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Cambridge woman in £90m 'leccy bill shocker

Andrew Gore
Gates Horns

Same old same old.

Heard the story before. Let me guess - before she changed, her account number was 90454217. It's happened in New Zealand in almost exactly the same way before now, you'd think somewhere, someone would develop a brain. Fat chance, I guess, in the culture of "the computer is always right"! (to which I respond, when the human screws up, so too does the computer - very simple)

Biggles battles Yanks for right to sport tash

Andrew Gore

Must be a jet pilot, indeed.

Seems that the 'tache is quite a thing for them:


NZ charidee cybersquatter fears burning in Hell

Andrew Gore
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Palmy's claims to fame

Palmy - "a shithole of a town"? We're proud of our shithole! http://www.thebathroomdiaries.com/new+zealand/palmerston+north.html

Not to mention our most famous daughter - Madge Allsop, Dame Edna's Bridesmaid. When she visited, she was feted as a celebrity, a sad loss to the world, she is. http://www.stuff.co.nz/4408785a1860.html

There are definitely worse places than Palmy. (the icon, because that's the last two letters of the 'hole' we supposedly are)


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