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Toothless Ofcom: C'mon consumers, show your teeth on broadband speeds

Florence Stanfield


ODCOM need to make BT guarantee upload speeds also, I have had FTTC now for two years started out with a steady connection 79Mbps 16Mbps up was one of the first on the cabinet. Well as others joined my speeds dropped completing BT speedtests I was requested to complete tap 3.. BT have tap 3 set so upload is minimum IE while testing on my ISP connection upload 10Mbps or more move to BT loggins and upload drops to around 2Mbps.

I have been gathering this data everytime I fail the tap1 test tried to point this out on ISPreview but the BT fan boys said it was not possible. Recently round at a friends they said they were having problems logging into the bt side of tap3. I did this for them and guess what on tap 3 they lost 10Mbps upload speed was hovering around 2Mbps on 80/20 product.

This does need rectifying so would be nice if others could log the speed test results date time etc then lets get this sorted BT have had their own way for far too long..

Would you let your car insurer snoop on you for a better deal?

Florence Stanfield

An insurance firm already does this!

My 23 year old daughter passed her driving test this year all insurers were asking over £1,500 for her she went with insurethebox who place a black box in her car. This gives her feedback about her driving plus bonus miles over the month for good driving.

She is happy as without them she couldn't afford to drive.

Breathe Networks asks for euthanasia

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They recently took over identnet

This whole thing stinks how can they be buying out companies while they are planning to be struck off at companies house. This whole affair needs to be investigated it smells fishy must be lots of dirty washing hanging around creditors swing for their money but someone is sitting pretty as a fatcat.

Surveillance response 'inadequate', say Lords

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Good Job the House of Lords have principles

Thank god the house of Lords have some scrupples left and not as paraniod as this government.

Time for an election don't think Labour will be back in a rush tghey have totaly lost the plot.

Please don't eat your horse, EU asks owners

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Just BAN France from eating them

Title says it all only the French do this it has always outraged me so EU are you going to BAN France from eating horse flesh?

When will you give them a piece of paper to sign saying they will not eat horses, ponies and lets add in donkies and mules for good measure.

Johnson shuffle returns ID cards to the table

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ID cards only IF

The only way I would consider even bothering to read the application form would be if this card held no details of personal finance.

You do not need to attach medical records or finance to an ID card, no explanation can ever make this a requirement. Too much information on one card is dangerous to all more so with the untrustworthy MP's that find any excuse to milk the system.

I vote instead of ID cards we have a card for MPs that verifies the expenses the MP charges if the date and time was not an official function then no charge, no second home expenses.

Country would be more financially stable if the MPs stopped lining their pockets with our hard earned cash an ID card with all financial details would make it easier for them to milk us dry.

Time for no to ID cards!

No to large database of personal details!


No confidence in this government

ISPs frosty on Jacqui's comms surveillance plan

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Should be scrapped and their right to claim expensis scrapped.

Workers on low pay around me that work for council are having a paycut while all bills still rise. Are the Government MP and all councillors also having a pay cut?

Time to see Brown and all he placed in power to follow Jaqui lets see if they have the balls to go or is this why thye forcing us into the police state to keep themselves on the gravy train.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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Hope he sacks himself

and rest of his selected cronies

'Chief whip' tweet suggests early general election

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Vote of no confidance

Title says it all shame the public cannot ask for a card from local council to send up saying if we have confidance in what the government are doing. I kow mine would be a large NO

Downing Street on Phorm: 'Meh'

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Forwarding my reply to the EU

Well if Gordon Brown is too old to understand this technology and the dangers, the ICO do not have the experience to comprehend the issues I think we need the EU to protect us from the fools who have been allowed in charge of this countries citizen’s privacy. It is sad also that today’s government would fudge and borrow comments/phrases from information posted by BERR and the ICO as this shows the lack of understanding or even care of this labour government for the citizens. I think if we had a monkey in charge instead of Brown it would do a better job.

