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China lands mysterious reusable spacecraft after 276-day trek

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Re: UK vs Germany

"Those of us actually posting from the UK, are glad not to be going down either of those routes."

1. Speak for yourself not others. There are plenty here in the UK that will agree with me, those of us who actually use many NXP parts in devices, the we design, make and sell the UK and Europe, rather than those who only post their "wisdom" in Internet forums using devices made in China full of Middle Kingdom components.

2. Down voting reality, shows me your train of thought, ie none, just following political dogma.

3. Nobody has explained how SiC power devices and the plethora of other basic components NXP produces can be controlled by the Chinese state to spy on us.

Maybe you would care to share your thoughts.

Enter Tinker: Asus pulls out RISC-V board it hopes trumps Raspberry PI

Mr Anonymous

Tinker board 3 also announced

RK3568 based, so will out perform the RPi4, so it's horses for courses and if you feel the need for speed then don't buy the RISC-V board.

GitHub's Copilot flies into its first open source copyright lawsuit

Mr Anonymous

If it's trained on open source code

It can only create open source code.

Gelsinger takes ax to Intel after chip sales slump, profit nosedives

Mr Anonymous

Remind me again,

How much CHIPS cash they are hoovering up?

Google kills off Stadia

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Re: The only Google services you should rely on

.... Mmm .. yep that's it.

Twitter, Meta kill hundreds of pro-Western troll accounts

Mr Anonymous

Colour me impressed... not.

Let me know when you have taken down 200,000,000 accounts, then I'll know you're working on it.

Clonezilla 3: Copy and clone disk images to your heart's content

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Windows imaging

Not to dis clonezilla and OSS in general I have used CZ many times in Linux, but if you use Windows check out drivesnapshot.de. I have used this for weekly full drive images and nightly diffs to network storage on 5 servers for over 15 years and it has never failed. Started on physical machines and used the images to move to xen (virtual iron), then kvm and back to hyper-v with a move to vmware along the way ( no auto conversions, you have to know you stuff here) You can mount the images and recover individual files in a running OS or boot a bart-cd and restore from scratch. All this from within a running server, with mssql, running mail servers and web servers. Great when someone deletes their inbox. Never let me down. Not affiliated, just really grateful user of a good bit of code and a bonus, it's cheap too. Hopeful someone finds this useful.

Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue

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Car makers can't get a couple of hundred $£ from punters for satnav updates judging by the number of phones using maps apps, but these tossers reckon they'll get $300B. Kiss my sss you greedy fcukers.

UK police lack framework for adopting new tech like AI and face recognition, Lords told

Mr Anonymous

Rffing Torries

Whine on about China all day long while trying to implement all their intrusive surveillance controls.

Nominet EGM Letter

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Nominet EGM Letter

Dear Nominet member,

We will be a holding a virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at 15:00hrs (GMT) on Monday, 22 March 2021 to vote on a proposed resolution to remove five members of the Nominet Board, including the Chair and the entire executive leadership team.

Why You Should Vote: What’s at stake

Approval of this resolution would plunge the organisation into the unknown. We would lose our most experienced leaders. The instability will damage our ability to retain or attract the highly-skilled staff we need to run the service our members rely on. There is a real risk that Government stakeholders will question whether Nominet’s governance model is fit for purpose: placing our independence, and that of .UK, at risk.

The resolution is destructive, and if passed, creates nothing but uncertainty. No credible alternative plan has been put forward.

We therefore ask you to vote NO.

We’re on the right course for a stable, forward-looking Nominet

The extreme measures proposed are unnecessary. That’s because we have a solid plan that keeps Nominet stable, looking forward, not back, and working closely with members all the way.

We are investing £20 million to build the infrastructure we need to support .UK for the next decade.

We are launching a new Registry Advisory Council to involve the membership much more closely in key decision making.

We are doubling our support for public benefit causes in the UK to more than £4 million this year. Future funding will rise in line with our commercial success.

We have frozen .UK prices - along with Board pay - until 2023 at the earliest.

Now we need your support to keep Nominet on track.

No organisation is perfect, and we are committed to working closely with members to resolve issues and change the way Nominet works. We can do that without resorting to the extreme measures put forward in the resolution.


Please vote

We do want all members to participate, whatever their view.

