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Dell hits all the wrong keys – again


Dell and PC World

The reason that PC World would have advised the purchaser to contact Dell is that they don't hold stock of spare parts from the manufacturers - so any replacement keyboards etc will have to be ordered from said manufacuturer. Now although PC World sell Dell machines they don't provide any support - Dell do, so any customer with any fault with any Dell machine has to call them for help.

I think that the person that got the Logitech keyboard from PC World got a good deal!

Marathon poker game begins over fate of Fujitsu Siemens


Not bad

I have an FSC Cordant bought in 2003 from PC World, the only issue I've had with it was a DVD drive failure, rectified quickly by what was then PC ServiceCall (in fact they mixed up my machine and ordered me the wrong drive - I now have 2 DVDRW drives in the machine!)

I would quite happily buy another one, either desktop or notebook if I needed another machine.

Software outfit keeps Vulcan airborne

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Fingers Crossed

I have my fingers crossed that XH558 will be given permission to fly for Waddington at the weekend. I have tickets for Saturday and I am hoping that this will be the highlight of the weekend.

I recently saw the Vulcan at RAF Cosford as part of the Cold War museum and it is absolutely stunning, it's a beautiful aircraft to look at and I hope that it will be saved for generations to come - rather like the BBMF has been.

Having spoken at length to some of those involved in restoring the aircraft, I hope that the necessary permission is obtained.

Freesat launches in UK

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Freesat? Nah!

I've just got a couple of Freeview boxes free through a work bonus scheme - cost me 20 quid for a couple of scart cables and an internal antenna as I don't have a roof ariel, only a cable TV point. I've got all the telly I need for now without an ugly dish stuck to the side of my flat!

Freesat is a great idea though for those that don't like/don't want to/can't get Sky.

Pure Highway in-car DAB radio

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At Last!

I've been waiting to get my mitts on one of these ever since it was announced bafore Christmas!

I love my digital radio - comes with me on my travels in the UK and we have 2 in our house - one for the bedroom and one my boyfriend takes to work to listen to, that also goes in the kitchen.


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