Now to forward my email to Commissioner Reding if you need help finding her email addy google is your friend.

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

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Simon Davies split loyalties.

I would have preferred Simon Davies fought for customers privacy from online spying where you can be monitored on everything you see. Just to be sold for commercial gain since if on the ISP netweork you cannot avoid it. Goolge streets if you happen to be in place when the car passes then you might be seen but that is a possible one view not everything you do online 24/7 52 weeks a year.

Phorm, BT with their version of webwise is 100% more intrusive than Googles street car. Sad to say with the payments to Simon Davies for a PIA which according to sources should have been at the very start of Phorms webwise DPI not at the end has created the loss of trust in such as privacy international. Silence from them over this intrusion yet they verbally attack Google.

Think you can delete google cookies and surf undetected but you cannot surf without going through phorms servers copying everything that shows on your screen you just have to take the word from phorm they will not look at your personal data.

Streetcar passes once down a street if you are not out you are not caught a way to avoid it Simon you really do need to rethink your future as you seem to have moved from protecting privacy to trying to hide the invasion.

Industry ponders fate of Wacky Jacqui's überdatabase

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Government, Privacy invaision and BT

Well would seem BT, Labour and spying all meet usinb BT network which has more hop baock without movingb very far on the internet then they add in the extra hops for the webwise profiler to gther ore information without consent. Would be a who lot of information. If these two keep heading they way they are the whole WWW will become encrypted.

BT job cuts start to bite ahead of March deadline

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Jobs Halo

A better route.

Instead of reducing the workforce by such large numbers which in turn could reduce the speed in which faults can be fixed all BT need to do is reduce the wages at the top end.

Ian could manage on £300,000 instead of £550,000 the there is the person who had a £150,00 pay rise when Ian took charge add to this the 50% pay increase to those who are on the board of directors including Patricia Hewitt and the workforce jobs are safe and BT saved money.

Simple Maths if you actually remove some top places where there is always double ups the saving can be considerably higher.

UK.gov to tap BT as data harvester

Florence Stanfield

Not willing to support this

I would stop buying online if this goes ahead, would not click on any advert would look for ways to block them. might even decide to stop using the internet.

I will vpn into my webhosting and surf from that.

EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm

Florence Stanfield

Well done EU

I am pleased to see that the EU have not been wined and Dined like was posted in the discussions on Phorm on the shareholder site.

We need firm help from EU or the right to bring a class action against BT, Phorm and any Lord, MP, EUP civil servant even OFCOM if they been accepting any form of enhancement to help bring in Phorm.

This is not a legal way to target adverts it is still the same 121media method just now placed on the network to enforce your acceptance of your privacy, human rights stolen from your control.

Time to take back our own personal details and only allow those we feel we can trust. If we have to give BT or any company, official body etc then it should be illegal for them to share them with any other company regardless of if a partner or not.

Time is changing the public will win their privacy back if it is at the expense of BT managers who support Phorm so be it.

Lucky Mancs could get ID cards first, Jacqui declares

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What a lot of Bull

I live in Manchester and refuse to pay for something that will hold a lot of my personal information on it. I have a driving licence i do not need anything more for p[roof of identity.

The cards if they are making them compulsory have to be free of charge, free of personal information all that is needed is name photo date of birth address nothing more.

Then I still would refuse to pay for this a passport is all that is needed for proof.

This will be another black mark against the Looney labour policies, and people called Maggie Thatcher for the poll tax this is much worse.

Give Looney labour enough rope they will hang themselves with these policies.

Hang on the person in charge isn't even the democratic elected leader is a stand in too scared to have an election.

Paranoia, power hungry mindless leadership continues watch this space there is more to come.

CPW's Dunstone admits 'dread' over state of the economy

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With news of free Broadband and calls till 2010

Just how do they intend to make a profit? If you give the service away for free then expect to not be profitable, I wonder how sone of these who plan these news posts expect to get paid next month if everyting is free.

