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How do you solve a problem like Privacy Shield? US and EU policymakers kick off discussions

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Re: Why has it taken this long?

It's absolutely clear that these two principles are incompatible

That's my view as well. It is 'unstoppable force meets immovable object' and it is not resolvable unless one side or both change their position.

My opinion is the EU needs to stand their ground, tell the US to go fuck itself, and deal with the consequences.

Some lucky web developer just scored $20k to scour Facebook out of Neil Young’s website

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Re: The MP3 codec ruins his music?

I have to admit I have done all my rips at 320Kbps - Not because I can hear any difference but in case I was ever convinced that I might.

What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes

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So long as it's not mixed thread...

I've never had any truck with dress codes or uniforms of any kind, at work, at school, or anywhere. To me it's all 'fascism'.

I'm all for people wandering around naked, in full top hat and tails, and anything in-between, if they want to. But I am well aware my tolerance is derided as degenerate and dangerous by so-called lovers of freedom the world over.

Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo

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Dodged a bullet

Bet they are glad they never went with 'Easy-iPrepear-R-Us'.

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops

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I would like to apologise to our customers who may have recently become aware that all our software included a key-logger which was sending everything typed back to ourselves. That data was permanently stored, and forwarded to all our partners, but only in accordance with our policies.

While we indiscriminately logged everything typed I would like to assure everyone that this has affected only a small number of customers and I again confirm that customer safety, security and privacy is our number one priority.

I can reassure customers that their data was only ever shared with third parties we agreed to share it with. We are confident there is no evidence data has been misused and will ask our partners to confirm that.

The key-logging software was part of our diagnostic suite intended to improve customer experience which was inadvertently left enabled for the past decade due to an oversight. We did not realise this as we stored your data and passed it on. The logger's ability to hide from anti-virus checkers and malware detectors was due to accidentally using code from a different product. This was entirely unintentional.

We would like to assure our customers that no harm was intended and can confirm they can continue using our installed software. We have not misused customer data and never would. We must however ask Mr Peabody-Smythe to refrain from describing us as "lying wanker bastards" whenever he refers to us in his emails to friends.

National Crime Agency says Brit teen accused of Twitter hack has not been arrested

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Re: Nice to see the American Justice system has its priorities straight

While there were undoubtedly some actual laws broken it seems to me 'the crime' really amounts to suckering gullible fools out of bitcoins.

I can imagine a UK jury accepting a 'shits and giggles' defence, assertions that the perps never expected anyone to be so stupid as to actually hand over any money; given an appropriate wrist-slap and a "don't do it again" admonishment.

In America, it seems the electric chair is being plugged in and tested.

You think the UK coronavirus outbreak was bad? Just wait till winter: Study shows test-and-trace system is failing

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Re: Thailand had 1 case yesterday

All I ever see in Europe is people walking in the street without a mask. WHY? What the fk is it with you lot that you won't simply wear a mask, everywhere all the time when you're out of your home.

In the UK we are mostly not wearing "home-made face coverings" which only offer the illusion of protection.

I will happily wear a medical grade mask but our government says we should not. I can't see the point of wearing a mask which provides no useful benefit so normally go without except when there is a legal requirement to wear one.

Wearing masks, medical grade or not, is not the reason other countries have kept their infections and deaths low.

US drugstore chain installed anti-shoplifter facial-recognition cameras in 200 locations – for eight years

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Re: Hey Tesco...

My local Sainsbury's has had 'self portrait' displays for a while on the self-service checkouts. I like to think they allow for expressional "for fuck's sake!" feedback to the powers that be for "unexpected item" frustrations.

I usually stare into them while scanning on the off-chance someone is watching me, watching you, watching me.

Oddly I can't remember if they are mirroring or non-mirroring.

Struggling company pleads with landlords to slash rents as COVID-19 batters UK high street. The firm's name? Apple

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Re: My heart bleeds

This isn't a case of a bankruptcy ... As the article noted, Apple has ~$190billion in cash, not illiquid assets, but actual cold, hard cash on hand.

But "Apple UK", or whatever the company is for tax purposes, probably only has 75 pence to its name.

I don't really have much sympathy for either side, capitalist bastard landlords versus capitalist bastard corporations.

I'd grab the popcorn but I'm boycotting the capitalist bastards who manufacture that.

The one with the Socialist Worker rolled-up in the pocket.

Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

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Re: The complaint seems confused

All this data is useless

Not if you can flog it to someone believing otherwise.

It seems there's a long history of people trying to find hidden correlations which reveal an undisclosed truth. Some seem reasonable, some complete nonsense, but I guess you never know unless you put it to the test, can figure out what the correlations are.

