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Sun chum Oracle pushes database buyers to IBM

Mat Keep


I've bought some great stuff off their highly responsive, super fast site (boy their database servers are fast)

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Oracle Databases on Niagara

You state the no-one would run Oracle databases on a T1 base system. In fact eBay standardised on T2000s for their Oracle databases:


And they were not the only ones - there are many others including Australian Finance Group, Casema, Central Bank of Egypt, Comic Relief, PTK and Scripps Florida here: http://www.sun.com/servers/coolthreads/testimonials/index.jsp

It is interesting that Oracle's other products are licensed by user, not per core, so more and more customers are moving to site licenses

Also, as you state, Standard Edition is licensed per socket ($15k including RAC) - so you could gang 4 x T5120/T5220s together with RAC, and get a pretty awesome OLTP database engine for $60k worth of licensing...assuming RAC scales of course.

Sun's 256-thread African journey begins next month

Mat Keep

Uninformed cowards..total BS

From Denis:

Yes we went from 4 MCU to 2 MCU but redesigned the MCU at the time for Optimal

VF performance

The T2 was provisioned with 60GB of raw bandwidth but anyone that knows FBDIMM knows that higher bandwidth can be achieved by having multiple DIMMs on the same channel

The N2 only has 2 DIMMs per channel whereas the VF has up to 4 DIMMs per channel We can achieve over 30GB/s of STREAM memory bandwidth across 2 VF that blows away ALL Intel , AMD and Power servers

Added to his is extremely low latency to remote memory.

From Mat:

In terms of database, it is a proven, great OLTP server with orgs such as eBay satandarising on it for Oracle. There are some database workloads where it is not optimal, ie single thread batch, but for that Sun has M-Series and x64