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FCC preps puritanical broadband

Franz Gruber

Censorship tells it all.

The FCC, like the FDA, is an agency that desperately needs an overhaul. In fact, both have pervaded our lives so long and are so ingrown, that they simply need to be torn down and started over fresh. This is not to say we don't need something like them. It's just that each has so far overreached itself it is beyond fixing.

PayPal meltdown wreaks havoc on some ecommerce websites

Franz Gruber

That's right, Jay

It has been going on longer than advertised. My order to a vendor miscarried on the 10th. Ebay got it right, but somehow Paypal managed to charge me three times the amount ebay specified. Fortunately, the vendor responded quickly to my email and fixed it at his end. Actually, I've never felt good using Paypal. Just a feeling. So I try to avoid the service whenever I can.

'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it

Franz Gruber

Please Disappear

Paypal could vanish entirely, and my life would only become better. Ebay, I find, generally gets things right, but they haven't clued in little brother. The security I want is from vendors who only will accept Paypal.

Dubya archives White House email by hand

Franz Gruber

Like Nixon

I was sure Tricky Dick would retain his title as dumbest and most unscrupulous president. Now I'm not so sure.

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks

Franz Gruber


Of course it is, but that's what Americans put up with anymore. And as long as we continue to endure judges like Judge Hunt, the merry game will continue. It seems as if every law enforcement and investigative agency has been flexing its muscles above and beyond the call of constitutional law, to say nothing of simple decency. It was all happening before the current presidency, but Mr. Bush has accelerated the trend enormously. Civil rights rest in peace.

What survived the axe at HP Labs

Franz Gruber


I don't think so. Sure, at least one of HP's projects seems a little far out, but when you look at all that's going on within the company, the dust seems further away than only a quarter ago. They suddenly appear to have a finger in every pie. Speaking as a shareholder, the message is clear. Buy more HPQ.