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Pass the 'Milk' to make code run four times faster, say MIT boffins


Re: Software? Or maybe hardware. @Brewster

I'll have to join him in the hole then. His line of thinking/questioning seems sound to me. Maybe the milk isn't sour, but the article reporting on it certainly has a bit of a whiff to it.

Thief dresses as Apple Store drone, walks off with $16,000 in iGear


Re: Why didn't they...

I was in an Apple store the other day. They had an RFID reader on the doors to the back - needed a staff badge to get in. Was his disguise that good that a real employee waved him in?

Self/Less: Crap science, eyebrow acting, and immortality for the 1%


Cold Souls

Vaguely similar to the 2009 movie Cold Souls with Paul Giamatti?

FBI probe physical intrusions into Californian internet cables


SF Housing Problem

My theory:

Working-class people priced out of the SF housing market? Need a way to give the tech industry a kick in the nuts, rather than just protesting about Google Buses? Cut lots of cables.

BBC hacks – tweet the crap out of the news, cries tech-dazzled Trust



I used to watch the BBC news as I felt it was a proper news channel. But clearly that wasn't working for them, and in my eyes they seem to be now verging on as much sensationalism as your average tabloid, just to get their numbers up. So I stopped watching. I blame Ron Burgandy and the introduction of 24 hour news.

Strangely I now think that The Daily Show is the only proper news show out there.

Vladimir Putin says internet is a 'CIA project'



"Around the same time, Google Maps in Russia decided to begin logging Crimea as part of Russia."


"He has also expressed a distrust as of late for American technology. Even before slamming the CIA's supposed control of the internet, Putin's administration dumped Apple's hardware over security concerns, and opted instead for Korean firm Samsung's products."

Samsung -> Google = Google Maps: Crimea as part of Russian

Apple = Apple Maps: Crimea as part of Ukraine

It all makes sense now....

Samsung's thumb-achingly ENORMO Galaxy Note Pro 12.2


Fake stitching

Why? Not just Samsung here, but loads of things everywhere? Why why why?

YOINK! Toyota reveals – then DENIES – Apple CarPlay by 2015


Re: An Apple Luser...

You left ponders do enjoy your suing don't you. I'm surprised it hasn't been made a professional sport, televised and prepended with the tag ULTIMATE. Actually for all I know it already has!

I am confused though. I don't own a smartphone, but from you post it would seem that merely by purchasing an Android phone I could figure out how that darn new fangled bluetooth stuff works, and be able to call people Lusers. Conversely purchasing an Apple phone would mean being clueless on the subject, and also involve needing to get a body piercing?

Hmm, maybe not owing a smartphone is infact the smart thing to do.

Oracle promises 'skin editor' for Fusion apps


Well it's a start

Yay for getting rid of those horrid tabs with the swoopy trailing edge - the calling card of wonderful java apps the world over

HEADS UP, text-flinging drivers! A cop in a huge SUV is snooping on you


Re: It's really sad

In the state I live taking away people's freedoms to make phone calls, txt, whatever whilst driving would be akin to taking away their guns. Combine that with the seemingly accepted notion that drinking and driving is ok, ther really is no hope.


Re: "...fiddling with their GPS..."

You generally don't have to type an address into an AC controller.....

Jury: Samsung must cough $290m of $379m Apple wanted - NOT in 5 cent pieces


But is that enough...

... to cover the lawyers fees?

Screw wanting to work for Apple, I want to work for their law firm!

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow



What are the G forces people will be exposed to on 'take off'? And will the little speed ups result in the pulsing sensation so effortlessly achieved by Singaporean taxi drivers who are unable to maintain constant speed? Bluuueergh.

Phone-bonker Bump tells desktop users: We swing both ways now



I remember seeing someone on the tube trying to 'bump' their phone and tablet. Lets just say it didn't work in several minutes I could bare watching. Embarrassing. I wonder if he ever got....

USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013


Re: The name

USB 3.0 HD?

Also, that AudioQuest Coffee isn't an expensive USB cable, THIS is an expensive USB cable: http://www.locus-design.com/index.php/cynosure-usb-cable (scroll to the bottom, but prepare for the shock)

Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012


Urrr, no

The 2009 model did not look identical. The current shape (but with optical drive) came out in mid 2010. Prior to that you had the fat minis.

Report: Apple, Google, Microsoft join forces to buy Kodak patents


Re: only reason why

Well, duh!

Apple exec behind Maps and Siri to exit One Infinite Loop

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Re: Good riddance for Browett

"Round every corner"

I see what you did there

Slideshow: A History of the Smartphone in 20 Handsets


Re: Must... resist... mustn't... post...

