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Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'


I'm glad people like this exist

I'm glad people exist who slave away rebuilding perfectly good interfaces on new devices.

It keeps them off the street and out of my hair.

What's next? Getting linux running on my air conditioner remote control?

I've just never seen the point of taking a solution engineered to work with one system and shoehorning another onto it just because you think it could be done. Get a real job.

Why have Radiohead broken copyright activists' hearts?



This has totally broken my heart. Therefore i will never buy any kind of product and or service ever again since one tiny little thing that sucked but was free isn't free anymore.

This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours


screw it guys

just reaslise, you movie moguls, that if you make a movie then someone is going to rip it, crack whatever drm or self-protection system you put in place, and stick it up for bittorrenting in short order. If you have disposable dvd's in petrol stations, then people will put a laptop in their car or build a dvd-ripping in-dash player which will rip the dvd, wi-fi it to the torrent network, and the DVD can then be thrown out the window of the freshly fuelled car and onto the highway.

Yes! It's the sawed-off USB key!


some people have no lives

sad, sad.

Google data centers snub Africa, Oz, and anything near Wyoming


Australia .. the backwards country

We don't need your fancy high speed networks down here. We're still on a high about cable TV and being able to phone people from outside cities. We're a bit slow down here. Deep in our main telephone cable carriers document is their guarentee to supply 2400kbits over a phone line. Woo baby! Google could put a high speed data centre down here and everbody would have to queue up over the single copper cable connecting it to the rest of the world.

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90



Your books never did much for me. But you weren't bad as a futurist and inspirer to others.

US, UK and friends have cyber-war party


And after all this practice

So after they have protected us from all the cyber crime a terrorist (or ignorant farmer, as the case will probably more likely be) with a day-hire ditch digger can go out and utterly sever one or two key positioned underground cables and take out the high speed secure communications backbone of a country, probably doing far more damage than runaway DDOS zombies.

Sony chews the Blu-ray fat with Microsoft


Funny, I thought HD DVD would take off

The problem I've always had with the war of the format is that it's all down to which studio is behind the format and what gets released. I suppose all that need to happen is the same old deal as what happened in the VHS/Beta war - porn needs to pick a format and use it, and then rest of the industry will just have to use it. I have a PS3 but I didn't buy it for HD movies - so it's higher quality picture. Whoop de doo. It's still the same old suckful Adam Sandler movie, and nothings going to change that.

Snap Sun decision launches Java at iPhone


Third party licencing?

Apple say they swipe a percentage of the sale of software from the top from the developer. Sun says they're giving JVM away for free. Does this mean that apple get nothing out of a deal that could see applications that are developed (for free) for Java going onto their iPods? What happens if a third party develops a java app that people pay for being run on an iPhone (or the iPod Touch, where these apps should also work). Sun - the developer - hasn't paid anything into Steve Job's slush fund - should the third party developer who hasn't used Jobs' SDK pay?

What happens when development company X comes along and develops a SDK for developing iPhone apps and gives it away free. Apple gets nothing out of it, anbd it becomes an attractive proposition for other developers who would otherwise have to scoop out their pockets to Apple for it. Seems like this won't last for long ...


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