Firefighters to UK Home Office: Yeah, maybe don't turn off emergency comms network before replacement is ready

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Another delusion crashes and burns

I recall when the loudest argument for making the change was huge cost savings for the tax payer.

I guess I get no applause for having said the cost savings weren't that great anyway, would never materialise, it would be over-budget, late to arrive, not perform as expected, likely never even completed, because any fool could have predicted that with a good degree of certainty.

It's not having done brexit earlier which I blame. Once brexit is done Britannia will again rule the waves and the British Disease will simply disappear. So I'm told.

Most likely we'll just buy Chine^W American. Or keep spunking money up the wall and flushing it down the drain.

Bill Gates debunks 'coronavirus vaccine is my 5G mind control microchip implant' conspiracy theory

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Re: let's get this into some sort of level headed reality

But as one of the worlds richest people, he has put is money to good work, saving millions of lives across the globe. (Fact, love it or hate it)

Fact? FACT!?! Its all about MIND CONTROL. 5G. deepstate. COVID. "Foundation". Obama. Soros. Clinton. SleepyJoeBiden. OBL. Pizza. BLM. Follw the $$$. Do not be fooled (((folks))). This is B-I-L-L-G-A-T-E-S. M$ Windoze was de(s)igned to take over the world. Wintelvision made us MELISSAS and BILLZ SHEEPLE. Its CON-spir.acy. zOg. No denying it, FACT - "love it or hate it". LOLLUMS. Your the PRODUCT. Theirs NO escape. Smart PEEPs know the true facts. MAGA.

VMware to stop describing hardware as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in new terminology guide

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Bugger. Just got a memo from HR

"Please stop executing binaries".

Twitter Qracks down on QAnon and its Qooky Qonspiracies

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

$CONSPIRACY_THEORY is a lie propagated by the deep state to distract you from $WHATEVER_ELSE_THEY_CAN_BE_PERSUADED_TO_FEAR

That doesn't work, and would readily be accepted as truth, because it still confirms that deep state is evil. It doesn't matter what the allegations are, even if utterly contradictory, so long as it furthers the deep state is evil narrative. You've only added to the conspiracy.

You need something to turn it on its head; something which suggests deep state is simply an invention or a scapegoat, by way of some distraction or other. But deep state would claim that, wouldn't they?

It's insidious.

Nominet shakes up system for expiring .uk domains, just happens to choose one that will make it £millions. Again

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: One way to spend the money

the rest should go to the people who made the domain name valuable: the previous owner.

Surely it has little to no value or they'd never be dropping it, would have kept it or transferred it for a wad of dosh.

That the potential purchaser can see value in it doesn't mean the previous owner created that value.

Don't strain yourself, Zuck, only democracy at stake... Facebook makes half-hearted effort to flag election lies by President Trump

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Flagging falsehoods

What it really needs is a huge 'rubber stamp' overlay which plainly and clearly stamps "LIAR!" over offending posts.

But social media companies are too afraid of Trump and his Trumpette followers to do it.

They are such spineless sacks of shit that they won't even stand up and call out lies and liars.

Brit telcos deliberately killed Phones 4u, claim admins in £1bn UK High Court sueball

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Re: Supposed to give a warning

The UK principle is "evidence is evidence" no matter how obtained; any illegality is a separate issue.

However proving that something such as a recording or a transcript is indeed evidential, not simply faked, can be challenging.

It has always seemed odd to me that the American system would treat evidence which actually proves guilt as inadmissible due to the way it was obtained.

UK formally abandons Europe’s Unified Patent Court, Germany plans to move forward nevertheless

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

And still no remainer has ever been able to give voice to why they wanted to remain

The tedious brexiteer lie. But when has anyone pro-brexit not claimed lies as truth and denied truth as lie?

UK.gov admits it has not performed legally required data protection checks for COVID-19 tracing system

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Re: But of course

I do wonder how much of this is the tories. Public health england has so far been found so badly wanting I would be interested to know if any heads will roll there.

The staff on the front line at PHE were doing an absolutely wonderful job when it came to tracking and tracing. It's the paid-for government shills at the top who are giving it a bad name. Of course their heads won't roll.

If the government let competent people do the jobs they are good at we wouldn't see such incompetence. But that doesn't suit an incompetent government preparing scapegoats for their incompetence and failings.

SoftBank: Oi, we paid $32bn for you, when are you going to strong-Arm some more money out of your customers?

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The reality is that there is no RISCV. It's just a collection of PDF's.