Ah yes, the fond memories of this forum and all the 'my N95 can do this, my N95 can do that, my N95 was doing that years ago' posts when the iPhone came out. Very entertaining.


Re: Missing, like most "smart phone histories", is the LG Prada before the iPhone in 2007

Bought one for my wife. It was crap - and for that reason we try not to remember it.

Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III

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It's a start

Well thank fucking god someone has come to their senses here. All this bigger and bigger screen nonsense was for one reason. When you're all running the same OS (Android) the only way to differentiate is size, and unfortunately all the manufacturers went all Texan on us. Sure there are some poor people out there with fat fingers, or descended from german blacksmiths, or just have penchant for clothes with large pockets and the oddly resulting bulges. But surely once all those people are satisfied the rest of humanity will realise what a twat they look with a phablet up against their face. For those about to suggest a bluetooth headset to avoid that, you've already failed - sorry. And don't get me started on holsters :rolleyes: lest I take the mick out of all the wannabe cowboys out there and their desire to have something locked and loaded on their hip. Or their arse and gut are just too big to actually get _anything_ in their pockets bigger than a dime.

So lets see some REAL innovation. Go small - cram all your goodness into something smaller and lighter and longer lasting. Going big is just too easy. Sorry.

Google launches credit card in UK


Re: Do not want.

This is for businesses remember, who pay more than consumers in lots of areas. No consumer in there right mind would pay the same price corporates do for their PCs for example. It'll be the same for business and interest rates. I remember trying to get an overdraft for my one and just about fainted at the interest rate. However a personal overdraft's rate, well that I managed to stay quite lucid about.

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls


Re: That's learning of today (the future)?

Well that education style doesn't get you employed in my industry. Whilst it may make you an absolute ace should the problem space fit inside the box you were taught, as soon as you have to think outside that box, epic fail.

Google+ claims 100 million 'active' users


Re: Using it more and more...

> but it's also home to a lot ... Linux distro maintainers

Wow, I just have to join now. How exciting!

Apple's first batch of iPhone 5 preorders sold out in an hour


Re: No Thanks...

Held one, and well, why is the screen all grainy? And why are the whites still bluish? Is this this silly Pentile nonsense?

Still waiting for one of these Smartphones to lure me away from my trusty charge-it-once-a-week feature phone. At present all I see is Meh.

UK.gov blacklists Fujitsu from future contracts - report


"the comment is that we are not commenting. We don't comment on government contracts and we're not commenting on this."

Surely commenting that you're not commenting is still commenting? Comments anyone?

There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button


Re: the issue disappears as you learn new ways of working

All this bloody sheep nonsense flying about. Makes you look like right pretentious twat. "I am considerably cleverer than yaouw" etc etc. Still it re-enforces the stereotypes I have about you free-as-in-free-speechers, so continue.

Zombie PC herders issue commands from Tor hideout


Re: What legit TOR traffic will a company ever use ?

Linux distros? Oh hang on, thats the legitimate use for torrents isn't it.

Maybe secret Linux distros?

Apple: You'd want hi-fi streamage from us, not poor-people Wi-Fi audio



As long as it lifts the limit of 16/44 present on all Apple streaming devices or protocols then I'm all for it. Oh and sends things fully uncompressed (or doesn't recompress all ready compressed) music. Yes, there are some of us that think hi res music has a future, and that we're not all destined to listen to music through the tinny speaker of our smartphone for eternity.

For those of you about to unleash the usual tirade of blind testing nonsense, forget about it. I'm deaf.

China could penetrate US with new huge missile



I wonder what percentage of all military boasting etc is just FUD designed to bankrupt your opponents in their effort to counter the perceived threat..

Rivals routed by Apple, Google smartphone onslaught


Re Obviously!

"Stop trying to big up the iPhone. They are just as cheap. I could walk into my local high street and get one FREE!

Also, do you really think that a products price has any bearing?"

You should take a bus, then a train, and when you finally reach an international airport, jump on a plane, away from your cosy little high street. I think you'll find in many many many many more parts of the world that price has a HUGE baring on things, and the (false) luxury of subsidised plans is but a dream. In these markets iPhones (and yes yes, top end 'droids too) are aspirational, with your cheap and dirty 'droids being the winners due to pure economic necessity. I mean, obviously!

But please, just continue on in your little world where the butcher asks if you're local.

AT&T to mothball 2G network by 2017


Much needed

Was in NYK recently and yes, the 3G is a steaming pile. If thats all people know, no wonder they think it's the phones that are the problem rather than the network.

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals


A variation

Of 'will it blend'?

