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iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

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No really...

Up until today my iPhone 3G has been running like a dog - it crashes Safari every other time I try to load a web page, and it frequently can't even open Mail without crashing. Even when it succeeds it hangs for >30s (to free memory?) before allowing scrolling *every* *single* *time* I use it. Completely frustratingly unusable. As I said above it seems to be fixed now with 4.0.1...

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3G woes?

I was about to reply agreeing with you about my 3G running like a dog, but I've just noticed that it's actually zipping along much faster since the update to 4.0.1 this morning - it may be a coincidence, but I'm in a faintly good mood with Jobs for the first time in a couple of weeks today... I have won the victory over myself. I love Big Brother^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Steve Jobs.

Apple blueprints warranty Big Brother

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Not quite what it sounds like...

Two points:

- I have just bought one of the new MacBook Pros and they come with instructions on how to open them and change the memory or the hard drive - not something I've had on previous laptops, so they're not going too far in this direction...

- my understanding of this patent is it suggests detecting and shutting down the machine _while it's open_, and then restarting it once the case is sealed again. Now that may be a bit nanny-state-ist, but it's not an entirely stupid idea, and doesn't in any way stop you opening the machine and messing with its insides.

Opera 10 debuts with 'Turbo' boost

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Still wrong

Your update about the gmail site still saying that javascript is required is just because you haven't reloaded the page. In subsequent visits to the site, that won't be necessary.

Free from Philips, iRex launches A4 e-book reader

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@IanK/Pete - 10.2" screen

The iRex website correctly mentions a 10.2" screen and adds "even A4 or letter-sized documents look great". So this is just a mistake in the article. Looks very nice though - I'd have to hold one to decide whether it really could replace printing things out though. The iLiad wasn't quite big enough for all of the A4 documents I have to handle.

Hackintosh maker gets legal greeting from Apple

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Nothing happening here, move along please

As Steven Raith says, the reason why Macs just work is that they have less ambition than MS and only target a small range of hardware. If they win, that continues; if they lose, that continues: no-one is going to make them write drivers for other people's hardware, and they'll just say that this is the only supported hardware, use anything else at your own risk. Sane people will continue to use Apple hardware...

Cometh the hour, cometh the iPhone SDK

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Not strictly true...

I hate to try to defend Apple on The Reg, but the $99 is described as a one-off fee, not an annual subscription. I'm still not a huge fan of paying anything, but I don't think they're asking a huge amount, given this includes the right to use their AppStore to sell/give away your software.