But please bear in mind a ‘yes’ vote is a vote for the unknown, and brings with it the likelihood of damaging consequences for .UK, our staff and the services we provide to you and other members.

That’s why the Board was unanimous in recommending that members reject the proposed resolution.

With that in mind, please Vote NO.

You can attend the virtual EGM meeting if you wish, but you can also vote right now by clicking through to the voting platform and designating the Chair as your proxy. The details you will need are below.

You can read more at www.nominet.uk/EGM. And if you have any questions or feedback for the Board, please contact us at egm@nominet.uk

Together we can secure a stable future for Nominet. Your vote is essential, so please make your voice heard.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Wood


Google reCAPTCHA service under the microscope: Questions raised over privacy promises, cookie use

Mr Anonymous

Google are lying

I can prove Google are lying, when I need to log in to a site using recaptcha, but also when I use two different accounts to do so.

One is a personal account, I have a dedicated email address for it used only there, not used for anything but this one site. As a general standard, I delete cookies from all sites I visit after I leave (I have about 6 sites that I allow primary domain cookies, but block all third party) . I have blocked all Google domain and advertising sites for years and if a site uses resources from a Google domain like fonts or scripts and it doesn't work with the blocks in place, I go else where. I do not use any Google services, except my Android phone does have an account that's not used anywhere else and that doesn't work too well as it likes to continually nag me, as though there is a virus running, "App permission management is running" and I have blocked as much as I can there too.

The second account is a work colleague's address. Although he occasionally does add blocking, he does little else and remains logged in to many sites/services.

When I use the target site, I have to allow Google.com and gstatic.com (used to be recaptcha.net and gstatic,com, I wonder why that changed?). I login, order some parts I need, log out, delete cookies and re-block the two domains and the main site I just used. I do this whether I use my account or my colleagues, there is NO data on my machine to show if I have visited before and that I passed the recaptcha.

When I login as me, I need to select the images to prove I'm not a bot, when I use my colleague's account, all I need to do is check the box. This is from the same Linux PC, both accounts, I don't use my colleagues machine to login.

How do they know it's a human when I use my colleague's email, but not when I use my mainly Google protected email, I have to be tested? Where are they getting the data from to decide my colleague with lots of Google data is human, but my low profile account needs a bot test?

The simplest explanation is that as on other occasions, Google are lying, they are using their trove of personal data and making the experience of non Googled people worse. I'd give this as evidence in a legal hearing.

Here's a top tip: Don't trust the new person – block web domains less than a month old. They are bound to be dodgy

Mr Anonymous

Wow, what amazing research...

You almost wouldn't realise this has been known about for years.

Startpage search for the following RBLs, Day Old Bread, SEM have several age lists 5,10, 15 day etc, SURBL Fresh. If your firewall or mail server can use RBLs you can filter these or score them in Spamassassin.

London Mayor hires former PR man as Chief Digi Officer

Mr Anonymous

We at least they're only wasting £107K

And not £107M

Software licencing gets easier in the cloud? Not if your name is Microsoft

Mr Anonymous

Is that pricing...

£59.20 to £71.70 or that now plus 22 to 30% more in Jan next year?

Brexit judgment could be hit for six by those crazy Supreme Court judges, says barrister

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Re: Was'nt one of the " reasons" for these referendum reasserting the soverignty of Parliament?

News at 10, Chris Miller proposes law by pamphlet.

I think they have to be on velum deposited in the commons library.

Nobody is above the Law, it's either legal or illegal for queen May to do A50 or it's not legal, then Parliament must do it. If they don't, vote them out and then next lot will do it.

It's a pretty simple principle, now where's the technology news?

The Great British domain name rip-off: Overcharged .uk customers help pay for cheaper .vodka

Mr Anonymous

You missed to Primary/Only reason for this behaviour.

Senior staff performance related pay.

Senior staff performance related pay.

Senior staff performance related pay. Hope this is clear.

The 3 top nobbs (or is it knobs, can't remember the spelling) received a nice bonus running the .UK monopoly.

2013 PRP = £100K

2014 PRP = £137K

2015 PRP = £196K

Mr Howarth received £210K in addition to his £75K cut of PRP. I supposed we should be happy as this is less than the £325K Cowley received in her last year.