Not true at at all. I actually have a $5 commercial RISC-V chip on a breakout board ready to use.

There are quite a few silicon implementations out there and available commercially. I even recall some sort of Arduino clone based around RISC-V.

True; things have not reached industrial scale yet but likely will given the hype it has managed to generate, pressures on countries not to be reliant on foreign entities, and higher license fees and royalties for ARM will help.

Companies toiling away the most on LibreOffice code complain ecosystem is 'beyond utterly broken'

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Re: Charity Status

All they have to do is be non-profit.

Not so in the UK and I believe across the EU.

There are rules and regulations in place to prevent entities acquiring charitable status to give themselves an unfair advantage over others who don't have charitable status.

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: Payment workaround?

If charity rules don't allow them to hire developers... maybe they don't qualify as, and shouldn't be, a charity?

They could remain a charity and add a commercial arm which can take money in and spend it.

That's how Raspberry Pi stepped around the problem in the UK; keeping the charitable Foundation while adding the Trading Ltd company as a subsidiary, which oversees commercial activities.

USA ends Hong Kong's special treatment, crimping flow of tech to territory

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China has effectively illegally annexed Hong Kong

Or: Legally taken control of Hong Kong prematurely.

I'm not defending China, but, at the proverbial end of the day, Hong Kong's fate and new found status is an inevitability.

America doing now what she would likely have done in thirty years anyway does little more than equally prematurely accept that.

I expect China will do little more than shrug.

Apple and Google, take note: Newly enacted EU law aims to protect developers from arbitrary decisions of tech giants

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Computer says "no".

Arguing over whether something should have been banned or pulled is one thing, having to comply with some diktat through gritted teeth is another.

But it's something else to be banned, suspended or have an app pulled, while not being told why, no clue given as what needs to be changed, with no easy path to having that decision reviewed or rescinded.

The only 'appeals process' these days seems to be to kick up a huge fuss on social media and hope that works.

If companies won't do better of their own accord it's up to others to force them to do better. If it takes laws to create some modicum of 'due process' then so be it.

All in all it's just another bork on the wall: For pity's sake, begs signage, climb onto the pub's roof and boot me up

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: The writing's on the wall

Missed the edit window while engrossed in this...


Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

The writing's on the wall



That seems painted over something earlier.

Rip and replace is such a long Huawei to go, UK telcos plead, citing 'blackouts' and 'billion pound' costs: Are Vodafone and BT playing 'Project Fear'?

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

The cost of getting Huawei out of 5G for any of the big networks is no more than half a billion each, from starting to strip it out to equipping with non-spyware-compromised kit.

You seem to be suggesting Huawei kit already installed is stuffed full of spyware. I am not sure I agree but my Kool Aid deliveries have been disrupted by lockdown.

I don't actually blame BT and others for somewhat exaggerating the costs and inconvenience of unnecessarily doing something which could easily be avoided by telling Trump to fuck off.

But, yes, I know; we voted for brexit, we need a trade deal with the US, we have to jump as high as Trump tells us to, have to bow to his trade war terrorism, his America First ideology, be a dutiful Vassal State of America, have to live on our knees doing as we're told - It's what the people voted for.

Asia’s internet registry APNIC finds about 50 million unused IPv4 addresses behind the sofa

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Re: if at all

I can't be bothered either. I have looked at IPv6, have kit which can use it, but just can't be arsed learning or understanding its intricacies or how to configure it. I leave that to the young ones. I'll be gone long before IPv4 disappears.

Another anti-immigrant rant goes viral in America – and this time it's by a British, er, immigrant tech CEO

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whether you agree with J K Rowling or not, she is allowed an opinion and is allowed to voice it without people being personally hurtful, spiteful and abusive to her in return

The tabloids have been doing it for years so it's no surprise many do the same when the internet for them is little more than a 'letters page' with little moderation, when there's an 'anything goes' attitude, when hate is considered a legitimate part of free speech.

When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint

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Re: Hmm

"He notes that he has “never had a Black person evaluate his performance or determine whether he should be considered for a promotion.”"

What a racist.

I disagree. I would question if racism were at play if I were only ever evaluated by people of a particular race or there were no other races in a position to do such evaluations.

There is a significant difference between 'Why am I never evaluated by a Black person?' and insisting 'I must only be evaluated by a Black person'. I don't see that he is demanding the latter.

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: race or class

It seemed clear to me the 'culture fit' aspect is more about people being able to select 'people like me'.

It's tribalism, and often accompanied by some sort of supremacist perspective. If you don't tick their boxes you won't be getting in no matter how suited for a role you are. Those who do get in will inevitably be happy with how things are.

