the driver did not leave on time. Once the buses are on the road, you can track bus movements for each stop. And you can store your bus stops as favourites as well. Link is m.countdown.tfl.gov.uk

Apple pulls app after dev publishes users' PINs

Lon Bailey


maybe use 4 digits from your mobile phone number instead?

D-Link DHP-306AV powerline Ethernet adaptor

Lon Bailey

Hot or warm powerline adaptors?

good article- how hot do the plugs get?

My first set of powerline adaptors (Vesenet) was forever hand warm and eventually gave up the ghost after 1 year of continuously plugged in. My second set from Belkin is only connected when I need it - it too gets warm.

What are the experiences others have on lifetime and heat issues with powerline adaptors?

The Reg guide to Linux, part 3

Lon Bailey

Okay now what (or more importantly - now how?)

Have downloaded, burn to USB, installed, but no network connection- how do you set up the network connection? the Cat 5 is in, the green light is on, but then what, do I connect to a server? to my ISP? Sure ubuntu is free, but without something to make life simple for "ordinary users" what is the point of suggesting we should all swap over? sign.. this is like trying to run fedora all over again....

Ten Essential... 500GB Portable Hard Drives

Lon Bailey

er... what does the performance results mean?

Sorry- but what does the CrystalDiskMark 3 Performance Results mean? is a higher value better than a lower one, or is it the other way around?

Windows Phone 7 Series gets Timotei rinse

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Not a patch on the Motorola/Megan Fox ad

Forget the music and the nice family- instead put Megan Fox in a bathtub like Motorola did. Probably politically less correct but much more memorable.

Dell unveils ultra-skinny Latitude laptop

Lon Bailey

Who are the "suits"?

"... Dell has taken its ultra-thin business-centric Vostro V13 notebook and tweaked it for suits...". I thought "suits" are business people....

USB connector-sized Flash drive launched

Lon Bailey

It does have a hole for a lanyard...

Maybe get a lanyard and loop all the bluetooth, USB and other little dongles together... then you can lose the whole lot at one go...

Ten of the Best... laptop stands

Lon Bailey

where is the laptop stand in the header photo?

The photo - "red cushions and woman in black" seems to be a "logitech comfort lapdesk"- not surveyed in your article!

Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Lon Bailey
Black Helicopters

Surely all the Russian sub bits have been collected?

"...The Soviets and then Russians are thought to have lost eight subs with warheads and/or reactors aboard at sea..." - didn't the CIA collected bits of these with the Glomar Explorer (or some other ship) and took them back to the States for studies?

£1 coin gains GPS

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solves our holiday food arguments!

My wife and I cannot decide where to eat on holidays and this means miles of trekking to look at restaurants...and arguying. This will solve it at one swoop (or shall I say, one flip..) bring it on!

Register Hardware revamped

Lon Bailey

Brign back the vulture

Agree with above, without the vulture, is may look cooler, but then it is just like all the other review sites...

Group Test: electronic book readers

Lon Bailey

Been using Mobipocket & Palm TX/ Nokia E51

I use both Palm TX and Nokia E51 as my reader and mobipocket as the software. seems to work okay except for map graphics in the books.Been using the Palm for several years and E51 this year. Not great but convenient and I also do not need to carry another device around- when at home I read real books.

Mobi has free software to allow converting word documents etc into mobi format which is convenient.

At Baen Science Fiction library (web subscription) you can get free e-books and also buy them which are then available for downloads in various formats.

Al Gore's green job bonanza - can we afford it?

Lon Bailey

well, sounds good to me

since there is a skills shortage in the UK, USA and soon China, then I guess the jobs will go to migrants (quick- build more walls!). But it gets worse, to get to skilled workers, we need better schooling and that means overhauling the education system which really has not done as well as expected on both sides of the Atlantic- and that will cost more money (and create more jobs) but hey, if it takes 50 years, then it doesn't matter since the Stern Review reckons we Londoners may be living under water by then...

Asus CEO: Eee PC to get HDD options, Intel Atom CPU

Lon Bailey

Asus Eee PC & Friend

are you ever going to run out of tag lines for "that photo" or run out of excuses to show it again - I'm not complaining....