TalkTalk Offers FREE Broadband and Calls Until 2010

"TalkTalk (The Carphone Warehouse) has launched a new Essentials promotion, which offers free broadband and landline calls until 2010. The deal is open to customers who sign up to a contract between 16th January and 2nd March 2009, calls and broadband will be included in the monthly line rental

This includes calls to 36 international countries - a saving of £77.88 over the first 12 months. The deal offers up to 8Mbps broadband, a 40GB download limit and a free wireless router, contributing to the deal being £190 cheaper than BT.

Customers who join the broadband package from The Carphone Warehouse can also choose between a laptop, a Nintendo Wii or a Playstation 3 at no extra cost."

Where do they intend to earn money trust me if you sign up for this for free then you wil be either phormed for targeted adverts or attrocious broadband speeds with no support.

BT to be freed from service obligations

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Government doing deals with BT.

If this is allowed then any company should be allowed to fit a telephone line to customers house. The rule for ADSL has to be a BT line has to be removed also so any line supplied from any company is allowed with any ISP.

Either full open market or stay locked as BT is now can't have it both ways, bT cannot be sole owner of network if not held tot he obligation.

Any more daft Ideas looney Labour?

Private firm may run UK spy über-database

Florence Stanfield

What about a vote of no confidence in this government

We are the people who put them in office then let us all contact our local MP's telling them we have decided we have no confidence in the present leaderships ability to run the country. Request that they have had chances to prove the ability but with crackpot ideas like this they are not fit to run the country and the present leader was not elected by the people it was Blair that was voted in.

UK.gov to push Obama for tougher rules online

Florence Stanfield

Look at history see what happens when you leave children unsupervised anywhere!

I never left my two children online for 2 hours 21 years ago mind I was a parent who considered they were my responsibility to protect them. How many children have vanished from parks, shopping malls, even holiday apartments due to be left unattended..

This is your problem and if this politician does leave his children unattended or feels he has no time to supervise his children then he needs to revaluate his responsibilities. If he has children then their health and safety is his responsibility. If you have the child taught your ways even after 21 they will keep letting you know where they are.

The problem with today’s children is lack of parental control or more lack of parents giving the children quality time instead of being too busy. They spend too much time on their own watching videos, DVD’s or left on the internet losing communication skills plus gang culture as many are allowed out all hours by parents who want to be without them for 2 hours. No child should ever be left unsupervised regardless of where they are. He should stay home at Christmas to be with them instead of spouting this rubbish in interviews is a start.

Software copyright inspection powers used for first time

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double standards

This country is going further down the path of double standards, while everything is being done to stop copyright infringement of music, films and games. While they still seem to think it is acceptable to infringe intelectual copyright on websites for commercial gain allowing BT to copy every website the customer visits..

Jacqui Smith denies any knowledge of police search

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This needs to have an independant enquiry and public one

We need this cleared all that have lied removed and if Police fail to follow speakers instructions and return all hardware they also need to be investigated.

Time to stop the stealth tricks Brown we know you want total surveillance of the UK citizens but all you plan is outside the EU rules for our privacy anyone else wish to use EU against this government they will go down in history as the one government in the UK with an unelected Prime Minister to have kept the EU court of Human rights busy due to his paranoia, urge to control and total spy on UK citizens.

BT silences customers over Phorm

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Dead Vulture

BT also deleted

Any threads that showed them exceed the 5days to deliver a MAC key. I know first hand on this as I posted in the one that was under the heading 9 days and counting..

My son had three cancelations placed on his BB just because he was told BT had broken their contract with him and was entitled to move for free even though he still had 10months contract left. Took BT over 3 weeks to just generate his MAC they also had to void the last month’s bill as if they had generated the MAC as promised he would have been out before the next billing month.

Just how much has all this cost BT in lost revenue, their reputation in customer trust?