This is what makes systemic discrimination such a tough nut to crack.

LibreOffice community protests at promotion of paid-for editions, board says: 'LibreOffice will always be free software'

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Re: What's the need?

Almost everyone needs money or can benefit from having it.

I don't have a problem myself with making money from LibreOffice - or anything else - so long as the product remains free, isn't a reduced offering. It's the perception of a tightening licensing, "for individual use", it feeling less free and open than it was which is the problem here.

The change seems to have been directed from upon high, with little engagement with those in the community and that's always a recipe for disaster, complaint and resentment.

Baroness Dido Harding lifts the lid on the NHS's manual contact tracing performance: 'We contact them up to 10 times over a 36-hour period'

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Two out of three ain't bad

Of 27,000 infected, 20,000 provided details of 153,000 people who needed to be contacted, of which about 132,345 were contacted.

That suggests on average every person infected generates 7.65 contacts.

If all 27,000 had provided 7.65 contacts; 206,550 need contacting.

Overall they are contacting about 64% of all those who need contacting.

About 36% who should be being contacted, haven't been contacted; 74,000 people.

Barclays Bank appeared to be using the Wayback Machine as a 'CDN' for some Javascript

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: Liability

If someone decides to link to a file and you switch it to a different file, that's their problem.

I'm in agreement with you, and on this, unless you switched the file with malicious intent, meaning to cause harm, inconvenience, punishment. Intent, mens rea, is a key component in any potential case against someone and would probably play a part here.

Swapping a linked image to something non-offensive most likely okay; merely embarrassing rather than harmful. move towards obscene language or a porn image and it's riskier though mostly just offensive, kiddie porn and you're in a world of shit.

Details of Beijing's new Hong Kong security law signal end to more than two decades of autonomy

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: Ah yes, the old "Endangering National Security" line

They seem perfectly willing to give HK the DPRK treatment. Which is yes, horrifying and theoretically unacceptable, but, let's face it, no-one is going to go to war with China over HK.

Especially as their fate was sealed 20 years ago and complaints boil down to China prematurely doing what they are only allowed to do in another 30 years.

Still, I guess we could have a 30 year war which ends with us walking off the battlefield with a cheery "okay; now you can do whatever you want".

I do feel sorry for the people of Hong Kong who were 'sold out' decades ago, but there's not a lot anyone could do about it then nor now.

The UK isn't willing to let everyone who wants to leave come here, and what appears to be on offer is far less it could be. They're on their own. I wish them luck but this is their 'new normal'. It's 30 years earlier than expected but it was always going to happen.

Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong could put region's future as an up-and-coming tech hub in jeopardy

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: Welcome....

There'll be some supportive noises, but in the end they will do nothing, I think.

Especially when one looks at what is actually proposed, who will be offered it. It's a long way off "come on in" and automatic citizenship.

The wonderful people arriving on the Windrush also thought they had found a welcoming new home.

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: "we need clarity on what the laws will involve before we can decide anything"

@ PhilipN: I mostly agree with you but I believe there will be blood, or at least a bloody good battering for those in Hong Kong who try to resist what is an inevitability. Hong Kong's fate was sealed two decades ago.

@ Pascal Monett: I also agree with you. I don't think any last gasp efforts to save Hong Kong from her decided fate will have much of an effect. Those who don't like what they can see coming would be well advised to get out now, before it's too late.

Brit police's use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us, cops' lawyer tells Court of Appeal

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: 22%

The detail I'd be interested in seeing is the rate of false positives on race

Seeing if one's 'stopped' rate changes seems a legitimate excuse for putting on blackface or whiteface.

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: This is legislation which affects everyone, immediately and continuously

a citizen wide vote - and a non-vote counts against it

One can't take the non-votes of people who "don't care", or are "happy to have what those who do vote choose", as votes against. That's no more sound than letting the other side have it the other way.

We need credible and rational argument against AFR which goes beyond hoping to tilt things in our favour.

Most people consider having more cops on the beat a good thing; keeping an eye out for ne'er-do-wells, imagine Robocops would be better at that, and see AFR as the easier, cheaper and practical option.

That's what we are up against.

Now that's a train delay Upminster with which London travellers shall not put

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Only 2,808 hours from Tulsa, only 117 days away from your arms

If it's the same for the tube as it is for overground, these displays will use the same or similar publicly accessible API and datasets as everyone has access to and it would likely be an error in the data rather than a display malfunction. The data is not safety critical and errors do occur with inconsistencies between data fields. The order of departure seems correct even though the time was way off.