Anyone want to guess what they'll receive post the .UK launch this year?

Very simply, the more profit Nominet makes, the more the Senior Staff, there's just 3 seats on the gravy train, personally benefit in their pockets.

Members get no benefit, in fact last time there was a proposal to distribute the profits to the members the majority of members voted _against_ it. The very large members can only be overruled in this type of vote as it's a one member one vote system for this change to articles.

Following, the big members and the board hatched a co-marketing subsidy as a way to make those with large marketing budgets a bit happier and to offer registrations at a lower rate so they don't have to deal with a lot of smaller member accounts.

The wider public didn't gain anything from the .UK launch, in fact the feedback was that only a few wanted it, small business, real non-profits, charities & Joe public didn't want it. Small members didn't want it, but the jump in receipts will be very handy for the performance related pay calculations.

I they could, most members would vote to take Nominet back in time, to what is was a few years ago, smaller, focused on UK domains and responsive to what people need. IE cheap names easily registered and easy to administer if your big brand reseller tries to take you for a ride.

UK Govt super filter, opt out and we'll be watching you.

Mr Anonymous

UK Govt super filter, opt out and we'll be watching you.


PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Mr Anonymous

Nigel Farage's next venture.

Will Nigel Farage be leading Nu-Luddites, fighting the automation coming to a workplace near you soon Or will he be drinking martini's with his banker friends?

Your time to decide TXT 01626 831 plus the following:

Add 290 & TXT: Nu-Luddite

Add 290 & TXT: Drinking Martini's?

Label your cables: A cautionary tale from the server room

Mr Anonymous

Re: Labels

"I sometimes taped the 'envelope' inside the machine - depending on space. airflow, likely operating temperature"

Black permanent marker, write the info needed on the top of the server or inside lid if not in your DC.

Backdoor'd products and services assured before release to the UK.

Mr Anonymous

Backdoor'd products and services assured before release to the UK.


8.28 CSPs subject to a technical capability notice must notify the Government of new products

and services in advance of their launch, in order to allow consideration of whether it is

necessary and proportionate to require the CSP to provide a technical capability on the

new service.

Supplier promises to nudge UK schools towards secure webmail

Mr Anonymous

Thanks for nothin rm...

So security was not worth the effort when the cert was ten quid, now it's free and you have been shown wanting, you may act.

RM, shite from start to finish, when will you provide a welcome service to us all by going bust?

Eighteen year old server trumped by functional 486 fleet!

Mr Anonymous

Re: Power

"I wasn't a fan of the APC serial cables"

Win NT3.1/5 would turn off an APC UPS as it itinitialised the serial port during boot, resulting in interesting boot cycle until you pulled the cable.

50c buys you someone else's password for Netflix, Spotify or ...

Mr Anonymous

"Fucking lucky our commentard accounts on el reg are secure then. Nothin' worse than sending passwords in plaintext. An SSL cert is $10, you cunts. I'll help you install the fucking thing if it's a problem"

The Reg is on Cloudflare, SSL is included free, there's something else going on here.

$ nslookup forums.theregister.co.uk

Server: a.b.c.d

Address: a.b.c.d#53

Non-authoritative answer:

forums.theregister.co.uk canonical name = www.theregister.co.uk.

Name: www.theregister.co.uk


$ whois


# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use

# available at: https://www.arin.net/whois_tou.html


# If you see inaccuracies in the results, please report at

# http://www.arin.net/public/whoisinaccuracy/index.xhtml



# The following results may also be obtained via:

# http://whois.arin.net/rest/nets;q=


NetRange: -



NetHandle: NET-104-16-0-0-1

Parent: NET104 (NET-104-0-0-0-0)

NetType: Direct Assignment

OriginAS: AS13335

Organization: CloudFlare, Inc. (CLOUD14)

RegDate: 2014-03-28

Updated: 2015-10-01

Comment: https://www.cloudflare.com

Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-104-16-0-0-1

Italians to spend €150m ... snooping on PS4 jabber

Mr Anonymous

World domination

I used to plan my world domination in the online game Global Therno Nuclear War, but later learnt via Tic-Tac-Toe that my intended rusults were unobtainable.