Any ISP that decides the only way is to delete the customer’s posts then ban them are onto a loser.

BT threatens to pull plug on better broadband

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BT heavy handed with all including customers

Should BT be made to account for their recent actions, not only are they trying to sell off your privacy for commercial gain, rip off copyright from websites to help fund they now throw their toys out of the pram for gods sake Ian grow up or get out..

BT are getting a bad reputation which is caused by those at the top, now thye are censoring their own forums banning customers who dare to mention webwise or phorm.

If this is the only way BT can deliver faster BB then those like Ian are on too high a wage £550,000 is over payment for the work supplied.

PlusNet customer invited to opt-in to BT's Phorm trial

Florence Stanfield

Trust, do you, can you?

BT are heading for the award for the ISP run more like a comedy of erros instead of a bluechip communications company.. Oh how the mighty have fallen towards the gutter, with one after another news release about BT. They have been guilty if misleading information to customers, using in aprprate methods to suppress the truth. There is a very long one thread on BT beta which is often heavily censored with members being warned for posting the unmentionable words on other ports of the forum. The best part so far is by Angus who has brought the whole mess into a few posts. main part here http://www.beta.bt.com/bta/forums/message.jspa?messageID=45407#45407

Time to clear the dead wood from BT and any government official who allowed this to continue.

Ofcom denies lifeboat spectrum squeeze

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Time to return OFCOM

Would seem OFCOM has changed into an extra arm for the government to gain more backdoor taxes this time for voluntary rescue team..

Has OFCOM become redundant since they seem to have changed from looking after the UK civilians to looking after the government.. What happened to the independant body since they seem to only be looking out for ways to increase the money going into the governments pockets.

How much can we save then if this independant body was all made redundant and we started to find a group to take over the role and defend, look after the UK civilians against UK government scaremongering, backdoor taxes and invaision of UK citizens privacy.

BT's Phorm small print: It's all your fault

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Will all with access

Will all those with access to the phorm profiler and other information have the police checks?

Since BT will be profiling young children what is to stop a paedophile from working gathering this information and also using the system to get personal details on the children. Yes I know you all keep saying it is anonymous but there is ways with a system like this to gather hidden information. We also know that word of mouth isn’t enough in today’s society with the paedophiles

BT plots massive Openreach outsourcing deal

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BT Openreach and charges

Would seem BT has started to use Openreach as a way to charge customers regardless of if there is a fault or not. If an engineer cannot find the fault and puts no fault found then the customer is charged anything from £150 to £199 pound. They are about to change things making even SNR issues needing an engineer out, this has always been dealt without an engineer visit this visit will also be chargeable. OFCOM now need to regulate BT Group since 90% of the time they say it is the EU when it isn't. The public are getting scared of calling out the BT engineer due to the charges which now leaves a large number of people using slower speeds than they should have.

BT needs to realise they need to supply the service that is being paid for not say it is EU or line degeneration after years of steady faster speeds and suddenly after BT upgrades an exchange your speeds drop.

Outsourcing doesn't work it didn't for Virgin Media their network went ddown hill fast, customers complained about the instaltions. Bad move BT it would look like Ian Livingston is slowly breaking BT up into little sections making it ripe for a takeover.

BT's third Phorm trial starts tomorrow

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Try again

@ Sorry for being blunt, but...

By Metalattakk Posted Wednesday 1st October 2008 11:28 GMT

> Interestingly, the Home Hub has my MAC address on it - meaning I could sign up with a new company right now.

Media Access Control ≠ Migration Activation Code.

Wrong MAC that is so BT knkow wo you are online a mac key would look something like

LZSL*******/GJ**T the * would be numbers it also only has 30 days then you have to get a new one.

Visit http://www.howdoigetamaccode.co.uk/

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re: Phorm Site Visit Confirmations

Once you have recieved the email saying you are on the list update your webasite but block the IP that visited and crawwled it. Not sure if what they did is legal perhaps an email complaint to ICO to show how untrustworthy phorm really is. If nothing else it mmight make Phorm have to spend more money sweetening up the ICO again.