As for "an error... which we worked to fix as soon as possible" - I find that hard to believe given it would have auto-fixed itself in around 5 minutes, as soon as the scheduled departure was no longer displayed.

That's just another 'by rote' response. Honesty really doesn't seem to exist these days.

Huawei wins approval to plonk £1bn optical comms R&D facility in UK's leafy Cambridgeshire

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

I presume it's mostly to have some leverage against automatically becoming the 51st State. It allows us to suggest we'll go with China if the US don't limit their demands of us and grant us some of what we want, and we won't have burned our bridges if it does turn out we can't survive with the America First deal the US actually offers.

It's standard 'play one off against the other' fare.

Working from home on Virgin Media's broadband? Too bad. Outage hits English capital

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Seriously, it's a home service. You want redundancy? Go sign up for 2 ISPs and use one as a backup.

^ This. Some companies I know provide business-level SLA-backed and resilient backup services for their home workers by default, have temporarily provided that for those working at home during the current pandemic. Others just relied on residential services seeing them through.

Ultimately one has to accept the consequences of one's choices.

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

As another VM customer, I would rather keep it as-is.

Me too. Yes, it's bloody annoying when it goes down and I am forced to realise how unhealthily important always available access has become in my life, but one has to accept that bad things sometimes happen.

For when those bad things do happen, take too long to fix, there's always free to call customer services and polite requests for a little compensation. At one time I was saving a fortune through that but it now only serves to remind me how much better VM have become since that rough patch.

They aren't perfect, but no one is, and they aren't the worse.

Honey, I built the app! Amazon's beta no-code dev platform is great for ad-hoc stuff, but not much else – yet

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Dumb as a rock

It has absolutely no appeal to me, seems to be so limited that I can't see any use for it whatsoever, so I guess I'm not its targeted audience.

Free to use MIT App Inventor (AI2) for Android, with its in-cloud Blocky-style graphical drag-and-drop editor, is a much better approach to app development, giving a reasonable balance between ease of use and useful and usable app creation.

With a few more features that would be even more useful for casual app developers who want something quick and simple.

Segway to Heaven: Mega-hyped wonder-scooter that was going to remake city transport to cease production

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: In the UK

I believe there is a review into making them legal on roads in some places/circumstances.

Given Shapps (Transport Secretary) was waxing lyrical about out of town bus parks with people riding eScooters into town as if they were already legalised at a recent Coronavirus Briefing it seems clear the government will be legalising them.

"RIP. Dodged Covid-19. Not quick enough to dodge the eScooter"

Ex-barrister reckons he has a privacy-preserving solution to Britain's smut ban plans

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

I'm all for it

Make all porn have a .porn file extension and all .porn files include an embedded flag which labels it porn, and preferably a ranking which shows how worth watching it is. Make it illegal for content providers not to comply, make it illegal for browsers not to implement filtering.

Will it work? Will it fuck.

But it's something which can be done, which won't impact on anyone who actually wants to watch porn, so let's all get behind it being done, demand the government implement it, rather than tell them it won't work.

Faxing hell: The cops say they would very much like us to stop calling them all the time

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: I called the cops

112 - the UK and EU harmonised emergency services number - is embarrassingly close to 111 for the NHS non-emergency helpline.

I have never understood why they reserved the entire 0112 block to avoid accidental calls but then allowed that 'stubby fingers' mistake to happen.

Hey NYPD, when you're done tear-gassing and running over protesters, can you tell us about your spy gear?

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge
Big Brother

Re: Liar, she hit a traffic light

Stop pretending that the violence is police initiated. You look silly.

I have numerous videos from the Good Old Days of Stop the City and other London protests where hours long peaceful protests would mysteriously flare up as police provocateurs moved in and the BBC rolled the opening credits for the 6 O'clock News.

It was as regular as clockwork; 17:50 the cue to find a safe vantage point and film the mayhem provoked. Funnily enough, at 18:25, as "and now the weather" echoed out of portable TVs, the riot would end as quickly as it started.

Coincidence, obviously. And I've still got a couple of bridges to sell.

Amazon's not saying its warehouse staff are dumb... but it feels they need artificial intelligence to understand what 'six feet' means

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: What this is really going to be used for

Those thousands of new infections and hundreds of deaths each week are coming from somewhere.

Couple wrongly arrested over Gatwick Airport drone debacle score £200k payout from cops

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

Re: Cue X-Files music....

"it did it's intended job" - Oh the shame. And the edit window has long closed. Theirs nothing left to do but to go stand in that they're corner.


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