Rdio's collapse another nail in the coffin of the 'digital economy'

Mr Anonymous

Re: As the Specials once sang "What a load of Bo**ocks"

@Roger Gann

Artistic license, I changed it a bit.

Did I mention I don't listen to music that much, suprised I remembered, there again, I did pay for it.

Mr Anonymous

Re: @Mr Anonymous


How wrong you can be?

I'm a trained artist but gave up making a living at it, the equipment costs were high and I don't like the selling and money parts. I'm still self employed but not in Art, have contributed to a couple of open source projects, donated cash to a few more. I have open hardware designs available if you look for them, the latest released after designing some PCBs for a UK company who weren't bothered that others might use them too and a few years ago donated over a third of my income trying to get shool students interested in science.

I don't download music, I don't listen that much these days, it doesn't help concentration. I did download a film last Christmas and might do so again this year, because sometimes people do things they shouldn't or find away to get the entertainment for free, like watching fireworks from outside the barrier where you pay, looking out a window on to a football stadium or clicking a link that says listen free.

Selling recordings is fairly new, only really took off when young people had a lot of money and the means of playing them became cheaper. Made a lot of musicians playing music redundant too. Technology changes and sometimes you have to move on and make art for the pleasure whilst doing something that might be more mundane to make a living.

Now, what makes you sound so bitter, don't you really like your current profession?

Mr Anonymous

Re: As the Specials once sang "What a load of Bo**ocks"

If the messenger always talks the same message...

Mr Anonymous

As the Specials once sang "What a load of Bo**ocks"

I'm sitting at my keyboard crying, no, sobbing as Andrew Orlowski tells me I owe him a living.

He then goes on to inform us music streamers are failing as only a small proportion of their users will pay for the music they hear all around them every day at work or play for free and he tops it off by saying and the 800lb gorillas entering the market won't pay instead of their "clients/users" (inverted commas as the term used is not quite the correct term for the products that Alphabet corpororation sells to it's clients).

Lidl and Aldi pay above minimum wage, they maybe looking for people who live in the real world.

Who's moderating Andrew Orlowski's latest

Mr Anonymous

Who's moderating Andrew Orlowski's latest

Hour and a half and still no comments?

CloudFlare launches nameserver DDoS shield

Mr Anonymous

Re: if you are serious about DNS

Is that serious DNS from Dyn, the one with an average respose time of 87.07ms for their services as oposed to cloudflares 16.65ms?


Not affiliated to either, although I have used a cloudflare business plan in the past.

ALL comp-sci courses will have compulsory infosec lessons – UK.gov

Mr Anonymous

What will the content be?

No dobt the need to spy on citizen's will be in there to ensure compliance with over arching Govt powers is acceptable to the new voter, so will the morality and legality of this be discussed, together with historical application of state sponsored monitoring of the population, such as that by Stasi or Batallón de Inteligencia 601?

Nothing says 'Taliban' quite like net neutrality, eh, EU Digi Commish?

Mr Anonymous

Anne-Lise Pasch

NN is not about traffic management per se, it as about traffic management for economic benefit, you aren't the only person to not understand that, the new EU digi commish doesn't understand it either.

NN is not about limiting bandwidth to spewtube because the ISP doesn't have the upstream bandwidth they have "sold" to their customers, (which is bad, but another story, change your supplier) it's about when they limit the badwidth because vimyo pay them to prioritise streaming to their site.

In the UK, Sky, the TV company run a major ISP. Without NN, they might de-prioritise traffic to Netflix. Why, because they want the service to appear poor, even though it isn't and moneytise their ISP clients getting them to trial NowTV, an OTT video outfit owned by Sky. NowTV would then appear to offer a better service to the user than Netflix, because the service to Netflix has been artificilly degraded by the ISP's traffic management system.

Mr Anonymous

Not unexpected

Given that a modicum sense and some desicions on the side of constituents were made by the previous holder of this EU post that a candidate with "better aligned views" would be installed as the next post holder.

EU court: phone makers not liable for users' copyright badness

Mr Anonymous


Last time I looked, the ability to copy music has been available to the masses since the reel to reel recorders in the 50's, cameras have been around for a century, printing for over 5. There seems to be no shortage of "new" music, imagery and print available from numerous sources.