Phorm losses shoot up by half

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Talking to a wall

I have tried to tell shareholders of Phorm but they are led by the nose with greed, even though Phorm have heavy losses, not to mention never made a profit in the last 3 possibly 4 years. Also shareholders do not get any divi apparently it is the money carrot Kent twists around they are tortally blind and numb. They have no minds or ability to think outside the pounds and dollars signs.

AS Phorm made larger losses in the first 6 months somehting that was posted then removed by moderators might jsurt be true perhaps somone needs to ask the euro MEPs if they were wined and dined or bribed to become phormites in europe?

Remember the saying many a true word said in jest. read below and make your own minds up.

by Gibberish.

""Phorm's engagement in Brussels with European Union audiences, Commission officials and key

European Parliamentarians has also been

high-level and comprehensive. This process has helped develop a better understanding of

Phorm's technology and the role it can play in the

future by helping to raise online privacy standards. "

I know that the EU was the last hope for some of the anti's, so this really shows how slow they are off the mark. Phorm have already engaged the EU and will have it on side.

All that sales and marketing dosh will have been wining and dining and bribing the Eurocrats - money well spent ;-)"


As you wikl see from the link it is no longer avaiable but i had already quoted it in BT groups shareholders thread asking if BT had the same treatment.

Phorm mulls incentives for ad targeting wiretaps

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Free upgrades

BT has always given free upgrades to faster speeds, What will be interesting here is if BT start to make the customers who refuse to be phormed have an inferior connection. There are already many on reduces speeds due to the fear of the excessive fee's BT charge if no fault is found. The fact the customers speeds have dropped and their equipment is not at fault. It is taking longer and longer to get BT to fix faults some have been charged more than once of over £100 then some 4 months later BT fix the fault as overhead wireing with breaks causing intermitten faults..

Regulation of the faults is letting customers down and BT profit, now BT wish to use Phorm to profit from customers who are already paying. This is too little to late for me I will be also blocking BT ip numbers from my websites

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without informed consent of website owners

Unless Phorm also deal with all the website owners who have copyright on their sites Porm will still break laws.

“The inevitable conclusion is that an ISP who operates the Phorm system will commit offences under RIPA s1 on a large scale. Phorm is inciting the commission of those offences, which is itself an offence at common law (and will be an offence under section 44 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 when it is brought into force to replace the common law offence).”

Taken from http://www.openrightsgroup.org/2008/09/19/what-berr-want-from-phorm-and-what-we-think-theyre-missing/

BT withdraws Wi-Fi access to The Cloud

Florence Stanfield

For WiFi to be free

You would need something like targeted adverts to pay for the free connection..

You get nothing good that is free the best things in life cost.

UK.gov 'to drop' überdatabase from snoop Bill

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Is labour certifiable now

I am sure that with this latest halfwit idea the whole labour government are certifiable as insane, unfit for the jobs they hold and time to see the shrink..

If they go ahead with this when Brown is so far in debt with the country fast becoming a third world poor country..

If they do continue the people will not continue to take this abuse of their privacy, human rights is it time for the public to stand up and say enough we do not wish to have this type of invasion if Brown is so scared of terrorists then resiign and buy some big home in middle of nowhere with high fencing and never come out.. That would do us all a favour.

Police drop BT-Phorm probe

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Ignorance is no excuse

Well seems like London police are pleading ingnorance since the guy investigating is not technology minded he cannot understand the crime.

Is he in the right job!

Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law so way are the police using it as one,

So now it is legal to stalk someone? as long as there is no criminal intent.

I think it is time to say the Labour government are turning screws on this they must have some money inthe labour funds ffor allowing it to go ahead or on a promise..

Time for no confidance in the labour party , our police force and BT.

