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Key to Windows mobe app sales? Er, LOW MEMORY, of course

Stephen Michael Kellat

Had to look up my creds...

...to be able to comment from another device. Articles look great in the app on a Lumia 520 yet comments don't work.

Of course, my app needs are apparently so minor that I find what I need and use it. My phone doesn't replace my main computer let alone an RPi. I feel like an atypical smartphone user...

BOFH: A miracle on PFY Street

Stephen Michael Kellat

Single Point of Failure

SPOF, it rhymes with BOFH...

Where's me coat?

Chum's house burnt down? Facebook mulls 'DISLIKE' button for that

Stephen Michael Kellat

Now, ya look at the pump.io experiment...

...and even they have ih8.it as a tool to "hate" things!

America, here's what the FCC's Rosenworcel REALLY thinks about your broadband

Stephen Michael Kellat

Absence of Authorization is not Freedom to Improvise

Congress didn't approve the shift. Congress not approving multiple times doesn't give an agency the ability to just make it up via regulation what Congress could not agree on. That could possibly get smacked down by the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit just like the infamous Open Internet Order was.

Nobody wants an agency regulation to be found "Arbitrary, Capricious, and Contrary To Law". Vague relation to authority delegated by Congress in the relevant enabling acts raises the risk of that. Commissioner Rosenworcel apparently received her education as a lawyer at NYU's school of law so perhaps she's feeling like she's got a firm enough foundation for taking a risk like this?

Chaps propose free global WiFi delivered FROM SPAAAACE

Stephen Michael Kellat
Black Helicopters

Reinventing the wheel

The hams actually implemented this over 20 years ago. The project's name was PACSAT where this whole idea was even piloted. It has been done, software already exists, and merely needs porting to new versions of operating systems. Go see: http://www.tapr.org/pdf/CNC1983-PacsatProject-KD2S.pdf

I guess all the money is just needed for building and launching?

Hacker who helped find Steubenville rapists threatened with decade in prison

Stephen Michael Kellat
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Fourth Amendment Worries

When the Ohio Attorney General's office has to take extraordinary action to become involved in a local prosecution, nothing about a case is normal. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation can take action to investigate in cases where something is perceived to be wrong with the local investigation. The Governor himself can order removal proceedings against any county Sheriff and any county's Prosecuting Attorney under Section 3.08 of the Ohio Revised Code if necessary for the causes listed in Section 3.07 of the Ohio Revised Code. Legal mechanisms exist within Ohio's legal structures to deal with many of the issues that episode brought up instead of the drama that played out in the news even to the north in Cleveland.

This was not really a matter of "if" but rather "when". As it crossed a state line since the security consultant was based in Kentucky and the target was based in Ohio, FBI has primary jurisdiction within our federal republic. The case would likely go to a federal district judge in Kentucky in this instance since that is where the arrestee lives.

Open source incest: GPL forked by its coauthor

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Shuttleworth sees fewer clouds in Ubuntu's future

Stephen Michael Kellat

Wrong version number

Unless the release in October is being skipped, 12.04 LTS won't be the Ocelot release. 11.10 will be. As to what animal is picked that starts with a "P" for 12.04...who knows?

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

Stephen Michael Kellat

Film Grants?

Has anybody optioned BOFH yet to film a series of programs? There is enough source material...stretching back to 1995 at the least...which would make this something that would have a decent on-air audience.

BOFH: Robot wars

Stephen Michael Kellat


Thank you Simon!

Drifting zombiesat could disrupt TV programming

Stephen Michael Kellat


What robot could accomplish needed repairs? Right now we don't really have a way from the American end of things to get any humans up there to fiddle with the satellite...

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third

Stephen Michael Kellat


It still takes longer for episodes but it does feel like an epic drama.

Alas, what is the color of this bucket?

A Shaolin monk, Warren Buffett and a Russian mobster walk into a bar…

Stephen Michael Kellat

Re: CLIPPING!!!#@%

Clipping is something that cannot be fixed in post. What is beyond 100% in digital audio is gone. Analog could be run to + 5 or + 10 and be used. In digital it is gone as what is captured is all that is captured. You cannot create something out of conspicuous absence. Go look at Rise of the Machines. Considering those stories, do you really want to try to extrapolate stuff?

If you want an engineering production team, such is available for contract work.

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