Technology moves on endlessly, some people are losers and others gain from each "next greatest thing", get over it.

Plenty of people have zero hours contracts or are on minimum wages, I don't see why those who make music, images or text should get preferential treatment.

Dark Fibre: Reg man plunges into London's sewers to see how pipe is laid

Mr Anonymous

Re: Other pre-existing infrastructure that could be used ...

There's already fiber down the tow path. Fiberway > Easynet > Sky.

Google Tax part 94: EU's H-dot wavers over copyright levy

Mr Anonymous


Call google's bluff, they will not pull news out of Europe, they make money for users personal info gathered from interaction with their services.

EU VAT law could kill thousands of online businesses

Mr Anonymous

Re: This is entirely UNreasonable

'My wife sells knitting patterns on line. Global Turnover less than £2000.'

Print the patern on a post card and post the physical goods to your client in the EU and email them a backup copy digitally.

Time to ditch HTTP – govt malware injection kit thrust into spotlight

Mr Anonymous

Re: SSL is a good thing

"I checked with my ISP - 70 dollars per year per domain IIRC, and significantly more expensive for wildcard ability for subdomains." startssl.com class 1 certs are free.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites

Mr Anonymous

Re: Jolly good work.

You forgot the following copyright exemptions:

Non-commercial research and private study

Text and data mining for non commercial research

Criticism, review and reporting current events

Teaching in educational establishments

Helping visually impaired people

Time shifting

And of course that copyright is a civil offence, so I don't think it is illegal as breaking it is not a criminal offence. (I'm not a lawyer, if I was I'd be charging, but I believe this last line is correct. The exemptions are correct however, so please remeber when answering that phoney letter these scammers send out)

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base

Mr Anonymous

Re: Why did we publish this?

"I can remember is the procedure for making a tasty dinner out of a live rabbit."

I find it tastier when dead, preferably in a pot with veg and wine, oh, and more wine on the side.

Google snaps up Divide to splice biz and personal phones together

Mr Anonymous


Is it going to stop any of your data going to google?

Up to 500 GP practices to test plans to share patient data

Mr Anonymous

You missed a bit.

"The trial is one of the first recommendations of the recently established independent care.data advisory group, chaired by Macmillan Cancer Support chief executive Ciaran Devane." who is one of NHS England’s non-executive directors.

Sounds very depenent to me.

Eco-friendly fluid keeps SGI supercomputer cool and moist

Mr Anonymous

UK co making Novec liquid cooled servers for a few years. http://www.iceotope.com/

OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers

Mr Anonymous


The Boycott page and, as usual, the rest of their site doesn't work unless you use Brendan Eich's Javascript.

Facebook, you fools! Forget Oculus, you could have bought TRON-type headsets

Mr Anonymous

UK kickstarter project, Altergaze: Mobile Virtual Reality for Your Smartphone

One here too.


ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body

Mr Anonymous

Why can't I get all media from one streaming source

They won't out compete BitTorrent until you can legally stream all media content from one provider, having muptiple streaming accounts to access media is just not good enough when competing with free.

Deceased music locker gets final knock

Mr Anonymous


It doesn't need more money, it needs people/corps on all sides to accept realistic amounts.

Help a hack: What's in your ultimate Windows XP migration toolkit?

Mr Anonymous


Yes, lets look at the docs:

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Samples Guide

Quick Start Guide for Lite Touch Installation

Quick Start Guide for User Driven Installation

Quick Start Guide for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

Toolkit Reference

Troubleshooting Reference

User Driven Installation - Developers Guide

Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

This is EIGHT PCs!

Either do it longhand or I sugegst building an image with all updates/apps reseal it. Take a small Linux FTP server containing the image and a CD with G4L and image the PCs. Leave the Linux box behind so when Windows turns in to its normal six monthly "bloated fcukup state", they can re-image them.

Or like below. Mint em.

Apple rakes in 60% of profits in still-surging smartphone market

Mr Anonymous

Is this news?

Over priced expensive portable gear is more profitable than that with smaller margins?

Good riddance to American internet oversight says Microsoft

Mr Anonymous

Re: Good riddance

"I can't think of many who will be sorry to see the back of ICANN"

Except they aren't talking about getting rid of ICANN, they're talking about stopping the oversight by the US DoC.