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Final countdown to Conficker 'activation' begins

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Why always with the negative spin?

Why does everybody always assume this will be a negative thing? Maybe the whole thing's been designed by some philanthropist who's decided to fight fire with fire. An anti-virus worm with a "robust" P2P network allowing for near-real-time updates from future threats, perhaps? You heard it here first, and I want my millions of well-deserved theoretical dollars should this come to pass.

I for one welcome our virus-battling, virus-writing overlord(s).

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

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Nuttin' to see here...

Commendations to the professor for nicely summarizing a major gripe of mine in a nutshell.

And nuts to those parents who succumb to mass hysteria, it really drives me... what's that word again? Oh yeah, it drives me buggers.

Mine's the one with crunchy peanut butter in the left pocket and smooth in the right.

Hubble sniffs CO2 on far-flung 'hot Jupiter' planet

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@ Chris Cartledge

Maybe I'm old fashioned and out of touch with reality, but I try to get through a complete article before posting in regards to it. It helps prevent me from looking like an utter tool when the article already has things covered. Like, say about two thirds down the page.

Hackintosh clone surfaces in the Argentine

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@ Chris

Because to Apple, hardware and software aren't two separate products (integration of iTunes/iPod, for example). Apple drives hardware sales with their software (sort of the reverse of the games console strategy), and although software's role is increasing, a large portion of Apple's revenue still stems from hardware sales (Mac OS X/Macs, iTunes/iPod, etc).

Because in order for Apple to successfully make significant money from an unrestricted, licensed OS, the company would have to go to great lengths to prevent widespread piracy. Not to mention deal with an almost infinite variety of machines rather than a handful. Which means your beloved OS would be encumbered with serial numbers, activation woes, driver issues, and a higher price to counter the extra resources needed to tackle those problems. All of which Microsoft have struggled with (and take more flak for than they deserve, in my opinion).

And lastly, because there are alternatives out there. If you disagree with Apple's business strategy that strongly, there's always a Windows or Linux flavour waiting for you.

Doctor amputates boy's arm using SMS instructions

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Why on earth...

...was this done by text and not by call, where potentially dangerous ambiguities could quickly be sorted out?

Seems like the doctor got lucky more than anything. His heart was in the right place and I'm glad things turned out, but in any other country folks would be calling for his head due to malpractice.

Study spanks Adobe Flash for abuses of power

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What is the carbon footprint of useless environment studies?

Let's commission a study to determine the carbon footprint of the loads of pointless studies being conducted in the name of environmentalism!

Skull and crossbones, because it's mostly black, and that means some idiot stuck in the 90's will save 0.0000074 cents for that non-firing portion of his CRT. See, I can save the environment too!

Down the Digital River, into the heart of download darkness

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I hate titles

Love the writing style. Don't let the dissenters sway you Ted... there are more of us who want to read a good fuck-riddled rant on a Monday than those of us still hung up on minding our tongues.

And believe it or not, the man's got a point; as zenon3 said, why is it considered normal to expect to be screwed over by a company that could, with very little effort, provide an experience that's overwhelmingly positive instead of just sufficient?

"You didn't make a backup, and being an AVERAGE consumer (read: not IT) the thought never crossed your mind, so you deserve to pay out the nose for another stream of bytes."

"Hey, you wore that skimpy clothing without thinking the consequences through, so you deserved what happened in that back alley at night."

See any parallels here? And to anybody who says they're not the same thing, I never said they were. They're both shitty, misinformed attitudes about shitty situations that the victim never asked to be in. Shitty, misinformed attitudes don't fix problems.

Shitty, well-informed attitudes, like Ted's, tend to at least inspire debate.

Apple's 'next move' is an HSDPA MacBook, forecasts analyst

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Right. Diversify your products into a confusing mess of models until you can't support your noodly appendages anymore and the entire company crashes down in a pile of steaming Vista... I mean, rubbish.

Or subsidize your rubbish to the point that it's no longer a premium item in the consumer's eye, and watch profits tank (RAZR, anybody?)

Does anybody take analysts seriously anymore?

Dell: 'We will out-pace the rest of the industry'

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So much for core business...

Heaven forbid you use the extra cash from firing all those employees to stay afloat during an economic recession and focus on your core business. Better buy some companies, instead.

Nearly a thousand people (low-income and needing the work) here in Edmonton lost jobs at a Dell call support centre. This call support centre was controversial to begin with; it was a result of Edmonton wooing Dell with lucrative tax breaks. And Dell has the audacity to close the damn centre long before the contract was due to expire. Classy.

Why keep low-income North Americans employed as tech support when you can get rid of them and outsource to India, and then buy a few dead-end Web 2.0 companies with the spare change? Product quality, customer satisfaction and profits can only go up, right?

Drivelling idiots.

Ok, I'm done being bitter.

Internet searches stimulate brain more than books

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Another sound reason for Nicholas Carr to shove his self-pitying "the internet is making me stupid" attitude where the sun don't shine. Jackass. The only person who can make you stupid is yourself, and that's through a lack of analytical thinking.

http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google for anybody who doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Apple revamps MacBook as 13in MacBook Pro

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@ Jonathan Harden

From what I understand, the entire trackpad doubles as a large physical button, but maybe I've been reading the brochure wrong.

Apple rattles legal sabre at Canadian tech school

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Evidently nobody bothered...

...reading AC's post "Not that dissimilar" about a third down through the comments. I had the same initial knee-jerk reaction to Apple going after the little guy that everybody else in these comments had, and then saw the image AC mentioned:


I had to at least stop and think when I saw how similar the two logos *can* look, especially in the context of that photo.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

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Licking Valley, eh?

Egads, teenagers engaging in elicit activities? I'm shocked and appalled. I used to think that prosecuting those responsible for meth labs or domestic violence was important, but now that this has been brought to light... well, good on 'em for taking up this fight.

Also, am I the only one sniggering at the name "Licking Valley" in the context of the article?

Jesus Phone vuln delivers fanboys to phishermen

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As a longtime Mac user...

it's a bit unsettling that as time passes I start to agree with Webster in certain aspects. Apple's got interface, ease-of-use, and aesthetic industrial design covered, but they really need to play catch up with bugs, security flaws, and hardware defects.

*sigh* Success breeds carelessness, it would seem.

Can we have a Steve icon with both halo and horns?

Samsung unwraps MacBook Air beater

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Big ol' butt

Am I the only one who thinks it's got a big fat derrière ? It looked good until the side profile pictures. Maybe if I have a few pints she'll start to look better. Tends to work in the bars.

It takes a few pints to make Paris look good.

Wind turbines put bats under (low) pressure

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@ Kevin Kitts

You're an idiot.

On another note... I'm glad it's my provincial and federal taxes paying for research like this. One of these days scientists might actually stumble up on something useful... *crosses fingers*

Paris. Because she's slimy, just like bats.

Alabama admits developing country status

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Does Webster Phreaky...

...ever have anything relevant to contribute that doesn't involve bashing his favourite company?

There aren't any fanbois to come out of the woodwork on this one, so why are you trying so desperately to attract a response?

We get it. You don't like Macs. Other people don't like Linux. Still others don't like Windows. Everybody's got reasons, and you're not about to change anybody's mind by screaming at them. You're as bad as any fanboi that you're trying to provoke. Can you leave the grade 9 tactics at home so that other people can discuss topics that are actually relevant to the story?

Paris, because she's still stuck in grade 9 as well.