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US dairyman inaugurates bovine biogas plant

Robert Orr

Power 1200 homes per day from 5,000 cows dung?

I.m not sure how much gas a typical american home consumes, but at best if we asume each cow produces around 20Kg of dung, we have 100 tons a day, and if this had a COD(Chemical Oxygen Deman) level of say 70Kg/M3 we would have at most 3,500m3 of biogas each day. I somehow doubt whether 3 m3 of gas per day would power a village hut in Africa, never mind a US or EU home. Such claims should be subjected the basic math before being published.

I speak with some authorithy as at present we are taking the dung from a colony of 400,000 Buffalo in Pakistan, and turning that into Organic fertiliser and Biogas. No doubt California Cows have a better diet but not that good, unless they go Supersize at their local eaterie! Still whatever the performance, Good for them that they are taking this great initiative.

Robert Orr


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