Phorm secretly tracked Americans too

Florence Stanfield
IT Angle

Trust is the main word

You need to know you can trust thoise in a position steal your DATA.

We trust, or used to trust the companies like BT. Phorm has never been one you could trust to many links into murky water.

A question that had been around a few times which tended to be given a wide birth or fudged answers is.

Question asked was to a forum member called Hamsterwheel searches link him to Phorm and he does admit to being with Phorm.

Q. Would you agree Hammy that if the servers for webwise had a slight alteration of script the program could be programmed to retain more personal details without the customer knowing?

A. Of course they could, but they have promised not too, and if they did and got caught they would be in all sorts of bother. They would not jeopardise their business by doing such silliness.

We all know what temptation can do and with scriptors fro around the world including Russia just how trustworthy are they for handling this type of program linked into your ISP network where all your personal DATA is ripe for picking.

Tories call for more freedom for snoopers

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only one party left

There is only one party asking awkward questions at present on this governments hunger to spy on citizens and that is LibDem..

Think I know who I will vote for had moved from labour to cons now cons seem on same wave lentgh we are all guilty until spied on for innocence.

Google tells Congress it's not Phorm

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IT Angle

I know who I would trust

If advertising is going ahead I know who I would trust more between Googles method and Phorm DPI method.

Google are not on your Internet network giving you very little chance to avoid DPI.

Google do not intercept your browsing as soon as you type in an url.

You can sign in on google giving what persoanl data you wish or like me never auth just use the search.

Google do show which results in the search results are paid for adverts so you can choose if you wish to click on them.

Google didn't stealth into your ISPs network then become a front porch which you have to be strip searched every time you access the internet.

If you don't trust Google then you can not visit or use them but with DPI behavoural advertising you cannot it is out of your control and your privacy is on show to third party advertisers..

Just who would you trust?

Crimeware grifters scamming naive phishers

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IT Angle

No difference to BT and phorm/webwise

They always hide the evil stuff behind a protection promise like Phorm/webwise BT selling it to customers to protect you from phishing, which any browser can do. Whiel all the time they are pimping your clicks to sell to advertising companies adware/spyware hidden behinde a ssecurityu promise to save you from phishing. Nothing has changed from rootkit days just targeted differnetly.

Virgin customer numbers dip

Florence Stanfield

I left after 8 year due to phorm

I was a customer and left about 3 months ago VM billing is a shambles the add refunds instead of deducting them, send out two different price bills for final bill seems both are right yet I had BB till 5th of month they billing me till 29th.

Claim discounts back if you cancel, Tell you to dispose of the modem in an eviormentally way then threaten to charge you for the modem for not posting it back, yet have no address for you to post it back to get it signed only address online is PO box.

I was not a heavy user my new ISP I have only gone over 3gig once at peak times heaviest month was windows update month where i hit a wopping 21gig.

Attitude on how some staff speak to you do not help and the offshore call center is a killer.

Snoop more, share less - Home Office spurns EU advice

Florence Stanfield

Presume UK tourisum wil die now?

Seems Labour cannot kill the country anymore than they have inflation soaring, unemployment up, visitors going to other countires since the second China is too restrictive.

The to top it all if any visitors have money taken from their accounts while over here a prime suspect would be our government or staff since they gather CC details..

Personal information they have no right to hold, if this isn't against EU human rights then it should be. Any government guilty of it needs to be punished not with fines since the ministers use the citizens as an open bank check. Punishment has to be the people who thought up the stupid idea in jail somewhere inside the EU but not the country they were MP/civilservant for.

UK.gov dishes out £19m for comms snoop data silos

Florence Stanfield

GB paranioa and Phorm

This wil drive innocent people toi start to encrypt everything just to protect their own privacy.

