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US school cheat hack suspect faces 38 years jail

Larry Cumber

That's just it Period !

He did his act, but was not vigilant enough than the vigilante. Many have committed terrible acts of this nature before in Banks and other places. 38 years is hard to a man when compared to his actions. If he was used by the FBI to change someone elses history it would have been a success. Interesting how the world looks at our individual actions.

Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

Larry Cumber
IT Angle

What a shame !

Poor configuration brings bad habits.

If all the windows and doors were closed and fortified by Privileges then i do think, this guy of ours wouldn't have made it through. All the same is oson had had a good IT guy to sweep the change and make admendments then that wouldn't have been the case. This is a lesson to learn. We all fall prey to this kind of thing..... Most administrators would not change a single password of a retired employee, niether have they configured their AD to expire them too.

French police bust 22 youths in alleged hacking network

Larry Cumber

Hackers !

Why not make use of their talents in a better way Mr FRANCE. If they have the knowledge to do so why not tell them once small congregate and tell those concern the methods they used and suggest how this could be prevented.

Mr France think about that !

Yet another hole found in BT Wi-Fi router

Larry Cumber

wep ?

Interesting Hacking the BTHomeHub. It now gives an open room for some to get in before the administrative pass word is changed. Well, It would be nice for some to make money by hacking specific sytems and letting the owners know they just left their back door open. <<<<We could help you change it <<<<<

Sun chum Oracle pushes database buyers to IBM

Larry Cumber

Everyone pays for more power

If you need more power for example "under the hood" then you pay more.

So as Oracle has moved to Grid, with its Robustness, self-managing style, then what do we expect.. Lets see what happens when another Version comes out.

Oracle scans BEA code for GPL and LGPL

Larry Cumber


If oracle has decided to look at those codes, then this is in order to make assurance double sure that what it gets is what it is. Buying a Volkswagen with a Peugoet engine clearly defines how ignorant the buyer might have been. It just wouldn't work. So sometimes its nice to peep.

ID and the triple-A challenge of mashup security

Larry Cumber

Security !

Mashing up data has its consequences. I believe that's why we have to see that,Deep data protection is taken into consideration when building robust database to hold this data.

It would preferably be nice for security to be linked to certain policies that can be granted to rows. This would therefore limited applications being the gateway to insecurity.

But notwithstanding for authenitcation and authorisation to take place and followed by a single-sign-on process. Id's would still be in use. Identifying,recognising and accepting has lots to play.....I believe it would be nice to have data stored in another medium--but what would that be is the question.

Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux OS beta

Larry Cumber

Different Flavors.

what's the problem? Every Os has its limitations. Saying so, I do think there is always the need for change. But changing to a Cr--p OS would not make life easier, would it?

For some reason, i decided to test the Oracle Enterprise Linux a few days ago as compared to another option I had the Sled 10 Linux Enterpirise Desktop. The Sled 10 took a couple of minutes to install.

But notwithstanding is got a lot of features that would not go for free in MS Os..

Capita buys way into ComputerLand

Larry Cumber
Black Helicopters

Bailing out.

If Capita has decided to bail Computerland out, then i think its a good thing.

Its better semi-dead that dead.

What a way to say it. Now, it would be for capita to prove us wrong with this business venture. Lets give it some months and then judge.

So Capita its left for you to prove your point.

Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits

Larry Cumber

Interestingly so !

Now Vista once acclaimed to be one of the best when realease has dropped from the roof.

I am one of the least puzzled if this has turn out to be so.

If Microsoft release Vista the way it was, then, MS had a reason.

For now we are looking forward to SINGULARITY....

As acclaimed, this new OS would have more software power under its hood.

Don't forget MS has been working ever since 2003--

Codes are written with Dependability in Mind' throwing aways the consistent trend of Backward compatibility and ease of use.

Virus and Worms prevention using C#. SIPs.

So We buy to buy again, and now SINGULARITY is on its way and as its been said it would not look like Windows. Interesting !!

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 delayed

Larry Cumber

Another One

As said so shall it be. But with MS having its project power consumed by its next intended OS >>SINGULARITY<< WHY wouldn't they delay.....

IBM gets back into PCs

Larry Cumber

What a move

Who incorporates who ?

This would have to give windows some thinking to do.

Lotus notes and OpenOffice.

Red Hat and Lotus

A combination, yes a combination--What a concoction. i believe the outcome yields dividend