Big media little iPad stories suggest Apple is cranking up the spin cycle



Apple should beat Samsung et al to the punch and make it a phone. I mean that's the next logical step for the 'droid makers isn't it? When size is one of the few differentiators they have? I'm waiting till they hit the 'sensible' limits and start concentrating on make high end _small_ smartphones. You know, phones for people with normal sized hands - not those of people descended from German blacksmiths and/or with small willy syndrome and/or fatties and/or a combo of all the above.

I'm here in Asia and just laugh at the wobbly insecure attempts at using their phablets one handed. One overreach with the thumb and that baby is off balance and kissing the concrete.

Two weeks 'til the internet disappears, for 58 Fortune 500 companies



That is all

Apple users get pricier hotel options from Orbitz


Re: I guess

Communes for the Linux bods surely?

RBS IT cockup: This sort of thing can destroy a bank, normally


Re: Single sourced

Not so easy. Some banks in some countries require that your salary goes into their account. But I guess according to your argument we should each have two jobs to handle this constraint and hedge against the risk of losing one of them?

Nice idea though. I have 3 accounts spread over two different countries.

Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat


Re: Has this become a bankruptcy race between Balmer & Elop?

Sweet Mary I hope they don't keep that allcaps thing. It'll make me ANGRY everytime I see it.

Acer touts Tegra 3 tablet


Why do all these 7" tabs look like fat chubbers? I guess you fingers don't get smaller along with the size, so the bezels stay the same. Maybe that's it. Or maybe there is more space to spread out the leccy stuff in the big ones, so they can be thinner. Or perhaps they are the same thinness but as they're bigger 'seem' thinner.

I don't know, but they all just look chunky to me. Won't have it.

Firefox 13 now available for download


So will this one stop crashing?

I've been hoping they'd fix that rather annoying habit, well, forever.

The one where it crashes, then refuses to start, then you come back later and it's working again is bizarre, and somehow I'm sadly used to it.

The Great Border Agency IT Crash: Just who was responsible?


Sweet baby Jesus

"The firm has also just been awarded a £140 million deal for IT provision at the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority."

Icon says it all

Steve Jobs was top of the flops, says Apple's Tim Cook


Trolly troll troll

I'm sure you can find (nay even write!) some plug in for your favourite open source browser to block all articles or mentions of Apple. You'll be much happier, and the less rabid amongst us here will be too. That being said I do find a good troll entertaining - but please do try harder next time eh?

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12


Re: Audio Fidelity?

Well done, and first in too.

Still, no mention of double blind testing etc which is disappointing. Have people given up trolling these 'audio' reviews?

AMD: New Trinity laptop chips out-juice Intel graphics


Re: Intel fanbois in distress

You must be new to the internet as that's all it is these days - people defining themselves by the objects they own. Intel vs AMD, iOS vs Android, Mac vs Windows, Proprietary vs Free etc etc. Basically it's gotten to the point of religion, which is well, distasteful in any form. Maybe such belief structures are really a natural human condition :(

That being said I like watching zealots eyes bulge and roll, and the flecks of spittle fly when they rant forth their hellfire and brimstone (figuratively of course). It's highly entertaining. Poking them (aka Trolling) helps when things get boring too.

Hmm, I think I've just made a mistake - this post is verging on rational (IMO natch) which will be flagged by the moderator. So to avoid that, PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE FOR LIFE, or something. There fixed it.

Button batteries burn kids from inside


Re: Isn't this basic common sense?

Good luck finding common sense in a 3.9 year old....

My 2 year old swallowed a nice 50c piece a few years ago. Got a nice X-ray to show at his 21st birthday too. All came out the end, well, in the end.

Hated Visual Studio 11 beta in HIGH-ENERGY colour blast


Re: Better... But

They flip-flopped in both directions with the ALL CAPS thing in several areas of the Beta/RC. Nicely inconsistent :rolleyes:

But the ALL CAPS menu really is a shocker. Just so bloody wrong!

Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat


Go on Apple

Make it fully bezel-less. LG I think got 3 out of 4 edges. Go for the four. Do it.

Ten... alternatives to Samsung's Galaxy S III


Re: How did the Lumia get in there.

I would gladly take the Nokia as an alternative. Samsung Galaxy owners (of all 136 variants) seem to give off the same type of Smug that Prius owners do (or iPhone owners used to before they came too mainstream for it to be meaningful). Very unattractive. For that reason if it was ever a cold day in hell and I got an Android phone it would be HTC etc.

Yours truly,

A Luddite who in disgust of all these big dick (and/or boring) phones, recently hunted down a NOS Nokia 6500 Classic as my main phone. Glorious!

RIM wakes up woozy in Australia



Netgear scores 802.11ac basestation first

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Re: Why

Man-cupboards rule.

That is all.