MPs report back from internet's dark side

Florence Stanfield

Time to tell them out

Thje time has come for the British people to stand up and tell Gordon Brown we have had enough of your paranioa. Time you packed up and moved to a less stressful job out of government. While you are going take all your entraige with you time to have a general electioin you are not cabable to run this country you havent got an idea what to do and all the publ;ic see are panic ramblings trying to turn UK into the next China...

Soldiers fought and died for our freedom you are killing it in the peace.....

UK data watchdog gives Google spycar fleet the greenlight

Florence Stanfield

Which is worse?

Which would invade your privacy more Google videoing ina public place bluring out faces and numberplates.


BT's new idea of placing a layer7 on the internet network managed by a company called Phorm using the well known name from BBC "Webwise". This is a DPI (deep packet inspection) reads everything you can see on your monitor. Logs every click visits every website you do knows every website you go to. Just to place adverts that are meant to be relevent to you..

BT shares plummet on margin pressure

Florence Stanfield

BT never told shareholders

The shareholders knew nothing about Webwise or phorm until the AGM when one shareholder placed dephormation as proxy to be sure this information reached shareholders. In an email to Emma and Ian asking why shareholders were not inphormed the reply was BT test thousends of new technolical things and we cannot tell shareholders all of them.

MPO is this was so distasteful to the public and respectable people who usae the internet they were unable to show just how low the managment had snooped.

Yes I do hold shares in the company they were part of my mother retirment payment. It was a way BT saved money by using shares instead of paying cash.

Florence Stanfield

The problem with BT

Many people took shares as partof their retirment packages as for shareholders making a profit trust me they get less in dividands from Bt than Lloyds/TSB or other share fro other comapnies.

Many hold BT shares still because they are worth less than they paid for them..

Part of BT's problem is the managment.

Ian Livingston gets a £50,000 pay rise to move to CEO andf it is that amount more than the leaving CEO. Another employee not sure on his name but can find it in the BT AGM notes gets a pay rise of over £160,000 this year. Patricia Hewit to join BT board of directors shew wil br paid £60,000 to attend 9 meetings she also has a none voting role. These are the same people who secretly trialed Phorm's program WEBWISE vertually stalking customers intercepting their connections and forging cookies.

That is where the money goes not the share holders

Chinese to censor Olympic press net access

Florence Stanfield

Is this how Gordon Brown sees Britain in the future.

We are heading that way with all the survailance Gordon Brown is putting in place, even the Phorm/webwise could censor or edit our internet and we wouldn't know.

All censorship and editing of the WWW needs to be stoped wiretapping connections needs to be only if a warent to do so is given to police or security forces but not by the ISPs.

Freedom of speach is our right we sholdn't now face censorshiop by a parniod government.

Swedish spy agency sics lawyers on wiretap critic

Florence Stanfield

All snooping should be stopped

All wiretapping needs to be stopped since there are people in power who abuse the system. It should be made harder to get a warrent to wiretap now even though there are terrorists in our midst it is the governments who let them in..

Brits terrified of online fraud, but want magic cars, says BT

Florence Stanfield

BT, Phorm and the government.

It is a three way split BT got into bed with phorm a company already rejected for rootkit spyware/malware in the same years by the public. Government sees a way to put survailence on all UK subjects for free forgets that in doing so could lead to worse DATA breach than all the laptops , flash pens, CD's of personal data they have already left about the world.

Phorm is an untrusted company by Internet uses due to past dealings, BT is also losing customer trust over this VM and talktalk will lose trust but to add all IF there is a government deal where BT will not get into prosecuted over the stealth trials can we ever trust a labour government again?

Try asking the British people if.

1, they like to be observed as a terrorists while just living their normal life?

2, treated as guilty until proven innocent?

3, allowing all data about them held in servers by the government?

4, Accept profiling for adverts using words harvested from being stalked over the internet?

5, Be told how the internet should be used by people in the government who don't understand the workings of the internet themsleves?

6, If all above goes ahead would you start to encrypt everything from daily browsing to emails?