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Commodore goes titsup (again)

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All Mouth

Any of you so-called ex-Amigans posting here that are using Windows instead of Mac OS X should be ashamed of yourselves.

What HAPPENED to you?

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

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Oh dear

You poor poor pitiful bastards who use Vista.

You think bugfixpatch1 of many will make things better??

What is WRONG with you people????

Are your levels of expectation SO low that you don't demand more from an OS????

http://www.apple.com/getamac FFS

Three questions for the Jesus SDK

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You can ALREADY IM with existing webapps on the iPhone and you do not miss any IM's if you get a call or do anything else.

So much BS going around it makes me laugh.

I don't know if I am allowed to post links here but wakey wakey people - IM is available via Safari. I am on iChat, Yahoo, MSN and that Gmail thingy all at once all the time and never miss a msg.


I really despair - now IT is within the grasp of Joe Public the general level of BS you have to put up with in threads like these is almost unbearable.

And for the morons who keep crowing on about 3G - you really need to THINK some more. Put an iPhone on EDGE next to your 3G cruddy N95 and call up a site. Don't cry when you see the results in the FULL Safari web browser vs your crummy effort. Dullards.

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

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Windoze? Linux? pah

Linux freaks go home - your desktop dreams were shattered long ago.

A Mac is the only box that can run Mac OS X (and all the Windows trash) beautifully.

Dale will realise what thousands are realising every day. The Mac is the future.

Wake up - don't get left behind.

Triple play puts iPhone ahead of Android

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Another journalist retracting the garbage he printed first time round about the iPhone.

AMAZING what happens when one is equipped with all the FACTS rather than hearsay and guesswork isn't it?

ALL of a sudden iPhone becomes first choice.

Before you pseudo-journos post FUD about the iPhone again perhaps you should know what you are talking about first?

Makes a nice change to get things right huh?

It was VERY clear from Jan 07 that the Apple knows what it is doing with iPhone and is going to dominate the mobile industry within a few years. You are supposed to be in the industry for crying out loud - what is wrong with you that you couldn't see this before?


Cometh the hour, cometh the iPhone SDK

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Well done Bill!

You just showed the world how shortsighted and blinkered you are!

Keep talking. In a few years time when Apple are dominating the mobile industry these articles will come back to haunt you.

Pretty colours?



BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

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It's quite fun to see the fear of Apple by people here.

Shame to see so much ignorance but that comes with IT being now accessible to Joe Public. *sigh*

The iPhone a niche market? hehe let's see how long you think THAT for shall we?

The BBC are for once on the ball. iPlayer won't be available on your cruddy little devices for a good reason.

The iPhone is a huge platform in the making. It's the NEXT BIG THING. Deal with it.

The release of the iPhone SDK will open your grey dull eyes to what Apple people have known for a year or more.

Those of us with not such rabid blindness to what is happening in front of us will enjoy your slow awakening and enjoy even more watchingyou squirm when these pathetic posts are rubbed in your faces :)