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Chinese villager jailed for eating tiger

Norman Mackay
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Eat Anything

There isn't much the Chinese won't eat, and their doing a fine job of killing off most of the species at their end of the planet. All too soon there will be zero wild life left to kill. What then ? Start killing and eating each other.. The ignorance coupled with arrogance is a deadly formula for what's left on our planet in the way of none human species.

History will not be kind to the human inhabitants of this planet who will ultimately be held responsible for the eradication of all other species.

Quite depressing. The sentence handed down was more than justified.

NHS warned about data protection

Norman Mackay

Get rid of them

Its totally unacceptable that individuals manage to loose known valuable information due to their own stupidity. They should never be allowed to handle similar information at any time in the future...and they should face instant dismissal.

It really makes no difference which position they hold in any company. Simply fire them as an example to other lazy morons who treat peoples, and companies valuable information with total disregard.

There should also be a clause in their contract that allows them to be heavily fined for loss of such valued electronic information for which they are responsible for safe guarding.

Prison warders told to can 'hurtful' language

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The political correctness cult

This PC crap being rammed down our throats has a strong Labour smell all over it.. No one is ever responsible for their own actions, and its everyones fault when things go terribly wrong.... and, even terrorists and murderers are good sorts.

Pentagon attackers stole 'amazing amount' of sensitive data

Norman Mackay


Every week there is a major IT security loss of valuable data in some western country. The IT industry must be made up of semi educated half wits. In a position safe guarding the national security of a country means you must be the best person for the job. It almost a Laurel & Hardy comedy when you read about defence contractors taking home laptops with half the countries secrets, and then leaving them in their cars which later stolen. The Pentagon being so easily hacked is a bloody joke. Who are these nameless bimbos that are the guardians of our countries secrets.. My dog could do better..


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